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  1. I am going to go against the grain a bit here. If you are just learning I would not start out trying to cast or fish a Clouser. Clouser's can literally be a painful lesson and collisions with rods are more common with new casters. In addition the extra mass of a weighted fly can be more challenging to learn with. Clouser's are super effective but I would add them to the box later. I would stick to smaller, lighter offerings until you gain some proficiency. Small synthetic baitfish patterns, Mikkelson's, small Deceivers, and the like are where I would start.
  2. Took this a while back and happened to still have the screenshot.
  3. Popped positive on a home test Tuesday and positive at a work contracted clinic today. I had a sniffle and minor congestion for 1 day, all good since. Glad I got a mild version.
  4. So, which of the most recent named fish are more destructive to habitat and water quality?
  5. Yeah, this is a head scratcher for me. Good for the DEEP for enforcing the laws but the state should be glad to let people take as many carp as possible. I would think carp are one of the most destructive invasive fish species in fresh water.
  6. Jelly on top. The other way would be a jelly and peanut butter… who does that?
  7. I've got gray hairs on my grundle so I'm told, never started a tread about them though.
  8. Shut up and take it. This is good for everyone damn it!
  9. T tops on small boats don't give much shelter from rain. Also, if you regularly have two people flyfishing on board, I wouldn't. They are nice when the sun is blazing.
  10. I remember many moons ago when you produced and posted a video of this experiment on another board. The results and your message were eye opening for sure.
  11. Haha, I made some truly bad choices when there. Oddly, heading home the last time I went there, I saw my friend and his girl almost get killed. She flew through a stop sign, got T Boned, and went into a telephone pole. Up to that point I had heard stories of people going through a windshield... she actually did it. When I got to the car she was covered in blood, sitting on the hood of her car, with her legs hanging over her dash board. My friend was pinned in and un-responsive all the way through extrication. Have no idea how they both lived.
  12. Can't tell you how many rolls of quarters I left there.
  13. What man lies and says he didn't see a chick naked on his computer?
  14. Top two exports from the Philippines: 1. Nurses 2. Brides for goofy guys that just can't compete. Word of caution about Filipino women. Some say they don't age very well and they eventually go "Tribal". Going tribal entails their cheek bones becoming more prominent, their chins receding, and their nostrils getting bigger and rounder. Learned about this from an old, Filipino man. He says they should throw a bone in their nose and go back to the tribe.