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  1. If you have a van staal service center local they will just give you the shims. Sometimes when when the handle is off the shims can fall out and get lost.
  2. Balances out perfectly, I’ve ran the 706 on that rod as well and it’s a good fit.
  3. I run the same rod with a 250 and I love it.
  4. When the weed is thick like that, you really only get a shot at the fish when the tide slows down before the change. Any other time you jig will be fowled up before it gets to the bottom.
  5. Uni knot, can tie it in the dark without looking.
  6. My gear lives in my buggy year round and I’ve never had any issues with it. I keep the same line on my reels multiple seasons too.
  7. Weed moves out the back bays on moon tides and out the inlets. Depending on winds it can either keep weed off shore or right on the beach. Pay close attention to the wind and pick your spots accordingly.
  8. Good picture pak they’re getting extra brave lately
  9. That’s cool what species did you breed? If you bred fish for a business then you should understand the importance of the nitrogen cycle.. I’m not saying your wrong, or that you weren’t successful at keeping killies alive. Just trying to help the op understand what goes into maintaining a aquarium. Salt and brackish is more involved to maintain then freshwater. If the op is just looking to barley keep bait alive then who cares. But in order to keep fish alive long term some basic aquarium knowledge is required.
  10. If they came from salt water then they should stay salt water. They probably will tolerate brackish water and be fine. Are these for bait or a wet pet? Either way to keep them alive you will need some research things like the “nitrogen cycle” and measuring salinity with a hydrometer to keep it consistent in your aquarium. As water evaporates from a aquarium salinity rises, fresh tap water will return salinity to the correct levels. You will need to test your water parameters regularly to make sure it’s safe. If you do those things you could keep any fish alive.
  11. A broken drag knob will cause a lack of drag. Over time eventually the metal inside the plastic drag knob starts to free spin and doesn’t let the drag get tight. At minimum I would service the drag. Pay attention to the order the drag stack comes apart, clean them up and re install. Your main bearing can be cleaned up too with wd-40 and some elbow grease working the old grime out of it.
  12. I’ve never used fire like on my old penns , but what I do use is 50 pound power pro the original. It’s a thicker line and doesn’t give you the wind knot issue that you get with the thinner braids. Do not use super slick or j braid as those lines can cause wind knots on your reel. As far as grease goes it’s your choice. I would take everything apart and clean it very good. Might not be a bad idea to get a new main bearing and upgrade that old nylon drag stack to the newer ht-100. For about $20 your reel will be brand new. Good luck that’s a great reel!
  13. You forgot to add rust.. That’s what I’m worried about. I won’t take my New grand on the beach after what it did to my xj.
  14. I’ve never heard of that stuff, sounds like it can’t be good to come in contact with your skin.. but I don’t like ticks either. It could be worth spraying the gear with it. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Winter is over.. so is the 100 pliers threads we have killed this off season. Go fishing.