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  1. These nets might be used to catch sand crabs
  2. You can buy pre made bass skirts. I’m sure you can figure something out with bullet weight, bead and a bobber stop
  3. Same story here Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Tons of pelicans driving on bait. No fish on them.
  4. Man things just not going right. Got some cheapo waders in the mail today, totally the wrong size. Then went to test cast the new rig and it has a wobble.
  5. Being stupid and tired. Think I got undressed put all my stuff in a bin on the floor and drove off. Unless somebody stole it off the back of my truck and locked the lid back. All good already reordered everything except the plug I got from you last year for the CNR.
  6. Starting to get the shakes. Haven’t thrown nothing in over a week. Not sure how I could be so dumb lost my wader, lure bag and jacket.
  7. Lol most of our local youtubers don’t catch much.
  8. there dual purpose as well. Thinking of cutting 6 in. Off the butt and pairing it with lexa.
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