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  1. Which one is it..I do or I don't..u tough guys are sad because I think the product you love is over priced for the quality so u claim I don't fish I troll blah blah..here's your proof now your sad bout that..lol..bi polar tools...maybe you guys don't do or have what u claim...
  2. Here's your trolling speedbag..no claims just facts..I fish just fine thank you.theres plenty others that go with this pig..take your legend and stick it where the sun don't shine..you legends in your own minds can go play with each other's rods..I'll go other routes...it's been working
  3. So proud of you..you bought your rods...no kidding..we all bought our own rods.. meatball...
  4. Again if there so wonderful why does there stuff blow up..you idiots don't get the fact that you claim there services are great...why??because there stuff sucks..when you have a lot of problems with a product you better have great customer service.if not you'll a lot of people who won't buy your stuff again..rather not deal with good service..means my **** not broke..not buying a product because there customer service is good..lol.. that's retarded..as far as 'd whipe my ass with $350 money isn't the concern..product is..get it now simpletons
  5. No virtual stuff but I can guarantee you a personal beating..comes with a warranty too.lol.it's little virtual big mouths like u ..that need to stop by the canal say Saturday and Sunday morning bout 2 a.m. for some real fun won't be a virtual beating youll wish it was but the real one u will receive..u types type a good yarn but when face to face u have nothing to say..show up I'll let u touch my legend then I'll slap u with it..lol..I'll b in the west end hero..see if have the sac to open your mouth then skippy
  6. And remember Lev options are like balloon knots we all have one..lol
  7. Great they send u **** back after the **** u bought that shouldn't break breaks..glad u guys lovem..l don't..don't like waiting on equipment that I should be using..I don't spend money to wait for ****..we make money everyday..not important to me.. quality for what I'm spending it on does..the great mr.lev legend can usem I'll hang mine up and have a story to tell on why it's there because they suck..pretty simple..might b great for beach or boats..but canal currents eatem up.. there's a reason there's more company's and private rod builders out there kids..and not just st.croix jack added..GL b safe on the water and tight lines to u all..even u lev
  8. Savage sand eel works wonders storms nice for rivers
  9. Lmfao
  10. Doesn't matter who calls in bdp or epo..still a **** show last night
  11. Nope not on here only the greats know how to use St Croix products..sounds like they sell great knee pads for the ass kissers on this post..lmfao
  12. Try again Skippy I've got it it broke pretty simple..simple..same goes with u fished with the best in the world..spoken from a legend in his own mind
  13. Nah maybe st.croix just sucks
  14. Not my m.o. I've spent more and gotten less..and spent less and gotten more..beauty about karma
  15. YouTube and news had it..pretty Kool stuff