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  1. How about this pair of Daiwa encase plus 5000a long cast reels? They are in ec On has braid and one mono. These reels were highly rated by hpd high plains drifter for distance casting for roosters. Hardly used except for distance casting paired w 12 ft century for occasional winter recreation. Good working order hardly any signs of use.
  2. iron will fit a kryptonite bike lock thru the rim
  3. if you can chain thru tires and the ball type lock . most thieves will get nervous w multiple deterants
  4. any thing ur looking for in general? i.e. 500o size spinners, slosh 30, ?
  5. any trades?
  6. sounds good. pm me PayPal or however you wanna be paid. thx
  7. wtf! partnering w merc? total death wish. rip heaven rude.
  8. kitty hawk nc 27949. east coast.
  9. heavenrude
  10. offer 165 shipped to obx
  11. agreed the va gov is way out of control
  12. nova sux. dc sux. va would do well w out them. and f their money. agreed Wayland. like the pa outdoor show....outdoor? please. bunch of wanna be paramilitary tools dressed up w berets. wish the outdoor /sportsman base would get some decent representation ....the nra and its money grubbing gun industry is a real turnoff. I believe all high school grads should be required to take firearm class and walk with a rifle. every home should have shotgun as a tool. and these fools that dress up to look like storm troopers would be better off dressing up and going to discos. plastic is for dildos ,wood is for stocks. the gun industry has lost a lot of class ....
  13. I'm another tica fan....