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  1. Remember to turn in your Sturgeon Report Cards or any other harvest report cards as well. I just did my Sturgeon card online it was super easy.
  2. Yea true they are the masters of hitchhiking
  3. Man what a cow of a perch. I'd like to see the fish that tried to eat it.
  4. Talk about action. Sounds like u had a great time
  5. Caught a few perch today. No where near my limit though. Caught em all within 15 mins and the bite either shut off or they moved on. Worked the whole beach. Maybe I found them too late. Also caught a diaper striper which was a pleasant surprise. Was using gulp grubs in pumpkin seed.
  6. Looks like they were in to a lot more than just poaching. Dummies got caught for everything all off of abusing the fishery
  7. I keep it simple with a Carolina rig. Cast out, hit bottom and slow retrieve it back n repeat all day ha. Some people like to use dropper loops on a hi lo. I normally hook em by threading it on over the eye and having the hook come thru about the middle. I've read that hooking them just in the front/nose only helps reduce tangles and they're not gut hooked as much but i have yet to try it. If I was on a jetty or another place where you can get hung up I'd drop shot em like u said.
  8. Gonna try Monday. My only time off next week n don't think it's gonna rain.I was gonna ask if anybody had any luck recently too
  9. Haven't been on this forum in a while. Soaked bait for sturgeon in the delta. Caught nothing but diaper stripers but it was still fun. Had a tap tap tap then a big bend on my rod.. swung n missed. Thinking it might have been a sturgeon at least that's what I keep telling myself. Edit: Forgot to mention lost a nice sized striper cause it swam right for the line on my 2nd rod I was fishing n caused a tangled messs n then popped off the hook. Never doing that 2 rod mess again.
  10. Yea its some sad **** to think my children won't be able to enjoy what I do. I signed the petition and shared it.
  11. Wish we had bluefish here. They seem like alotta fun
  12. Weird I can cast one further than the regular floating sp and I'm not much of a distance caster
  13. Oh I can tell that's y I said that ha. Nice catches
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