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  1. Just posting here has caused more damage than I care to admit. I'm out.
  2. Your on social media here.
  3. Loose lips destroy. Had miles of beach alone. Times changed.
  4. Thank you Rye. The life guards, police and security have the violators covered now. But warnings from the regulars is a plus. I hope fishing tobay far away from the family's can become a reality again. To bad the place was spot burned to the ground and I feel somewhat responsible. Again, thank you for your efforts to restore fishing there.
  5. Got a bad feeling the new sign is going to say 9pm to 7pm.
  6. Still public not private.
  7. Yep we always walked way past the kids swimming. Took the hike down and away from the crowd. Several guys would be tossing their chunks over the kids heads and parents would get their kids out when these momos hooked up and beached a shark rite in front of them.
  8. So..without the permit what time will they start ticketing cars? Sunset or 9pm? The booth closes at 5pm addmission is free at that point. Or are you not allowed in at all without the permit? Never had a problem there the nassau police and security were always quite friendly and very interested to see what we were catching.
  9. Keep in mind ..its a PUBLIC beach.
  10. Read the sign. Cleanly states no fishing 7am to 7pm.
  12. Light weight back pac it out. ILLEGAL to fish tobay.
  13. Anybody have a problem with the new law?