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  1. Sorry for your loss sir. RIP Charlie.
  2. Probably a good 5 years ago I was driving over to golf at Southers Marsh and nearly drove off the road when I saw a peacock on full display standing right next to the road across the street from Ellis Haven...probably the last thing I was expecting to see haha
  3. I'm guessing most reading this would have no idea where you are referring to, not that that is a bad thing My youth in the 80's was spent mostly picking at flounder using sea worms on pops boat, or heading just outside the mouth and you could catch keeper cod quite easily in 30'. I don't have much experience targeting Eels, but I've heard many tales of the days gone by of arm sized eels being regularly caught in the river. For what its worth, we did get a small 10" size BSB in a lobster trap a couple years back outside the river, and I usually see a juvi tog or 3 over the course of a season fishing from the rocks. Don't recall ever seeing or hearing of scup taken in the area to be honest. I concur on your assessment on bluefish- I did get one sub 5# class blue last July from the rocks- literally the first I've caught from shore in 7+ years. I had a passing encounter with some gorilla 13-18# blues one day in late August '19, but they were gone within a couple hours of where I found them. Bass? Agree for the most part- numbers and size seems to generally be down. It has definitely been a right place, right time, right tide kinda thing the last few years, but there are some nice fish that push through...unfortunately the key phrase in that statement is "push through"...it just isn't the same as it was 10 years ago where we had quality resident fish setup in a relatively familiar locations and timeframes. Just trying to remain positive and encouraged by the relative abundance of 18-24" fish we've been seeing. Those year classes seem to have an awful lot riding on them for where this fishery is going to be in the next 5-10 years.
  4. For my original mold I followed Solar baits process- basically making a bed of modeling clay, carving out the clay and embedding the lure up to the mid line of the bait, carefully filling in the gaps for a nice clean mid line and then building up legos to create the pour box for my silicon. Super easy.
  5. Yep- tons of you tube videos from all the usual suspects to get me started- Smooth-On, Alumilite, Make Lure, SolarBaits, Marling Baits, Engineered Angler, etc...tons of information out there to get some inspiration from and start messing around. I basically just followed the steps outlined in this video from Smooth-On (hopefully not an issue to share this youtube link): At a minimum, the molds are made and pleased with how they came out. Now to start refining swimming action, weighting options for different scenarios/locations, tightening up my airbrush skills, etc. All in an effort to slightly improve a perfectly functional $8 plastic lure...which likely doesn't need much improving
  6. I'm in the greater Boston area and picked it up at a local shop called Reynolds Advanced Materials- they have a few shops around the US.
  7. Thanks bud! I definitely have some #8 bird shot around and also Tungsten BB's. The baits definitely have a little bit of roll to them, but I didn't think it was excessive. The less weight I added, the better they swam. At the end of the day, we'll see what the fish think I need to re-up on more resin for the next rounds of baits- I will definitely consider the bird shot.
  8. First time experimenting with 2 part silicon molds and Feather Lite resin. My initial plan was to create a through wired redfin lure with a belly swivel integrated into the bait. After a handful of trial & error lures with various weight placements I finally came up with one that swims pretty darn true to what I envisioning. I ended up taking a couple casts of additional productive lure style (6" pencil, "Mully" style spook) Silicon Mold Material: Smooth-On MoldStar 20T Urethane Resin: Smooth-On Feather Lite Also messing around with an airbrush and lure painting for the first time, so its been a fun learning experience. My painting skills are certainly amateur at best, but picking some tried & true simple color patterns should make them fishy enough. Didn't see much in a search on here for Featherlite in the last few years- suspecting that this is a good starter material (but limited in applicability being as buoyant is it is), and people making resin baits have moved onto other materials making their own blends of resins and adding microballoons for buoyancy as needed. original concept: weighting was way off...swam terribly. Final design removed the small weight behind the chin and ended up with just a 1/8 oz bullet weight in the tail. Initial plan for a horizontal line tie was abandoned as I had issues keeping the wire centered on the bait. 1st 2 rounds of painting and epoxying. A bit rough, but certainly functional enough. Also my first attempts at doing tail wraps, which I can generously declare to still be a work in progress Slowed down my painting and epoxying process, and using a better quality and larger 3D eyes on the most recent paints- pleased with how the herring pattern turned out All in all a a fun experiment and I got a number of viable baits made. Anyone out there messing around with resins this winter?
  9. I'll take the chrome sea hag and one of the stout redfins please.
  10. Good stuff Tuco- I think I'm going to order a gallon of each of the 312 & 362. I haven't bought fresh plastisol in a couple years as I've been mostly re-melting old rubbah and using a bit of the fresh stuff as a supplemental add to my pyrex before heating...last stuff I bought was off Amazon (FusionX X-SOL Hard Hardness XSOL-507) and it was a bit softer than I would have liked, but it was super clear, didn't yellow, and minimal excess bubbles.
  11. I haven't personally experienced it, but buddies I've fished with have had 2 redfins break exactly where DZ showed in his post. I have bounced around from various rigging configurations over the last few years for these lures and for the most part I have been using a "canal style" rig on the belly hook (Spro Power split #6, Spro #4 Power swivel, cut 3/0 VMC 4x) and either nude tail, a flag, or occasionally a crushed barb 4x 3/0 VMC. I have had split rings get torqued open enough times on redfin belly hangers that the piece of mind I get knowing some of the leverage a fish can get on the lure is alleviated with the inclusion of a belly swivel that its worth it to me. Also a nice side benefit is a bit of extra gap between the lure and the hook that I can essentially use the redfin body as a handle to safely hold onto the lure and allow the fish the spin/move/trash on the swivel for a bit easier release if standing waist deep in the water. I have one Hg RF, but rarely throw it. Most likely due to a ritualistic approach to wanting to reel up tight on the redfin and trying to get the lure to dig a bit at the start of a retrieve. This works fine on h2o and mineral oil loads, but with Hg if that blob gets in front of the belly hanger it swims terribly in my experience. If I was to guess I'd it's around +/- 1/2 cc load of Hg in the lure which should be about 7 grams.
  12. Tuco- I'm due for a reorder of plastisol and might give this stuff a try. you using only the 312 formula for sluggo/eel style baits? ever try the 362? I would most likely just be doing 7-9" slugs and 10" hogy DW style baits. I'm guessing the 362 would be preferred for paddle tail style baits.
  13. Most nights I would be lost without this stupid cheap piece of plastic.
  14. Man...what a sh*t kicker of a storm that was on 2/8-2/9. My first winter living out on the coast in Scituate and decided to brave the elements. We had the national guard drive by our house clearing people off the penninsula asking if we wanted to go to the high school as shelter for the night. I scoffed at the notion saying we'll be just fine. Not more than 30 mins after their last drive by a we hear a loud pop and a green flash of a transformer blowing on a telephone pole a few hundred yards down and we were in the dark for the rest of the night. House had got down to 46 degrees by mid morning and we decided to make a 1.5 mile walk back to to the mainland in waders and get picked up by a friend at the Bridgwaye restaurant (only place that had generator power). Hardly no snow out in my area, but as soon as we crossed the bridge and got back to the mainland there was easily 2 feet of snow everywhere locally in Marshfield/Pembroke. We had at least a couple feet of cobble rocks, sand, and stones that was packed on the road for a 3/4 mile stretch. I had never seen anything like it in my life. 1st pic was on walk back to the mainland during low tide on 2/9, second pic is after the cleared a path with a front end loader to allow people to get back to the mainland.