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  1. Hopefully they will in 2026!
  2. Awesome game! Time for more scotch.
  3. Nice report as usual Marcel. Good to see someone getting out.
  4. I saw a program about this on TV a while back, pretty interesting. The oysters ain't for eating.
  5. First try with the wash mitt. Hook, bead, black thread, wash mitt nub, swipe of wax, pinch of fox and squirrel. They look buggy enough for me.
  6. I just had a discussion about this with my boss today. Him - "We are thinking about promoting you." Me - "Do I get a say in that?" Him - "What?" Me - "I'm not sure I want a promotion." Him - "What?!!!!" When the job market turns I don't want to be waiting for my ass to be kicked. We will see where this goes.
  7. Hope all goes well. Good luck to the wife.
  8. I believe it's a joke too but I'll play along. My headlamp is 10 lumens. I have been using these for many years and they are all I need. I prefer the red bulbs but they are hard to find.
  9. Named by who?
  10. If I was going to buy a small reel it would be a Daiwa Tournament SS 700. No bells or whistles but a great little reel.
  11. Sunset at the last home game of the season. On to KC... Go Pats!