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  1. anyone fished them both?
  2. 300h cc hardly used. I may have the box. 30 lb j braid looks new. Paddle handle. The avet would prob suit me better as I got a boat. Reel never seen sand Like new.
  3. just a couple ....some Ocracoke and a 60 and 80 off Avon a few days ago....getting off to a late start....
  4. id look at daiwa ballistic lt 4000.....
  5. hmmm. id take it to a shop that does reel repair and ask for their opinion. also as mentioned earlier the medallions are different looking than greenies....
  6. maybe set up a rubbermaid tote as a run tank and bring a few gallons of water to add each time.....
  7. got old school brown avid 8ft conventional .......sweet. if I were in your shoes id look at the new avid trek 3 pc models. in the medium it would be a sweet one rod does it all.....w a travel tube and 15 year warrantee ...your in college the world is your oyster
  8. I like 8ft rod to reach pilings from boat.... w a conventional reel.
  9. a high end moderate rod will get you distance......and with age lures great on that kinda rod bc easy on your shoulders
  10. not really. if anything with a fast action rod you will find yourself slinging bait off the hook....esp delicate live bait
  11. sounds good. pm coming
  12. with all these 30 yr old "kids" living w mom and dad......I think they should lose right to vote, drink, drive etc until they can be adult enough to move out. much less get any rights earlier.
  13. thx for considering but I'm gonna pass.
  14. offer 50 for the 4 bull pops