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  1. also make peanut butter cookie bones ..easy..same recipe as the ones we eat..cup of peanut butter cup of sugar one egg shape anyway u feel like shaping them...dog will eat them more than reg. cookie bones..youll probably eatem with him or her too..lol
  2. no dog food...canned or fresh squash and or pumpkin with 1 of the following chicken pork hamburg or fish mixed with rice..
  3. be the better man like youve taught your son to be and just let it go...sit back be proud and glad you have a hell of a good kid
  4. it is relevant ..because again no one can lie about what no has to report where does the 170 to 1 ratio come from if recs. dont have to report there catch and where do u figure in for all the unders the comm guys are catching and releasing or does that number fall on the rec guys 170..i just thinks its awful tough to gage numbers that are not actually accounted for..never mind poached fish ..the drop in regs isnt gonna change there way of doin things..comes down to the only numbers we actually know are the comm..guys and when u break it down to the number of breeding fish they are killing off it sure doesnt help what they are trying to accomplish...i appreciate u taking the time to break things down but like i said before if recs take a hit comm should to..if theyre gonna continued to take there 10 per outing then give them a slot also, leave recs at 28 to 31 but give comm.over 38 to 42 or something
  5. which briings up ..what rec anglers are reporting there catch ..they are only guessing numbers theres no proof to what rec anglers are or are not catching where theres proof of what comm anglers are bringing in not including all the shorts they catch and release as u said also ..just because theres 3 million rec anglers doesnt mean all 3 mill.are catching fish i know a few who are lucky to catch a few a season and there not all slots or over there more schoolies than anything else....to me whats frustrating is everyone should take the hit not just one side.its like saying its fine to kill breeder class fish like letting them live to breed more wont help the stock..why hasnt there keeping of 10 fish been dropped to 5..why no argument for that is my thing..in the end nothing any of us can do anyway we dont collect the tax money or the lic..fees,,ill continue to abide by the rules as i always have and enjoy my love for the sport like ive always have also..
  6. it can also be argued that not all rec guys are taking fish every time they fish where a comm guy will take every breeder they can every time out to make a buck...what really gets me is all who preach its to save the fish...if they feel that strongly about it, stop fishing for them but they dont and wont...kinda like a fat chick on a diet eating a super sized big mac meal but washes it down with a diet coke so its ok...if they wanna savem game fishem
  7. how is it much less harm if comm..guys are killing off breeder class fish..makes no sense ..they took cod away from us, inch by inch theyre taking stripers, slowly taking tog, fluke, and next will be sea bass..its a crock in my opinion...if there gonna do this crap then just game fish them and dont allow anyone to take them...problem solved..
  8. i cant count how many skunked days ive had in an area i fish daily only to have that 1 magical day sometimes week of great fishing when they finally show up..comes down to just being persistent and patient. just cuz your spots dont produce today doesnt mean they wont produce tomorrow or a week from now. if u love the outdoors and love fishing then the skunks shouldnt stop you..youll never have that magical day/week if you dont keep trying.if you do stop trying because of skunks then you probably didnt love what you were doing in the 1st place...my advice to the young man is to keep it simple at 1st grab a sp minnow a sm. pencil popper 1-2 oz and a rubber shad 1-2 oz work those plugs till u feel comfortable and then branch out to metal lips and bigger plugs..keep color s simple, start with bone ,white, or yellow then try others if those dont work. spot hop, work tides, research ect. its all about trial and error ..fishing for most of us is about clearing our minds and getting away from the everyday b.s...in your case escaping the books... fish are just an added bonus.just keep in mind when it comes to striper fishing theyll be more skunks than great days just dont let it deter you from enjoying what your doinig ..good luck tight lines and most importantly stay safe out there everyone
  9. the savage panic pencil 1 3/4 oz works wonders from schoolies to biggens,2nd the good ole mini red head Cordell pencil still slays.
  10. the one with the fly hooks is pretty sweet looking.. ill keep an eye on there for some of your up and coming stuff
  11. theyll be alot of bikes lined up instead of cars
  12. very nice work, love that glossy look u nail into your paintings thank u for sharing these. good to see you are painting again you'd be wasting your gift if you hadn't.3rd one is my fav.
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