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  1. And yes. Haven't used a snap in 35 yrs. That was the last time one opened on me. I believe it was a large Mahi. They won't open a barrel swivle.
  2. Yep. Including hooks stuck in ya, ruptured balls from running over a 7 footer just a lil to much throttle and maybe an unexpected swim or 2. Forget close quarter combat while launching snags. My buddy stuck me 1/8 of an inch below the rt nut sucker came at me like an 80 mph missle whistling through the air. Struck me like a bullet "thwak" tg the bards were grinder off.
  3. It's not that they stretch as much as they open while getting beat up by aggressive big fish. They get their mouth on it and it's game over. Pop that sucker rite open.
  4. Not for lrg fish. Anything 2 lbs and under your good. Specialy sunnys and snappers.
  5. Fishing the 1265 for a few years now. Zero problems big fish.
  6. Short answer. No.
  7. Also taste like children. Where's the hook?
  8. 1978. Taste likexhicken. And ass.
  9. Waders rinsed till next year. (maybe ) The Fat Dude has sung.
  10. Maybe rent a camper and do a road trip. Took Angle our shepard to Florida from NY she loved road trips. Roxy Nala Sophie and Harley didn't like getting in the car.
  11. Not a plug but still pretty.