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  1. Kershaw U.S.A. rules..
  2. Good pocket blade. Always have a backup. Chuck Buck sig.
  3. Had a couple OTF delivered. Sent em back. Even the best otf ain't gonna cut the mustard. Novelty item.
  4. To little to late. Kudos for the effort.
  5. This should cheer u up DD.
  6. My fav is on the box. Theres more spinners in the closet ....for years.
  7. Did the Kenyan have his book written for him yet? Hes got some splanin to do. He should blame the Russians. And Hilldawg lol.
  8. Definitely a beat down. Then throw em in the surf.
  9. They should have sent Dooshrod. He would have got the scoop.
  10. Adam been hiding them..not sure I want to see what hes got.. dam.
  11. Adam found it. Yea..I know. Dbl thread pic. It was just to easy.
  12. Adam Shifty on the conference call...
  13. I see it clocking in at 822g empty. Good boat rod for big fish off shore. Saw one guy sharking the beach with one but it's a lil overkill there. Our sharks havent broke 300 here..yet Then again we got guys yakin baits out with standups. There ready for bubba when he shows his face.
  14. How much does that monster weigh if I may ask? Over 40?