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  1. Bob when a fish is taking line the spool is spinning to the left and the salt and sand that is wedged in between spool and the drag knob is catching cause it the nut to loosen. On regular staals it’s not a problem the drag could potentially tighten, but those lefties you have to keep a eye on it. Clean it up good and re assemble.
  2. I watched the same thing happen to my buddy. Had a fish go on a run and the drag knob went off into the ocean. The way the spool spins on those lefties, and the fact that the nut is lefty loose it’s an issue. Make sure the drag knob is clean any bit of sand underneath is a potential hazard.
  3. You can’t edit a thread title or op.
  4. Nicely put cheech!
  5. I saw that video it definitely look like a mako to me.
  6. No semi permanent structure is aloud to be put up on the beach that includes tents and ez ups. Now if you were to set that up in the bed of your pickup that wouldn’t be semi permanent...
  7. Man that’s a monsta sea bass!! Nice job island surf!
  8. I’m running 50 pp and I fill her up with 300 plus some backing. Never any problems with line.
  9. I run 706s for all my chunk setups I love running manual pickup on everything including a dead stick. I run 50# pp and never have any line issues it stacks decent enough on the spool.
  10. You need the permit for the upper dock at captree during the day
  11. I think you have the current and tide mixed up lol but I do agree with your points.
  12. I don’t have experience with it but I think that tha plastic bag isn’t a bad idea
  13. Get out there and fish the winter is over..
  14. It was a few weeks ago when I was there they close it for the plovers in the summer usually.
  15. I used to love that place when I lived near it. Town beaches come with their own government and rules. County beaches will let you on with a leash dog. But not the state unless of course you go all the way to Montauk for some reason it’s allowed...