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  1. I've been using a Star Stellar Lite 8' 1 piece 1/2-3 oz. for last 2 seasons and enjoy them thoroughly for boat rods. I mostly throw the Junior Doc (7") but it can definitely handle the 9" with a bit of a lob cast. Should be able to find them for right around $100.
  2. somewhat off topic, but I have used the Spro Prime Snaps intermittently over the last 2 seasons and have not had one open up on me yet. I have only used the 125# (size 5) so far, but a viable alternative and should be easy to source. size 3: 50 lb. size 4: 75 lb. size 5: 125 lb. size 6: 175 lb.
  3. Wild...that is the first time I've heard of this? I think when I bought my korker boots back in August 2018 I did give each of the spikes a quarter turn or so to really lock them in (think that was recommended in the documentation they provided?) All in all, I am quite pleased with my Korkers...wear them at least 3 times a week from May-November and have never lost a single spike. My only issue is that damn rear heel strap....which should really be reinforced somehow...mine deteriorated (suspect due to UV exposure) within maybe 6 months of use...of course I kept using them and they are just fine in 99% of use cases... Fast forward to early September last year out on Cuttyhunk, fishing way down at SE corner by the cut entrance to the pond, ocean swell made this literally the only place we could fish without seriously risking injury. I'm standing maybe knee deep in water with the swell coming left to right. A wave comes by, I somehow get knocked off my feet and stumble a bit getting back up. Finally stand and feet give out again...WTF? get out of the water and find that BOTH spiked soles got ripped off in that single swell and I'm basically useless...can't find them ANYWHERE! Thank goodness a buddy had a spare pair of felt soles with a few sheet metal screws embedded in there in the same size back at our place, which did involve a sketchy solo trip back down to our rental 1.5 miles away down the West End Road past midnight...(if you've done that walk alone, you know... )
  4. re-painting numbers should be around the 10:00 mark of this vid
  5. hopefully not a problem to embed this here...
  6. Out in the surf yesterday AM and after sunrise I did notice a number of these jellys in the water right around my feet. At one point I counted 6 of them (mostly baseball/softball size) within a 10' radius of me. I did see one that was closer to volleyball size
  7. From Boston dot com: Officials warn of world’s largest jellyfish near Massachusetts beaches The lion’s mane jellyfish can grow to five or more feet across, with tentacles more than 100 feet long. Swimmers in Massachusetts are being warned about large jellyfish that have been spotted off the state’s coast. The Hingham Harbormaster issued a warning Sunday saying numerous lion’s mane jellyfish had been seen in the town’s inner and outer harbor over the weekend. At least one resident has been stung but did not require medical treatment, the warning said. The lion’s mane jellyfish, the largest known variety, can grow to five or more feet across, with tentacles more than 100 feet long. Those spotted in Hingham had bodies ranging from eight inches to two feet in diameter, the harbormaster said. The warning urged swimmers to use caution or avoid the water during jellyfish season. Lion’s mane jellyfish have also been seen near Nahant Beach, the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation said in an advisory on Friday. Encounters can cause temporary pain and redness but are not known to be fatal, the agency said.
  8. Funny you mention it. I was out on Saturday AM and noticed a TON of them around as well. Water was crazy clean/clear everywhere in the area, so I somewhat chalked it up to that. Usually see a few of them in the area, but I don't recall ever seeing them in these numbers. They were everywhere both inside the river and outside...
  9. Purchased a 4000 over the winter, used it for early spring schoolies on a 9' and now as a boat reel mostly...reel was never cranked underwater, but has spent some time submerged. Line lay was definitely a touch heavy on low end of the spool out of the box (seems to be a near consensus on this?) Its squeaky on retrieve after use for maybe a dozen trips a few fresh water rinse off's, but I'm not super diligent on rinsing off after every trip In a nutshell, don't treat it like a true van staal.
  10. "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after" this is a quote that appears to be mis-attributed to Henry David Thoreau, but is apropos to my mindset on most fishing excursions. Slow down. Soak it in. Appreciate. Smile.
  11. a workaround is to use a split ring on the eye of the hook and clip to that. Typically if throwing a 9" unweighted slug in the surf I use a offset worm hook and use a Rasco 5.5 or 6XH split on the hook eye In full disclosure I have not had the best of luck with this on the Hogy Barbarian style hooks with a screw/twist lock as there simply isn't enough space to accommodate the split and the screw lock within the hook eye and allow full movement of the lure. I haven't used the Beast hooks in a number of years so cannot confirm I've been using a split ring on the nose for tandem rig hand poured plastics for a few years now and they are ideal where tying direct is not an ideal option
  12. seconded. I think these hooks are actually VMC 7150's if one was so inclined to make a lead mold and weight them yourself. Another option are the TT Lures HeadlockZ HD (think they are affiliated with ZMan soft plastics). Super heavy duty Mustad UltraPoints 3/0 to 8/0 hook sizes and 1/8 oz to 3 oz. size
  13. Sucks man...take solace that you are doing something right to trigger a bite from her at a minimum...sometimes there is simply nothing you can do just curious- CCB or south coast?
  14. I personally wouldn't sweat color too much, I suspect yellow around LI due to the prevelance of bunker as the most common bait, and yellow is a very useful color along most if not all of the striper coast due to its high visibility in the color spectrum of the stripers' eye (or so I've read...) I usually go with a K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) method of color selection on all my lures: black(ish), white(ish), and chartreuse/parrot ^ This guy knows things
  15. Herring were pretty thick at the run I checked out yesterday AM. South Shore MA