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  1. hi Eric -offer 140 ppff. still getting good use out of th chrome rocket w the green spool/handle. Also getting good use of the sealinetiberon /grandwave 40/50. thanks for considering. ted
  2. yours-wasnt as quick of a sell as I thought-ill make it 130 pp. sending pm
  3. thx -thats what im thinking-get it done at 1/2 the price.
  4. any thoughts? walking the beach for specks......
  5. any preferred colors of the nlbn ? using nlbn heads?
  6. this trip could really kick off a whole why you need a beach buggy thing. do it. you don't know it but your in what we call 2wd hell!!!
  7. hell yeah id rent a 4x4! cruising the beach is a joy in itself. you'll cover way more ground. if the fishing is off you'll still have had a great 4x4 adventure. cruise out to Oregon inlet/ go to lighthouse and the point/ hit ramp 55 in hatteras. these are great 4x4 trips you won't forget. saw your other post with the plugs and the red- sweet.
  8. never buy a sixer of good beer=buy case keystone light and spread em out never sit on top of a picnic table never honk your horn all good!
  9. op says favorite. I gotta say the rod that comes w the ll bean spin/fly combo.......so many fish in so many places ......
  10. im usually in pretty shallow water-you may want to look at reels w fast line retrieves
  11. got a Lexa 300cc and an accurist. I really like the flipping switch with/bar on the accurist -dang small and light-and easy power handle from j&h. that said I usually reach for my akios and Abus - it might be the chrome.....
  12. Dang cool but I’m letting go. Bought from another member. 150 bucks pp shipped Used but good shape and functional. Thanks for looking. Ted
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