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  1. I agree. In 2017 not only was it warm, but peanuts were readily available to them throughout the season (at least where I fished). The inlets on the southside are the same right now, flush with bait...But if it doesn't draw out before the temp drops there's nothing to keep them here.
  2. Fine wasn't enough...The amount they are due to pay is no more than what they would have earned from their last illegal haul sold under the radar....How about hammering them with a punishment that actually hurts them financially.
  3. Actually don't mind at all. When the times comes just shoot me a message! -Gabe
  4. If you venture up to the Cape i'd gladly meet up for the gaff for $10.
  5. Verreet seems like a nice guy from his videos, but i'm sorry at some point you have to cut your losses and palm the spool. At best the pressure pulls the hook and the fish has a chance at life, at worst it pops close to the spool. But intentionally letting it empty the spool of a 20k Stella was a death sentence for that fish.
  6. I agree. Often seen chasing bugs down after mowing the grass.
  7. Thanks for the offer, but i'll have to pass. Fortunately for me a custom plug maker (who happens to live next door) just started up again after a break and supplied me with more than I'll be able to use.
  8. It's way less depressing than talking about how likely it is that the numbers of striped bass are on the decline
  9. The troll can't even come up with something beyond Rookie numbers. 62#? Going to pick up the mount of my latest catch with Jimmy. 100% life-size replica
  10. Got these two last week with my buddy Jimmy. 50#? Try 60#+ and give me a call. Oh and I'm 6'2"
  11. It's too bad that no matter what you type, it's fairytales coming from a troll looking to get these guys fired up. You actually got some of them going pretty good too! Do you use google image search for your profile and post photos?
  12. Troll account of the year nominee for sure.
  13. I have a used one listed loaded with 30lb PP superslick
  14. I will be around the canal this weekend if anyone needs a new reel
  15. $210 *FIRM* picked up at/near Cape Cod Canal Will ship at buyers expense. Selling my used Shimano Saragosa 6000, spooled with 30lb Power Pro Super8 Slick. Love this reel, but is hasn’t seen as much use since I purchased a Stella of the same size. Shows some minor marks from use but nothing affecting functionality. Includes box as well. I live on the Cape, and can meet at the Canal or Hyannis area. Willing to ship at actual cost to buyer, payment via verified PayPal.