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  1. really love the rapala skitter walk for a surface spook if the fish aren't committing to surface plugs the rapala subwalk gives similar action but stays just below the surface. this can really produce well sometimes when they are showing but not committing to poppers / spooks on top.
  2. really love the rapala skitter walk for a surface spook if the fish aren't committing to surface plugs the rapala subwalk gives similar action but stays just below the surface. this can really produce well sometimes when they are showing but not committing to poppers / spooks on top.
  3. Bridges are always a good bet with the kayak. It’s just one big piece of structure so it gives you lots of opportunities. I prefer fishing them at night to avoid boat traffic plus you can work the shadow lines along the entire bridge. The changes in soft structure after replenishments is pretty crazy. Some of the changes at the inlets that normally would take a season or 2 happen over a matter of months with all the loose material. I’ve seen a bunch of spots further in the back that have filled in too. It’s amazing how it can change that far from an inlet.
  4. I'm another who fishes primarily SJ. Its definitely changed with all the beach replenishment. Best thing I've done is get a kayak 7 years ago. I held off for a number of years because I didn't want to spend the $ but its definitely worth it. I still fish on foot but usually only when conditions aren't good for the kayak. If I'm on foot I usually stick with inlets / rock piles or sod banks because the beaches haven't been the same in a long time. Agree that tog fishing is more of interest. Its usually more consistent and definitely a challenge depending on location.
  5. Dan Got my order the other day and wanted to say thanks again. Great quality work and quick turn around. thanks
  6. Hi Dan - I wanted to place another order wobble heads: 2 white 3/8 oz, 4 white 5/8 oz, 4 chart 5/8 oz, 4 chart 1 oz tog jigs: 4 var orange over chart 3 oz, 4 var orange over chart 4 oz jig heads only (for tying) ultra: 3 white 1 oz, 3 chart 1 oz banana: 2 each white 3/4 oz, 1 oz, 1 1/2oz, 2 each chart 3/4 oz, 1 oz, 1 1/2 oz bullet: 4 white 3/4 oz, 4 white 1 oz, 2 white 1 1/2 oz Let me know total with shipping and I'll get payment sent thanks
  7. I only have a limited time to get out so cutting down the learning curve at all is appreciated. I know everyone has a different approach so no worries about different opinions they all help. Would 1/0 octopus hooks work for dropshot or c-rig? Do you setup your dropshot with bottom sinker loop and dropper loop above (like a hi-lo with only 1 hook) or with palomar knot with long tag end for the sinker? I just looked at Mission Bay on Google Earth and it looks like a good spot with surf / jetty plus sheltered areas depending on weather. Is there any restrictions for fishing from rock piles / jetties or with fishing from the beach? In NJ / NY beach access can be pretty difficult depending on the town. Is the parking lot on the North side of the inlet at Mission Bay a safe place to park and start exploring. thanks again for taking the time to help out
  8. I have some krocs and little cleos (similar to shutter spoons) so i'll bring them. Does a carolina rig work as well as dropshotting? I like the carolina rig since you can fish grubs/flukes/bloods/sand fleas/etc then use it to live-line smaller fish without re-rigging. Great when walking and you don't have multiple rods. I don't plan to live-line because i don't know the local fish at all or regulations. I'm surprised you don't use heavier than 12lb leader except for bait. Is that based on how clear the water is or size of the fish? I'll let you know about trying to meet up for sharking would be great to see how it compares to sharking at home. Most of what we catch are sand sharks on the small end under 15lb to brown / dusky / hammerheads that are up to 100-120 lb.
  9. Thanks for SCSF forum suggestion that was helpful. Sounds similar to setups at home here on the east coast. I'll put a couple Xraps or Yozuri hard baits in as well. Any suggestions on profiles for metals to match local bait (wide body like Hopkins / Castmaster or slim profile). Any suggestion on weight of flouro leader? At home use anything from 15lb to 80lb depending on conditions. I'll be flying so trying to keep gear minimal. Won't be able to bring heavier gear for sharking but wish I could. I'll have a MH travel rod that can handle up to about 2oz so trying to throw chunks or mack fillets won't be an option.
  10. Will do - appreciate the help
  11. I'll be in Carlsbad 1st week in December and looking for fishing help. Looking to bring 7 ft MH travel rod / soft plastics / metals and fish on foot. Never been there so looking for general suggestions (no spot burn) on where to start / target species / tackle suggestions / license requirements. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I think I saw the same family on a trip to the grand canyon. They were about 10 ft from a huge elk posing for a picture. That was bad enough but they had an infant with them. Mind boggling how stupid people are.
  13. Smack-it are pretty good in back bay but SS are my favorite all around popper. SS sinking for extra distance / swimming / quicker retrieve and floater for sod banks / docks / over the rocks.
  14. For new guys I would want to stress the importance of dry suit or proper wader / pants / top combo. It can be easy to underestimate the importance of dressing for water temp and not air temp especially with the first warmer days in spring. I agree on the change to McGyver for Africaster. My friends bust my balls all the time about all my safety gear but you've got me beat.
  15. Tried 832 soon after it came out and have been using ever since. Love the 10lb for inshore and freshwater.