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  1. Got out Sunday morning to enjoy some fresh air and toss some metal...Took a while but I managed to get a hold of a sprightly freckled lady. Checked February off my "at least one fish every month" list in 2020.
  2. I tried to renew online at the end of last season but it didn't work...Kept forgetting to stop in to get it taken care of in person, but after your post I went and gave it another attempt. Worked! Thanks for the heads up. I considered doing the Maine trailer registration last year when we got our boat, but I'm at a point in my life where the money saved isn't worth the hassle if I get busted.
  3. First thing that came to mind when I saw this thread title. Caught one last year that took a metal down too deep to retrieve..Cut the neck to bleed it, immediately brought it the 1-mile drive home, cleaned and grilled it. I only ate it to honor the fishes life...Should have fed it to the dogs. Disgusting.
  4. I made a mad dash after work on NYE to get one last fish of the decade, but struck out. Determined to get my first fish of 2020, I hit the water on New Year's morning. I managed to get a nice and strong fatty which set the right tone for the season, but my highlight was the mature Bald Eagle that flew over my head. That was the best part of the morning.
  5. Payment received, reel shipped thanks Bill and SOL
  6. All yours, sending PM with payment details. -Gabe
  7. Sorry, don't have the box....At some point all my older reel boxes ended up in the recycle bin....Lesson learned, they are now hidden out of reach of my wife in the closet.
  8. Selling a very good condition Shimano Baitrunner 6500B. Has small marks mostly from being shuffled around with other gear in the garage, but it spins smooth and is ready for action $75 shipped in Conus
  9. Selling two US-Made conventionals in great shape. All-metal spools, Chrome plating shines nicely. Red Special Senator 112H 3/0 $45 picked up Brown Peer 209 $35 picked up $70 for the pair picked up will ship at buyers expense USPS Priority.
  10. Covered nearly 70 miles on the south side. Clear, cold water under 60 degrees, with little to no bait. Abundant jellyfish and plankton. Saw 7 fish total, made one cast that was while a fish was in range. Shore fish will be the best bang for the buck at this point because the fat lady is singing.
  11. I agree. In 2017 not only was it warm, but peanuts were readily available to them throughout the season (at least where I fished). The inlets on the southside are the same right now, flush with bait...But if it doesn't draw out before the temp drops there's nothing to keep them here.
  12. Fine wasn't enough...The amount they are due to pay is no more than what they would have earned from their last illegal haul sold under the radar....How about hammering them with a punishment that actually hurts them financially.
  13. Actually don't mind at all. When the times comes just shoot me a message! -Gabe
  14. If you venture up to the Cape i'd gladly meet up for the gaff for $10.
  15. Verreet seems like a nice guy from his videos, but i'm sorry at some point you have to cut your losses and palm the spool. At best the pressure pulls the hook and the fish has a chance at life, at worst it pops close to the spool. But intentionally letting it empty the spool of a 20k Stella was a death sentence for that fish.