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  1. well said
  2. flounder sea bass and cod
  3. ooookay hero....that'd be b.s..at its finest so just an example but individuals come into your home guns drawn on you and all of a sudden your the jackie chan of SOL gonna takem all out huh....guess we finally met the real superman folks ..lol are u faster than a speeding train do stop bullets with your chest leap buildings in a single bound too...lol...like i said it is your type who do nothing but add fuel to the fire...which would make u a racist individual who supports looting and rioting...who exactly would uphold law and order without your local and state police....please enlighten us...or are you gonna take care of it all
  4. Oh yeah, and average black lynchings per year across the entire country are about equal to the number of black on black murders in Chicago - ONE CITY - for ONE MONTH. i shouldnt have to tell u open a book newspaper or just watch the news..malcolm x 's speeches and marches were all so peaceful right..he loved white people... black panthers another sweet bunch who deliver flowers to everyone..and oh yea go check the article in the washington post on your totals of unarmed police killings ..whites 19 killed beat out black spanish chinese and other i didnt make it up its facts...and not racist just sick of the b.s....blackout tues was kool i get it ..its a message sent PEACEFULLY now if a whiteout weds..is had then u can bet your last dollar it'd be called a racist fueled act..take your head out of your ass and realize all races suck at some point and the old white vs black thing is old hat..and as far as racist goes.. good chunk of my fam..is cape verde so go play the racist card somewhere else..
  5. picture says it all without saying anything..nice shot
  6. nope someone who doesnt respect the law apparently..seems like your type has no problem with these a-holes looting and rioting..maybe u can call your bill cosby buddy seeing your supporting a rapist maybe he'll help u if your robbed or beat up seeing youre still trying to figure out who to call because u havent answered that part of the post
  7. i use 40lb eagle claw quicklinks....been solid so far anything bigger can be a pain when trying to swap certain plugs up
  8. congrats to him on a nice catch...its a fatty for sure
  9. lol..well when your getting robbed or beat up ect..ect...who exactly would u call then..your type are the root of the problem and why this stuff is happening
  10. yup agreed def..sweeter taste when water temps still cool..all this talk about blue crabs is gonna make me take my son sunday see if the ole chicken on a string brings a few for the ole pot
  11. and a lot of not policemen do it too..which is why we need policemen...pretty simple one bad banana doesnt mean throw out the whole bunch
  12. just keep putting in your time and itll come ....like most things in life..matter of right place right time...good luck and tight lines bud keep on jigging
  13. hopefully catch cpl stripers do some gardening stuff and take my kid to do lil freshwater fishing sunday...chill and enjoy the fam..for the most part...have a good weekend guys and ladys
  14. happy b-day to the young man..enjoy a cold one with him from me....tight lines and god bless
  15. they are way better than good.i have numerous family members who are police officers and none of them are killing people..don't be a douche and things go smooth is that a better way to put it then