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  1. Mayor Wilhelm blazio said his kids would laugh at anyone who said the subways weren't safe after a conductor was nearly stabbed to death today.
  2. Sounds like China imported a bunch of fake Joe ballots. The USPS probably delivered them. Late.
  3. Still the best edc.
  4. Dudes front and center lol.
  5. WARNING WARNING WARNING! Ham samich for pres. Theyll be no questions asked.
  6. They do that already.
  7. At little beefy in the pocket but a fun knife. Doesn't get in the rotation enough.
  8. A nose and tail treble would seal the deal. Jersey style.
  9. No ticky no shirty. Good luck.
  10. Wasn't a lie. There that stupid.
  11. Hes not worried. Mom won't kick him out of the basement .