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  1. im liking Rafael plan.... roll into Jansens shop...drop some coin on lures there and maybe a rod and prob walk away w a lot good intel..... here and there I travel to fly fish in areas I never been so I drop in a couple shops along the way buy a doz flys they recommend and usually walk away w local knowledge ....
  2. sweet setup!
  3. always shoot a piglet. that way u just use the weber.....
  4. get a few Roberts rangers whistlers......they fly.....and under 3 oz. also gt ice cream skinny.
  5. 1st conventional....1st trip w rod. id use it at least 3 trips before I cut anything......have u set it in a sand spike? lot to say for stock...the folks at penn do plenty r and d. take it to a shop and ask someone w rod building to look at you and the rod to see if anything is grossly out of whack. inre the reel seat and ur arm length ....
  6. corolla is a great place to fish for flounder
  7. I see my trailer as my boats get a new one...even if you do a great job rebuilding the old one it wont really increase the value of your set up..where u say 2019 trailer in the future if you sell it will more than make up the price difference...imho.
  8. similar. spin 2500ll w a tsunami 7 6 3pc travel rod. 3/8 jighead and a gulp. done.
  9. be prepared. b comfortable throwing 12ft rod. preferably conventional. load w 17 lb mono. attach 8 oz sinker at home imagine ur on the pier and u got a 12x12 area to cast.practice till u know u won't screw up. when u get to pier the end is where ur going. there is typically a yellow line that folks stand behind so you can cast safely. often there will b a regulator of watch for a minute, slam a beer , walk up , announce ur gonna cast, and bust that cast u been practicing ....... now the easy part....drink more beer until ur rod goes off.
  10. how about a bnib bg 8000 never spooled and a never fished long cast daiwa emcast plus 5000a w fresh hi vis braid?I bought these specifically for lc and rooster fishing arms telling me to slow things down a bit.....if you search emcast plus 5000a here hpd high plains drifter gives some good feedback on this reel.
  11. offer 80 shipped to the obx ...pp or however...thx for considering
  12. no
  13. 3 - 4 oz.....although I'm trying to downsize a bit and may just get whistlers....they fly!
  14. thx for the replies.....I have a stradic 5000...and have really been babying it for too long...used on pier and boat mainly....its time for her to see some sand.... thx again.
  15. looks like slammer 3 6500 , saltist 5000 , and bg 5000 may b best bets.