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  1. enjoy the freedom it brings.. to b out in the surf at sunset with no one but u the ocean and maybe sometimes a buddy or 2 is as tranquil as it gets..throw in you can put some pretty tasty treats on the table and that is a pretty good feeling also, the thrill of the top water hit is unexplainable unless you do what we do..that thud on a jig not knowing what exactly is on the other end of your line which could be a possible fish of a lifetime on every cast ..sometimes its the other way around and you meet some really good people and make some new fishing buddys...sitting back spending time with my son teaching him and watching him grow into a great fishing buddy like it was with me and my dad(whos since passed) the memories and stories it brings some good some bad..so many reasons all in all its for the love of it all...lol..sorry had to say it
  2. im old school and go by the never fish jettys alone and if u do a pfd is a must
  3. fine per fish and pull the licenses ...no need for it other than greed
  4. gonna b a good one... if wilder figured out hes gotta box a little more than just throwing bombs he'll get him if not fury works him over and gets him again ..agreed this one could actually b worth paying for
  5. congrats goat on the grandson getting hitched enjoy the moment..maybe u can sneak the grand kids out for some pond fishing
  6. this is pretty friggen kool..definatley frame it...his is what we need to more of now a days
  7. that little space between the red and yellow circle is where the weed smokers go...lol
  8. from what ive gathered new yorker good dude for the most part little crazy tough upbringing kinda story but all in all a good dude..so had to be something to trigger that type of reaction...and also from the story yes his brother was a prick..chalk it up as just another crazy ditch day..lol
  9. unfortunately this is a common thing over the last 5 years mma 2 and 3 yrs ago knives and guns and the ice rink same...all over a spot and a fish that your more than likely to throw back ..14 miles to fish and people only use 1mile on each side ..comical at best..
  10. tight lines bill r.i.p....thanks for the chance this is a kool giveaway
  11. im in young tom ..thnks tight lines to u and pops
  12. cpl 26 inchers this a.m. bout it....exactly no bait going through..havent seen macks or squid yet this year just poges which is differenet than in years past
  13. meats good just way tooo boney
  14. it is?? oops !! explains why they look like ufo s flying away in the dark real fast
  15. dont worry feelings are mutual..lol..