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  1. Explain the possible consequences and let the kid's play or do what they want (within reason). I have seen high talent prospects wash because of overbearing parents that didn't let the kids be kids. I don't understand parents limiting their kids because of a "what if".
  2. One kid played football ( real football) and the youngest kid (13 yo) currently plays. I believe this is anti football agenda is being pushed by a bunch of hairy legged vags that have never watched a minute of smaller kids playing football. This is an attack on "toxic masculinity" by a bunch of "everybody gets a trophy" weens. Speaking to a very limited sample size,of all of the pop warner kids I have known over the years, zero have had a concussion from football. That's 14+ years of PW football with zero concussions. All of the concussions I have seen in that time frame have come from baseball, basketball, soccer, and gym. I have not seen enough information to convince me football, at the PW level, is more dangerous than any other activity. I have not seen a study with a baseline consisting of kids that never bumped their heads growing up. I admit, I have not looked for new data in a while. On the flip side, I believe my kids have benefited greatly from playing football.
  3. iFly rod holder possibly.
  4. Third for tarpon.
  5. Yeah, I figured as much. My comment was kind of tongue in cheek. I have enough reels to last me a lifetime.
  6. Hmmm... I'm going to be in Australia in a few weeks, may have to shop around.
  7. $4600 less this year for me.
  8. Donald Sutherland
  9. Thanks for hooking me up, nice article and video.
  10. Thanks. I have tried to contact Justin a couple of times but have not received a reply yet. Hope to hear form him.
  11. It looks like I am going to be in Sydney for about a week next month. I'm hoping to get a guide for a day or two (if I can get one to answer me) but I will also have a lot of time to fish on my own. Does anyone here have any information or contacts that would be helpful? As with any trip I take, I have been scouring the web researching fishing opportunities but I figure I should be able to scrape up some more info here. TIA
  12. I use braid for all of my fishing too.
  13. Not a race fan at all but me and the youngest watch the 500 every year. Some spectacular crashes so far this year.
  14. A fisherman I know has been telling me for years he has been catching kingfish (every year) on the Southside. I just didn't care enough to target them. The past few years it seems the numbers of kingfish has jumped up but I still have not gotten amped up enough to chase them a lot. Don't get me wrong, I love to catch all fish, but little kings pale in comparison to the little albies we typically catch up here. As for kite fishing, I think it would be fun to play around with but the smaller baits I have found the kings on would make it tough. I'm sure you could catch kings up here on a kite but I'm not convinced it would be the most efficient tactic.