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  1. Thanks for that Scoob. I'll give them a try. I run pline mono alot and I'm a fan so I'll give the halo a run when its time to re-up
  2. For the life of me I can't imagine why anyone would buy the leader material. $/ft there's no comparing the two.
  3. I had one I bought part of a used lot. It casts very well and subtle action. Which is not a bad thing hence needlefish success. Think about the fish you see suspended or slow moving... not much action out of them either. If I hadn't snapped mine on a cast I'd fish one with confidence.
  4. Have you tried out the invizx yet scoob?
  5. 20# Invizx and blue label are both listed at .405mm.
  6. Sudsy that was a tear jerker of a report.
  7. I've got a ugly stik and a 1300 ss in my trunk at all times. However I noticed some more wobbling than usual during last years shad run.
  8. I've been making a trip to the brewery once a week for this. Sadly I don't think they had enough leftover after I left today to make another trip. Luckily I made some contacts and will have a keg next year.
  9. Best bang for your buck invizx by seaguar all day.
  10. Still here for 2nds if it falls through
  11. Next in line for these
  12. Definitely interested do you know if it is spinning? I'm looking for one of those too.
  13. I plan on it on coming down sometime in August. I'll give you a more specific date today or tomorrow.