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  1. The Vanquish look nice, but I heard it’s similar to the old one component wise
  2. Bump. I was just looking for a surf rod online at Bass Pro came across this rod, what do you guys think for those who have purchased the rod? I’m debating to go with the speedmaster or the airwave elite. What do you guys think?
  3. What’s wrong with pp? I just bought 600 yard of the new ppv2, I want to see what all the hype is about. I love maxcuatro until they stop selling it locally then I switched over to 832 which is also good
  4. I might be pairing it up with a NRX inshore rod
  5. Thanks guys. I think I’ll keep my XD for freshwater striper and go with the SW for in/offshore
  6. That’s what I was thinking but I’m not certain. I only have the 4k XD for freshwater striper fishing but not sure for saltwater fishing
  7. Which reel do you guys recommend for inshore/offshore 5k size is the XD more durable than the SW or would you guys say 50/50
  8. Hi guys, I recently started fishing for stripers down in the south (Texas) but I was wondering what kind of setup are you guys throwing for your poppers without feeling sore or wearing yourself out. I have a Shimano dialuna 10’6 (56grm max lure) paired with a 4k twinpower can I go over that say 2oz? I’m looking for a good poppers rod. I will be mainly throwing tsunami
  9. Duct tape? Mmhmm I gotta look into that, my friend is about to purchase a 2015 outback he's gonna drill a ram ball mount on the back near the stern to mount his 998 gonna let him start off first before I starting drilling any holes. Any of you guys use the pereguard keel thing to protect your hull? I'm thinking about putting some on just to protect it from the rocks when beaching it.
  10. mann, i should have tested the transducer before i even ask! it doesnt fit!!! i guess i have no choice but to use the mad frog liberator mount.
  11. thanks for the help dee will this work for the 898? the transducer is pretty big im no sure how big your transducer is
  12. thanks! does your what model is your dragon fly? does it have SI/DI?
  13. Hi guys im new to this forum, hopefully you guys can help me out more than the forum i am on. Not much hobies outback owners but alot of PA. I see alot more traffic on here also thats why I am joining here! I have a couple of questions for the outback owners, I just picked up a brand new outback and was wondering how do you guys mount your humminbird transducer for those that own a humminbird. I have a 898 humminbird and would like to see how i can mount this thing on the outback. I have a mad frog liberator mount but i really dont want to use that it cause too much drag on the side, is there a way i can use the lowrance mount they use with a little retro fit? and help would be appreciated