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  1. Redfins are all new In the beachmaster jrwas possibly carried but don’t remember fishing it, it’s in great condition. I’d trade the 4 for the grip studs and tool
  2. Thanks I’m sure I can accommodate if you can give me till tomorrow and I’ll send some photos
  3. How many redfins you want for them and any metal lips in particular?
  4. 45 shipped
  5. Thanks pm sent
  6. The ghost was brought out cast few times the others are new but have some slight Storage marks from being in a box
  7. 85 shipped
  8. I’ve got a couple hg loads Id sell will post pictures tomorrow
  9. Thanks I’ll take them
  10. 7 1/4” ?
  11. That’ll work thanks pm sent
  12. 2 and 4 if it’s 1 3/4 oz
  13. Two blacks are used the rest new $40 shipped
  14. Yellow and white are new herring and Mac light use $80 shipped
  15. I’ll grab these thanks