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  1. We had some last weekend. Yeah they make you smile.
  2. I've been cutting my own since this **** started. the sides are no problem. The back and getting the top flat / square and a bitch. My guy called Sunday, he's opening on the QT so I'm in. Maybe he can fix the F-ups I've created.
  3. I heard Terry has been back in the gym a while.
  4. Post some pic's of what you got. I'd be interested in seeing it.
  5. So sorry to read of your Mom's passing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. The wife leaves for work. I wipe / spray the mailbox lid and inside and leave open it for the mailman. Mail gets delivered and I grab it and place it on the porch and spray it with Lysol, flip it and spray it again. I let it sit to dry and go wash my hands and go back to work. Any paper / money coming into the house gets the same treatment.
  7. Billybob, so glad to read you guys are feeling well. I miss my family. I see my son a few times a week dropping off food to him and my MIL. I saw my daughter for the first time Saturday. And funny to say but going to work. I miss it.
  8. I don't paint but I find them and relocate them during my bike rides.
  9. Great plugs made by an equally great guy. Ron is originally from Bristol PA (hometown boy) and he now lives in Levittown PA. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Fish them.
  10. A hell of a read. Erik thanks for sharing your experience with us. Great to read your whole family is recovering. Your in our thoughts and prayers.
  11. Good luck Mike, you and your are in our thoughts.
  12. I hope the supplies you need arrive soon. Thank you for doing what you do.
  13. Still funny though Jim. I think we understood you being DICK mode was due to all the spam calls we get anymore. Seems things went well for you and fingers crossed for your recovery and hoping everything is OK.
  14. We made our weekly shopping run yesterday. TP aisle was empty. The canned soup, frozen vegetables and TV dinners were pretty picked over too.
  15. Yep LOTS of water. Mine don't get that burning sun at the beach but thy get watered everyday.