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  1. Waiting for and then recovering back surgery in 2000 is how I found this joint. The packages that showed up was bought to hide. My recovery was walking to the local water and fishing fresh water. I had knee replacement in 2017. A lot less showed up after that one.
  2. Have any of his pliers sheaths in black laying around?
  3. Yeah I just saw it and 14 posts I figured it would be gone. GREAT bag I have mine and use it. Still in great condition.
  4. Wishing Jimmy all the best.
  5. Hugh was a good and fair man. He helped start this thread for the Delaware guys. I met him only a few times in person, we met here on SOL like a lot of us did. A good man, great father and fisherman. Plug, you are missed and remembered.
  6. They could of had Josh Allen and him or any of the D line guys that the draft was thick with and Jones. They could of taken him at 30 where they got back into the first round with a third pick. The kid may be good down the road and win them a Super Bowl but they could of gotten SO much more before him.
  7. I'm not a Kapler fan. But his starting pitching hasn't been anywhere near as good as expected or last year. He over uses the bull pen with all this analytic BS but the starters need to go longer so he doesn't have to use pen EVERY freaking night. The hitting is down but maybe the injuries they've had early has changed the line up and the pitchers have worked around and through the line up where they couldn't early. They were not going to keep up the first week hitting pace.
  8. Taylor has reported knee and back issues. They've been going through this with Peters. Good pick and fills a need down the line. Of course you do .......Your a Redskinz fan. LOL
  9. I had my right knee replaced in April 2017. The ortho had me as a candidate since 06 he kept saying you'll let me know when your ready. He was right, I had enough, couldn't walk for long periods. Fishing was fine since it is stop and go. It got to the point where I had enough. Surgery was no problem, the rehab is tough but you need to do the work. My knee is good, it feels like a block of metal (which it is). I can walk with npo issues and can go for as long as I need to. I'm back to mountain biking and it gets sore at times (weather) but tollerable from what I had in the past. I can't kneel on it, it hurts from the metal against the skin. Wading in the fall the cold water gets the metal cold and chills me more quickly than in the past. It chills me to the bone and I need to get out of the water move to get warm. Good luck.
  10. ESPN & ESPNU for this weekend.
  11. YES
  12. I have a used 2 tube Commando bag if your interested in it. I'll sell it to you for $250.
  13. I also have a new Flatlander back bay. I had Jamie make up a few different tube configurations for it.
  14. Yeah, I carry a 3 tube. That ain't going anywhere.
  15. I have a used Commando 2 tube for $250. No PP.