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  1. 3” tubes 4 bucktails loops bag is new No logo on the bag per request
  2. I’ve got a 2 tube ebb point any interest?
  3. Thank you for the offer but I’m gonna closest down for now
  4. Which lots
  5. Be got this one 35 shipped
  6. I just drop the lot to 45
  7. What are you looking at?
  8. 18grams thank you pm sent
  9. Soft plastics $30 shipped The Berkeley Bates or Arkansas shiner 6 inch fish similar to slug-go and they’re probably over 50 Bates in the bag Atom Jrs 11 in total $30shipped Minnow plugs $45 shipped sp, Bagley topguns, Maverick, redfins, Yozuri, rebel, bomber Albie lot $20 sold
  10. Wrong forum
  11. Looking for this jacket in good condition in looking for this jacket in good condition size xxxl or xxl
  12. Looking to buy this jacket in good condition in size Xxl or xxxl
  13. Sold to dustyn payment revives. Thanks
  14. Thanks pm sent
  15. The Donnie his new slim and Conrad light use $70 shipped Hanecak maple donny new googoo slim light use bm sloped Conrad light use