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  1. Thanks for the information guys. It sounds like the general consensus is exactly as I expected. I do plan to bring my own tackle, I have a handy assortment but usually fish it in Mexico where it seems maybe good fish are a bit more plentiful off the pacific coast. Anyhow, I'll bring some medium action rods and light tackle and see if my son and I can maybe land a few colorful fish for the memory banks. I guess if I really want to get serious, I'll look into chartering a boat, but last time I was in Maui for my honeymoon which was 17 years ago, it was expensive then...I can't imagine what it costs now!!
  2. Hello all, We are headed to Maui for a family vacation and staying in the southwest corner of Lahaina and hope to do some shore fishing. It appears that this side of the island has very little surf so my assumption is that there is very little chance of catching big game from the shore? I would love to catch jacks if possible but I do not know what to expect in this calm water. Should I chuck large surface baits on my surf rod or just fish with small rods, closer to shore with light tackle for small reef fish? I do have access to a lot of shoreline and plan to fish early mornings, before sunrise and/or at sunset. Thanks for any information or tips in advance.
  3. Hello all, A friend of mine and myself are very interested in fishing CI in the next year or so. I have found a few detailed reports on here but they are significantly older. Has anybody been lately and whats the most recent experience? Also, we would like to stay with a reputable outfit and a place that isn’t “run down”, so what would be the best outfit to book with? I’m also aware that CI is well known as a fly fishing destination but what about conventional tackle? I have found very little to no information about their offshore fishing for bigger gamefish including pelagics. Is offshore only a seasonal thing at CI? I do enjoy surfcasting as well, is this possible on this island? I understand the purist fly approach, and so be it, I can fling a fly just fine, but I really just enjoy catching fish and would not be opposed to conventional gear, just wondering if it would work here. Our trip would be in early December, is this a good time to fish the island? Thanks in advance for your help and opinions!
  4. LOL! Ya, we arent staying there but will at least have access to their marina.
  5. Lots of help so far guys! Thanks!! We are staying at a rental house near the four seasons and is by the newer marina, Marina Papagayo. I'm hoping to strike a deal where we can find a panga that would pick us up there in the morning as it looks like quite a drive around to Playas del Coco, which is 25-30 miles south by driving but less than six miles by water. I am bringing my surf equipment and much prefer casting lures into the rolling/breaking surf and retrieve than pull live bait around for Roosters. I love watching the combs breaking the surface and chasing my lure! I have everything I need for casting for Roosters and will be bringing my surf rod for casting from shore as well for the mornings where we don't go out on a boat.
  6. Hi all, I am headed to Papagayo peninsula on the pacific side of Costa Rica in a week. I have been doing lots of research but it seems that all the boats are really really spendy through the online websites. Does anybody on here that has been down there know a respectable captain or connection that is reasonable in price that probably isn't online? We don't need a large cabin cruiser, just a super panga or something similar with a reasonable HP outboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to spend $1,000 a day for a boat rental. But, maybe that is the standard daily rate in Costa Rica, but I find that hard to believe. Thanks!
  7. Hey all, I will be headed to Costa Rica this coming May. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good charter captain who can fish anything from casting into shore or out trolling for sails/marlin? Looking for a reasonable deal, don't want to pay out the nose for a 45' bertram or something like that. I do enjoy super pangas so thats not a problem. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. We will be visiting the north shore area to the west of the city of Liberia. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Heading to Panama towards the end of November and into the beginning of December. Does anybody have a good captain recommendation for fishing down there? I will be in the Panama city area on the Pacific shore. I'm down for whatever, casting from pangas into the surf for roosters/jacks or out trolling for sails/marlin. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Pacific side, Puerto Vallarta Mexico. On the south shore of Banderas bay. Thanks for the input so far.
  10. Here is the pic of the fish...a little tricky loading pics onto the site now.
  11. Can anybody identify this fish for sure? I happened across a grey banded cod which looks very similar to this, but pics on the internet don't illustrate the colors on the gill plate like this fish. It was caught surf casting and out over shallow rocks while swimming back a jig. Thanks for the help!
  12. Sounds great Mitchman! I'll see if I can find a way to contact him. Anybody have any recommendations for boats in the bay that focus on inshore for like roosters, jacks or sierras? Or is fishing in the bay even decent at all for those type of fish? I've never been there but looked at videos and the tide doesn't seem to be too aggressive in the bay, so I wonder about it's fishing potential for those type of fish.
  13. Hi all! I am heading to PV in two weeks for some fun and sun. I am bringing my surf gear but I would maybe like to charter a boat for a day or two. Anybody have any recommendations on a good captain and boat that is reasonable in price? One that could do a day inshore and offshore? I am keen on fishing on Pangas as well so the cheaper the better so long as the captain can put me on fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I ordered and just received a new Procyon spinning reel. When i went to take it out of the box and tightened the handle down and spun it I immediately noticed a noise and some extra play in the handle. I tightened the thumb screw even tighter and still couldnt get the play out of the handle. It almost seems to be in the handle receiver part in the main body of the reel. Is this typical of these reels to have some play and noise? I wouldnt think so for the price... I even reinserted the shipping washer and tightened the handle back down to see if that took play out of the assembly and it was the same. Should I ask for an exchange? Opinions?
  15. I am very interested in purchasing a 9' travel stick and was looking at the 25-30but read Daves review above. Is the eyelet problem and isolated issue or has other users of this product had similar troubles? Everything else about this rod sounds good though. Should I just pony up and go for the St Croix triumph?