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  1. Did they arrest him..err..her yet?
  2. The fact that he has low friends in high places makes him more than just some stoopid guy.
  3. Shes home now. Leave her there.
  4. Its alive!!
  5. Booker and Harris now say they will withhold opinion until after the investgation. To late fools. You have already promoted your racist opinions.
  6. I'll put one up. 8000 Thunnus 20 lb Berkley big game hooked in side.
  7. You can disagree but I've done over and over again for years. True some fish pushing 150 lbs have taken me down close to the spool but never have run out of line. Not yet.
  8. 195 yrs of 20lb Berkley Big game on that 8000 will tame practically anything your gonna stick a hook in from the beach.
  9. She was spotted. Someone snagged a pic. Confirmed.
  10. They left out some of the best TDS triggered mugs. Could have been at least 15 min longer.
  11. A MAGA hat should not upset any red blooded American. Only those that hate America. We are the greatest nation on planet earth.
  12. They obviously have a knot in their panties for The Donald. Pathetically not funny. Border line deranged. And he's dead on with that tweet.
  13. I fish so much all that info just comes naturally.