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  1. I'm with Mike I would take a big center console over a sportfish without a doubt. CC's are much more fishable and I believe more versatile. Yellowfin would be my first choice followed by Contender. As for the Seven's, I'm sure they are a great motor but I would stick with a more mainstream manufacturer in a smaller HP rating. Unfortunately, I will never have to make these choices.
  2. Made by Hogy. You may recognize the face of the ambassador on their web site.
  3. Exactly how I feel. I don't have an overall favorite, I have favorites for particular situations.
  4. Both shoulders and left knee. Had one shoulder surgery already but both are "bone on bone". Doctor said cortisone shots for as long as possible then replacements. Knee has a torn meniscus, once in a while it acts up causing unbelievable pain. Oddly, the pain can disappear in the blink of an eye.
  5. I love catching fish that don't count. Nice job guys.
  6. All time favorite.
  7. I always do some homework but one side has not put up anyone I could vote for in years so it's been a straight ticket for a while.
  8. I used to fish a lot of 9-12" worms for stripers, always did pretty well with them. I would rig them on lead heads. I have no good reason why I stopped throwing them. I'm sure I still have several pounds of them in my basement.
  9. I have seen something like this recently. A mid 20’s guy I know went on a work exchange program for his company. The company gives people a chance to go to other divisions or companies they own around the world to work for a 3-6 month stint. This guy got to his chosen assignment and couldn’t function. Things got to the point where he couldn’t leave his apartment, was puking all the time, had to be medicated, and he had to return to the states. Pathetic! I think a lot of younger people can’t cope and have these issues due to being coddled, having everything done for them, and being told they are as good as everyone else. If they feel uncomfortable, they are a victim and can go hide until that monster goes away. They have reduced ability to cope because they don’t have to. That’s why I give my kids chores, make them get jobs, pay bills, and tell them they suck every chance I get.
  10. Ah, I see. I didn't get the email, just went on line and ordered. Makes sense now. Thanks. That at info was probably on the website too and I missed it.
  11. Seems like a horrible product launch, releasing them at the end of the season through an obscure channel. I don't recall seeing anything about a beta test on the web site when I ordered them, isn't a beta test done before commercial release of a product? I would think there is enough people lined up willing to test fishing equipment before selling them to consumers.
  12. How about decent stripers?
  13. Except for the fishing, this October was pretty damned good.
  14. $%@&ing awesome! Now I can get a some sleep this week.
  15. I could cast a soft plastic into an open field and have it bit in half by a blue. Doesn't stop me from throwing them though.