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  1. I believe the only time they would change is if it’s purchased out of state. I purchased a boat on Long Island and when registering here in CT I was issued new reg numbers.
  2. I have the 4500 Slammer lll paired with StCroix mojo 7’mh. I’m guessing you want a 6’6” rod for storage reasons.
  3. It’s not open where a rod grip can pass through, there’s a bar for rod gimble. It won’t fill/hold water.
  4. I bought a pair of rod holders a couple of years ago and still look like new, no corrosion. Strong and solid clamping on a 7/8” rail, works up to 1”.
  5. +1 on Tsunami Slow Pitch rod, I have it paired with a lexa 300. Light as heck, can jig all day, yet can handle occasional striper and blue. I have it in the Heavy when going for Stripers. Nice rod for the $.
  6. $2.5k for slip up to 25’. Water, elect, bathrooms w/showers, pool and very clean.
  7. I use a slot size for Stripers, when I do decide to keep one, 28” - 36”. Under size go back to get bigger and larger ones go back to make more. I fish Fluke, porgies and sea bass for table, but sometimes I do keep a striper.
  8. I was looking for the same thing a couple of years ago for my 208. I found the decal and oval emblem on flEaBAY. If you search Grady / Grady decal different results will show, then just go through what you’re looking for. Several Grady dealers list NOS on this auction site. Items are added, so keep an eye out for what you may need. Good luck.
  9. I had the same issue last season. This year I replaced the tired battery with a higher mca and reserve, and the shutting off of GPS/sonar was solved. Make sure battery is well large enough for your engine.
  10. You may need to lift rubber boot to see.
  11. 2x Yup, Simyamaha is we're I got mine and rubber boot, easy and fast.
  12. When fishing for porgies I've been using 2/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hooks. I use this size mainly because I rarely get a gut hooked fish, the size is no problem for the porgies mouth and I also have plenty of this size hooks on the boat. As far as dropper loops. It's roughly 4-6" and 18" from bank sinker. I also use a single dropper, not double, just my preference.
  13. From what I've heard, SS and Aluminum play nice. The issue starts when they are submerged, but that's what Zincs are for.
  14. Bow safety chain, incase winch/strap breaks.
  15. Hey, Bobby J's just posted about a plug bag found a month ago in Gulf Beach area. May want to give them a call.