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  1. I have a friend that spears them just South of NH on occasion.
  2. I would go with the 3K also. I have run 3K's on rods from 7-8 and the fit nicely.
  3. Not a 26" brown but part of a 4 species day.
  4. I have and use both depending on areas I fish but my waist high waders probably see more action throughout the year. The waist high waders are a lot more comfortable to walk long distances for me and help prevent overheating. Most river, inlet, lake, pond, and back bay areas get the waist highs. Some beach situations also get the waist highs. Salmon, Oswego and surrounding rivers, and salt water areas where I have to cross channels get chest waders. Also, unknown areas get the chests.
  5. Sounds good. Send me your info.
  6. $50 shipped?
  7. Schoolies don't require more than a straight shot of 20-25 lb mono for where I fish.
  8. Mike, I have been thinking about a two hander the past few years and have read a lot of your posts on the subject. The two hander seems like it could be a great option, even with the reading I am still clueless as to where to start. I would love some guidance from you and would definitely like to meet up and get some input. Hopefully 2021, if you decide to make the trip, is the year we meet. Thanks for the offer.
  9. I agree but I am currently working with my 4th orthopedist and all have said I am on the same path. I plan on taking things out as far as possible before I agree to a replacement though. As for the lung field compliment... thanks, I'm sure i will never hear that one again, haha.
  10. 7.5 - 8' for me with the preference being 8.
  11. Hey Mike, thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately, my other shoulder has already been through a major rework and they predicted a future replacement when that was done. I'll keep at it as long as able. This beauty is mine, you can see the bone on bone, erosion, and spurs.
  12. I'm 50 and they are already talking about a replacement for me. I believe my shoulder issues will eventually be the end of my fly fishing and maybe fishing all together. Good luck to the broken bunch.
  13. Also, It looks like there may be water in the splash well. They may have the second (upper) plug in and the splash well collected water. If the second plug is out, the boat is in the water, and there is water in the well, I think it's riding low. Like I said in the previous post, could be due to the weight of the tanks and battery.
  14. I had a 13SS for years and used it in both areas you mentioned on the right days. I fished two people off of it almost all the time. Waterlogged foam is a is an often mentioned issue with Whalers but it's not necessarily easy to diagnose. The first picture shows the bow sitting a little high, this could be an indication of water but there are two fuel tanks and a battery towards the stern so that could explain the boats attitude. You will probably see spider cracks specially on the inside corners, never an issue for any of the Whalers I have been in. Bigger cracks could be different obviously. Looks like there was some holes filled under the console, probably from the original console lay out, and some filling done on the inside port and starboard walls, probably from an old bow rail. I would take a look at those and look for others inside and out. The missing section of existing rail is interesting too. I don't know anything about the motor, maybe someone else can help you out. The prices on these boats fluctuates widely so it's hard to say what it's worth.
  15. First tax paying job was working in a pet store that was a front for one of the biggest drug rings in the Northeast. I got quite the unconventional education there, coke, weed, pills, hookers, witnessing death threats, being followed around town, I saw it all... interesting times. Owner almost gave me his car before he went to the hoosegow.