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  1. In the airport ready to head home. I’ll be back same time next year and possibly earlier with the wife. The DIY flats were tough as usual. Had two small sharks take a fly. One broke me off almost immediately, the second popped as I tried to land It. didn’t spend much time doing the night tarpon. We found plenty of little blacks and snook, jack action was MEH. wish I met up with the others, maybe next year.
  2. Just got to the monkey, stop in and I’ll buy you a beer, or a whiskey, or a beer and a whiskey.
  3. Island fish co, nice! I’ll be across the street at sparkys soon. Then, tonight, we Monkey.
  4. Another fly rod midget.
  5. Sitting on the back deck enjoying a sweating beer. Had two days of light tackle boat fishing, tomorrow the DIY kicks in. Got my first mahi on the fly, a wee little keeper.
  6. Tap, tap, tap...Anybody still down here?
  7. First couple of margaritas out of the way at World Wide Sportsman. Checking in now.
  8. Can't believe I'm drinking this but tradition is tradition!
  9. 28 hours and one ****** day of work then I'm on my way to the islands. I can almost feel the first hangover already.
  10. Got word that the kid is ok and actually played another game this weekend. I don't know if he was ever taken to the hospital though.
  11. Haha, After the crack (ping) of the bat, the impact, and the way the kids body reacted, our third base coach that was right there immediately called dead ball.
  12. This was in MA but I will withhold the town.
  13. This game was at 330 in the afternoon and the kids parents may not have been there. I would agree about covering his ass though.
  14. Haha, about 25 miles outside of Boston. I have only seen the trainer at Football and men's lacrosse games. The wife put out an inquiry on FB trying to get some information but nothing yet.
  15. Trainer? We don't need no stinkin' trainer! No trainers at these games. A coach from each team huddled over the kid and evaluated him, then tossed him in the dugout. Maybe one of them has the necessary training.