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  1. Lighten up Francis.
  2. Hey, this ain't Craigslist!
  3. This is based only on what I would be willing to pay, I have no idea what these reels go for so some one else may have better estimates for these reels. For just a body I would pay $70-$80. For a complete reel I would probably go $100- $125. Again, I have no idea what the going price is, this is just what i would be willing to pay (reasonable to me). I may be way off.
  4. Oh, and to answer your question, yes, I think it is worth the effort to track down a body. For a reasonable price of course.
  5. I believe Lamson produced a near clone reel for Orvis called the DXR I have the 9/10 version. The reel has an odd offset disc drag you can see below, (obviously not sealed). The drag isn't going to win any competitions against reels of today but it is plenty adequate. The DXR is also type III anodized. My reel has been very good through the years with most use in the Northeast. Below are a couple of measurements of the spool. 94mm across the face of the spool. 88mm across the back of the spool. Also included is a picture of the equally odd drum and caliper drag of the Lamson DCA4... yeah I have some of them too.
  6. Don't know if you can tell by just looking at the spool but maybe this will help.
  7. I think that may be a Lamson LP spool. The DCA’s I remember were powder coated. They also had caliper drag systems. that may be a different generation DCA though.
  8. All tuna are part of the mackerel family and Albies are indeed tuna.
  9. Wait! He is a black that grew up in Eastie!? I never heard that.
  10. All of the sidekicks are brutal to listen to. You would think Wiggins would have lost that voice after puberty.
  11. This is from WEEI. "At sister station WAAF, longtime personality and morning show sports anchor Lyndon Byers will remain with the station in a new capacity."
  12. Negative
  13. Greg Hill... really?
  14. I found her CD when cleaning out my dead uncles house and decided to pop it in.