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  1. My wife and I just watched this series about two weeks ago! Fantastic!!! We would watch 2-3 episodes a night! I would say do you want to watch "**** suckers Tonight?" LOL!!!!
  2. Jim, Yes, I was Specifically going after Snook! I'm Kind of Addicted fishing for them now for the past 3 years! Saw Roosters Chasing but stayed with the Snook fishing. Landed 2. Lost 2 small ones, they Jump "N" Shake Like there is no tomorrow! Yes, Below Baja
  3. Yogi, 2 oz. Spro Bucktail with 5" Chartreuse Gulp Swimming Mullet. I Caught 2 with it. Definitely the Go To Lure, Threw all the Snook Lures but That one was the ticket!
  4. I was Pretty Happy with this Catch!!! Pacific Snook caught in Mexico. One of the Best tasting fish I have eaten! SURFNHORNS
  5. OUTSTANDING MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Damn!!! I thought I was the tsunami King!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  7. Looks like Hatman and I will be there! Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!!! SURFNHORNS
  8. Todd is doing Great!!!! He is enjoying the retirement life Fishing, Hunting and playing with his Grand children! I will tell him to post something here on SOL next time I talk to him. Thanks for asking! SURFNHORNS
  9. bajanfish, I agree fully! As I said, I was very impressed with the rod, so I hope it was just a flaw in the blank where it snapped.
  10. LOL!!!!!! Why did The word "False""" posted after my post!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. false
  12. Well I bought the 10'6" one just before my trip to Mexico in August. With the combination of there new reel which I bought also to pair with this rod it is super light!!!!!! After 9 days of casting morning and night with my 13' footer with the Saltist 6500 on it I was pretty beat up so on the 2nd to the last day I changed over to the Shimano setup! I hooked up with a Gorilla Jack and the rod and reel handled well!!!! About a dozen casts later I hooked up with a Nice Rooster!!! After landing the Rooster believe it or not I said to myself( "WOW"!!!!!! This Freaken rod has some Balls!!!! ) LOL!!!!!!About 15 Minutes later I hook up with another Gorilla Jack and POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rod snaps about 8" below the the 2 piece connection!!!!! Scared the heck out of me!!!!!!! My Buddy Eddie (AIRNUTS) witnessed the event and helped me as I laughed uncontrollably as I was still able to reel in the Jack with the top section of the rod with the fish!!!!! Mailing out the broken rod tomorrow to Shimano!!! Paid $299.00 for it and now I have to pay for shipping to them!!!! I just hope it was a defective rod because it should be able to handle 25-35 pound fish!!!!! But to be honest, I don't think I will take the replacement rod there next year. My Buddy had an Assassin Rod (similar in weight and length) made in South Africa that he bought from Cast in Deep that was half the price and it handled unbelievably on the Big Gorilla Jacks without a problem!!! SURFNHORNS
  13. LOL!!!!! Thanks Terry Mac but a couple of those guys are really good!!!!! It was another Great Trip!!!!