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  1. They're delicious. If your a fish.
  2. No fish there anyway. N shore on fire.
  3. I got mauled by a pig once. I think she was from Levittown.
  4. One good sneeze and he could take out half the stop and shop crowd.
  5. I got lucky today. My 392 only needed half a tank and it was still only $5.05 a gal from 2 days ago.
  6. There's a growing colony of bums in the woods over here. Some under the bridges. They don't feel a thing. Used cardboard boxes are still dirt cheap.
  7. The dust heads were the worst.
  8. Maybe someone stepped on his Jordans?
  9. Its a giant ponzi scam. We been had.
  10. The Force is strong. What's minimum?
  11. Grandma used to make a mean fig and rhubarb pie.
  12. Who better than Bern for advice on fig fruits.
  13. Hes going for a reach around while sniffing hair?
  14. 25
  15. Hes ok. This was 5 yrs ago. 911 asked him to lift him up and cut the rope. He did but it was too late.