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  1. Musso....
  2. Definitely going to slay some stripes!!
  3. Apologies for the wait but going to have to withdraw from this trade...GLWT
  4. Ill dig threw my stuff later on today and see.
  5. If you would like I am interested in the lipped joe Paiva Mak, I will do 2 Stirpe and 2 P,M lures and possibly cash all depends bud on us coming to an agreement...Pete
  6. This is new ! Hard to let go is the ccw new or used? I apologize if I possibly have to pass/retract...
  7. Cool I understand I have a Stirpe for trade new ,what is the size and weight on it ? Thanks
  8. I have a PM yellow darter new ,interested in the ccw bunker
  9. Oh my bad long shallow J Stirpe
  10. Just a heads up @jessy shaw has a long shallow swimmer up for trade..
  11. Looks killer ,lazzyone!!
  12. I don't have any Mike's but do have Darby's, jaget's, and other builders would do 2 for 1 interested in the CV. Thanks for consideration
  13. Respectfully offer $100 for the yellow,