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  1. Swung by there last Sunday- there were a few in the lower steps of the ladder but numbers were definitely on the low end from what I would expect this time of year...maybe just a cool spring so far...I'm bet this upcoming week with some more sun in the forecast "should" get them moving. Also maybe get some new glasses old man...
  2. re-upped on some plastisol and tried a new brand/formula. Bait Plastics formula 342 (Hard/Low Odor/UltraClear) for some fresh rubbah baits. Free shipping over $40 and arrived at my door in less than 48 hours from order, which was nice. Went with a pearl white powder for color instead of the liquid color drops I've been using for years now and pleased with how everything came out...nothing inventive- just duplicates of tried & true shapes and sizes from over the years- 7" slug, 9" slug, 7" doublewide, 10" double wide, 10" DW Longcast
  3. paid $3.99 this AM. South Shore MA. 3 gas stations on adjacent corners had prices at $3.99, $4.37 and $4.59 respectively for regular. can confirm still no fish on south shore as well.
  4. I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave. I will work to elevate you. Just enough to bring you down.
  5. I'm not a birder, but this is pretty d@mn cool to have such a rare visitor in the area. Impressive raptor. (copied from Boston.com, but removed all embedded links- hopefully ok to share here) Rare eagle spotted in Massachusetts, thousands of miles away from home in Asia The eagle was seen near the Taunton River. A rare Steller’s sea eagle was spotted along the Taunton River. It's the first documented sighting of the species, which is native to Asia, in Massachusetts. David Ennis and MassWildlife A rare sea eagle native to Asia was spotted in Massachusetts — thousands of miles away from home — according to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife on Monday. The bird — known as a Steller’s sea eagle — was reportedly seen last week near the Taunton River. MassWildlife wrote that these birds can weigh up to 20 pounds and can have a wingspan up to eight feet. The bird is native to China, Japan, Korea, and eastern Russia, according to Smithsonian Magazine. The division reported they believe this is the same Steller’s sea eagle spotted in Alaska and Canada. According to an article in Smithsonian Magazine from November, the same bird is believed to have traveled to Nova Scotia, Texas, Quebec, and New Brunswick. The bird was first seen in North America on Alaska’s Denali Highway in August 2020. The eagle is most identifiable for its yellow beak and white patterned feathers on its wings, as seen in the photo MassWildlife posted. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the bird is certainly lost, which is not uncommon for birds. Vagrancy — when birds lose their path — happens when birds either make a navigation error or get lost due to a storm. “It’s like an avian soap opera,” an avian vagrancy expert Alexander Lees told the New York Times. “We’re all rooting for it. Will it make it home? Or is it doomed to never see another species of its own in its lifetime?”
  6. As always- thanks for the detailed breakdown @rst3 !!! Put me in the camp of an angry grumbler haha...If there was sniff of speculation that this storm was going to "bomb out" the way it did I definitely would have made contingency plans to get outta dodge before the sh*t hit the proverbial fan. It felt like a twist of the knife seeing that cutie Cindy Fitzgibbon on Wednesday AM on my phone smugly saying that this storm played out and targeted exactly where we thought...but the winds were 15-20 mph higher than expected. Seems rather significant considering the exponential damage potential between 60 mph winds and 80 mph. Such is weather during fall in New England I guess...
  7. Yeah...the south shore got walloped with this one. Seemed to be at least 30% stronger and more prolonged than forecast...hopefully my road is passable tonight, but I don't expect power anytime soon. I ended up leaving home and threw on waders and boots to walk the 1.5 miles to get back to the mainland yesterday afternoon. Crazy #'s of trees and large branches down once across the bridge. I took a drive around and there was basically no power anywhere from just west of Marshfield center, the entire stretch of rte. 139, and on rte 53 from Pembroke all the way to the north side Queen Annes Corner in Norwell...Only places open were 2 Chinese restaurants and a single gas station with a line of 50+ cars. Driving was a total free for all with no traffic lights anywhere. A few pics from my walk. The Mini Cooper depicted was sitting there at 615am yesterday and still there when I left around 3pm. windows down.
  8. Feather lite resin lure making - Lure Building - SurfTalk (stripersonline.com) Messed around a bit with lure casting and resin baits over the winter. Its a work in progress
  9. yeah...high potency sativas have a tendency to make me anxious...and I tend to overdo things hahaha
  10. Got a PAX pod of that Critical Jack the other day...88% THC...lesson learned is that you only need one puff to get you where you need to go...first sample was 3 puffs and clearly waaaay too much
  11. I'm just an observer. I don't engage people in the tavern... I can't believe I've followed this for 1100+ pages, but it seems to be in the death throes... Bernie's work is a master class of trolling, mis-direction, and "flat" out stoopid. It is commendable on a number of levels, just none based on any semblance of scientific research of reality... Mick...poor Mick...this "awakening" he experienced sent him off the deep end...and now literally everything is a conspiracy. He needs some of Brother Brian's fungus to get himself re-balanced and lose his ego for a bit. In Summary: The Earth is a spherically shaped planet in a gravitational orbit around the sun. Bernie is gay, or at least plays a trolling gay online. I cannot change either of these observable truths.
  12. Utterly false...there have been no reported catches of striped bass, let alone large striped bass on the south shore in decades. Any reports to the contrary are simply misinformation, or deliberate subterfuge to distract from a hot canal bite.
  13. Sincere condolences to family and friends. Rest in peace sir.
  14. sounded like it was a 18-20' Whaler. that sandbar on the outside of the spit is no joke with any sort of swell out there. sneaky fast and steep waves are a recipe for disaster. I have tried to cut the corner over the outside of that bar a few times and almost put myself in a really bad situation once... I wasn't on the water at all, but had 4 cops from both Marshfield and Scituate raced out onto 4th cliff rec base around 5pm on Saturday afternoon...then the USCG Jayhawk showed up circling the area shortly thereafter. tragic situation.
  15. I can only personally speak on the SURF12 top (latex cuffs), but build quality is best in class. A couple buddies who lobster commercially exclusively use Guy Cotten gear. I would not consider this to be a summer top as it is definitely on the warm side. The neck is a bit of a funky gusseted cut- it folds over and can be velcroed closed. The neck does not have a latex cuff and can not be considered a true dry top for any submersion. Only real drawback is the front pouch. just a simple fold flap and velcro closure...and it retains water...