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  1. Leftys...Trump molested kids Everyone else...Joe just tweaked that baby nipple on tv.
  2. Same same. Just longer. And no riots
  3. If a lefty uses you like a tool...your a lefty.
  4. Was talking about the Tony vid. There all hard to watch. These riots are not about Floyd.
  5. Didnt see a vid of him tweekimg a 5yo nipple in there...
  6. Looks like a bad cat nip trip.
  7. The cop had his full weight on a knee in his back. Basically cut off his breathing and blood flow. He knew he killed him.
  8. Sure.
  9. Riots have consequences.
  10. Been over 25yrs since I pulled my j dory to shinny cant remember exactly what ramp I used. Good luck and have fun.
  11. rampsouthhamp (1).pdf
  12. The tug is the drug. Everything else is gravy.
  13. I always keep a snag in the bag.