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  1. Apologies but not interested in selling at this time and or what lures you have left. GL
  2. Apologies for the late response, let me think about it.
  3. Have any large Darby swimmers, Jagget swimmers, or even a Voorhies a kicker on my side for the Voorhies. Thanks
  4. Not sure if your interested and I'm not sure of what you or I would trade for it
  5. Sweet!!
  6. Wow,sweet didn't know he made any are they resin or wood Ba Ba
  7. This is sick!! One of my favorite eely colors
  8. This is sick!! One of my favorite eely colors
  9. Anyone out there with some hard to find Johnny's
  10. Damnit just my luck thanks HK have to pass ,sticking to a black 150 and a silver 200
  11. Tittle says it all looking buy a 150 black vsb and a silver vsb 200 knob .thanks for any help !!
  12. Ok at work will pm info after work today.
  13. Is this trade offer with me Cape? My apologies didn't know, my 4 for your 2 BT pikies? I'll do that let me know
  14. Nice one deep diving and one shallow swimming Jstirpe, I'm in if it falls threw