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  1. Cant figure out who makes this plug? Its nicely done.
  2. NEW IN SEALED BOX I WATCH 3 SPORT WATCH 38MM $255 Shipped , $250 pick up in Lavallette area. Save $30 and tax.
  3. Fishing has declined in the last five years
  5. Does anyone know where PA Surfer was from? Or what happened to him?
  6. Found these at a garage sale I'm pretty sure one is a lefty ? Have no idea on the other?
  7. Absolutely !
  8. I've Emailed them last week about a part for a friend and they promptly responded with a helpful answer.
  9. These paddle tails are very unique because the hooks are heavy duty almost impossible to bend and the rubber is also very durable will outlast any soft bait on the market! They do not roll in the stiffest current and have a very tight wiggle. They can be obtained on the Hogy web sight and should be available at some of the better tackle stores soon.
  10. Both jackets are a bit different, if your going to stand in the surf the Stryker Jacket has a gasket around your wrists so water doesn't creep down your sleeves, The Typhoon is a bit lighter in weight may have a thinner neoprene I find this jacket to be a bit more comfortable. you want to leave enough room for a thin fleece for cold weather. The Swell is like a neoprene hoodie but has a slick outer shell that lets the water slide off instead of absorbing.
  11. I bought thinking it would be a good alternative to the Stick Shad and it doesn't come close ! I test swam it and was not impressed with its action or capabilities. It will not hold in a current and skips out when retrieved at a faster rate! I'm just glad I stocked up! The next best thing out there is the 24/7 wood glider it's also one of my go to lures!
  12. I test swam it and was not impressed with its action. Most likely it will skip out in a current I would never use it especially knowing a Stick stick Shad is in my bag.