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  1. daiwa ballistic 3000 sent in w receipt less than a year old. reel in excellent condition but had a sticky spot when reeling. was fine all last season - I believe I damaged it in transit somehow but really don't know. reel sent to daiwa and returned in less than 3 weeks in perfect working order. said main shaft replaced. id say excellent service. thanks daiwa.
  2. I believe its navarette kayak fishing. they sell a riser kit for hobies for about 30 bucks. I think its 1.5 inches
  3. livin' the dream!
  4. gt ice cream skinny
  5. whoa!she is a beauty! the green......
  6. check out the Carolina cast pro otw spike. sounds like you need a spike you can trust buy a pair
  7. thanks Eric- at 250 I have to pass..... thx for reply. if anyone is on the fence about Erics Reels they are seriously better than new.
  8. hi Eric-i got the green chrome rocket off stoked on the how much for the two reels shipped to obx ? moneys tight but I gotta ask!
  9. Cool thread… in general shad news they are thick at Carolina piers now…I occasionally target them- when speckled trout and reds are scarce - but really know little of the fishery. After seeing these spoons I’m thinking me using micro jigs and mini Hopkins w treble is a crap way to do things… tbyrd- any chance you wanna sell me a few of those steal your face ones? Shops here have little except darts…the jig in pic is a major raft jigpara- I’m gonna loose the treble and go w the single only- I’ll do a search but is there a thread I should read in particular about this fishery?
  10. steal your spoons! one of the few that fish for shad on the obx....great fun -glad I saw this thread.
  11. right on ! thanks for sharing. excellent!
  12. phenix feather.....
  13. keep your eye out for se wind at that time....thats when the point gets stacked with big drum
  14. local call them mayans......easy to catch with just bread balls.....
  15. any tips? best tackle? I've seen corvina caught in an area I frequent..... as a southeast (nc, ga, fla) angler I have loads of speckled trout gear ....the locals seem to fish similar jigs but I'm not so sure ......the area is close to a river mouth and has surf at times. thx for any info..... gulps? fishbites on the bottom?