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  1. Thanks pm sent
  2. Yes pm sent
  3. Got to get 25 at 20 after shipping just not worth it. It’s Brand new never seen water
  4. Sure pm sent
  5. Thank you. Pm sent
  6. Sold thanks
  7. Yellow has a very light use the black is the new $45 shipped
  8. 55 shipped Conrad is new but was damaged in shipping there’s a crack in the epoxy the rest have light use
  9. Three pencils a Polaris and a stubby needle $55 shipped
  10. Thank you, pm sent
  11. I’d like to keep this together for now if I decide to split them up I’ll let you know
  12. I’ve Got a mackerel and a bone lightly used I’d trade for the magic swimmer
  13. Bottle on left and darter on right are gags the rest Gibbs all fishable condition $70 shipped
  14. Bm

  15. Bm

    Wanna keep these together for now got them priced lot accordingly. And that is a parrot darter