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  1. Price drop $60 shipped
  2. $15 - shipped Metal lip swimmer or less than lethal self-defense plug? I've thrown [lobbed] these out a couple times, I thought it was going to destroy my rod. I did have one memorable night with the short one, schoolies were hitting it 5-6 times each cast. They were too small to get hooked, it was wild. Probably better use would be a boat plug, finish came out wrinkled. Made using a salty's kit. Hooks are 6x VMC, rings are 3x.
  3. Some more advice, try using different colored thread that matches the pattern. White or Chartreuse (left) and pink or white (right).
  4. All great info above. I'll add: I seem to remember different epoxies have various issues with sunlight and discolor more or less quickly. You may be temped to tie a bunch but keep the UV issue in mind. Also if you're handy you can get a cheap motor off ebay and build a dryer that will help even out the body shape. Take a pic of your progress than strip the fly back down to the hook and start over. Don't do one a night, try to build muscle memory spending extra time doing a few. Also take a look at youtube vids on commercial tying. This will give you insight into streamlining your process when you decided to build 12, 24, or more.
  5. All good suggestions above, I'll add that if you can find a good quality used vise it will be a big help. Many of the beginner kits have jaws or mechanisms that don't handle larger saltwater hooks very well. Check out the renzetti traveler and the knock-offs (check reviews etc). I got a renzetti traveler 25 years ago and it still works great.
  6. $75 shipped, these are expensive to ship. If you're local to Newport Ri, let me know and you can pickup and save. Size 41-41 or 7-8 Sizing is weird with these, but for reference I wear a 10 mens typically and they fit nicely with a 3mm neoprene bootie. I could stuff a 5mm bootie in there but it was a little too tight. Great fins for starting out freediving and spearfishing. Very durable plastic. Much more powerful than the shorter snorkeling fins: Here's some of what the Mares says: DESIGNED TO BE WORN WITH A 3MM NEOPRENE SOCK PERFORMANCE ENGINEERED FOOT POCKET DELIVERS PERFECT POWER TRANSMISSION FROM FOOT TO BLADE V-TIP TO PREVENT SLIPPING FROM SIDE TO SIDE WHILE KICKING
  7. $75 shipped (these are pricey to ship) if you're near newport ri for pickup, lets me know and I can deduct. Excellent fins for snorkeling, diving, skishing or backup fins for the ambitious wetsuit surfcaster. These are scratched but the mechanism and straps work fin. Minimal use swimming out to hard to reach boulders and then removed and stowed. Spent $190 new for these. If you need a dive boot let me know I am a 10 and have an excellent boot for these. Here's what the manufacturer says about these. Mares X-Stream Fin Designed for the diver who wants the perfect blend of power along with efficiency in one fin,the fins comes equipped with a large central super-channel along with two traditional lateral channels that provides excellent thrust while maintaining hi-efficiency and minimizing leg fatigue. Available in multiple colors and sizes, it comes with a limited warranty of 24 months. X-stream Comfort, X-ceptional Efficiency. The X-stream performance, comfort and lightweight design are the incredible result of sixty passionate years at the service of diving. The X-stream is truly a leap into the future, and changes forever how we envision the creation of a fin. More than 2 years of resources, experiments and testing and four Mares patents all concentrated in one unique product. • Riddled foot pocket no parachute effect • Next generation OPB • Blade construction for less turbulence
  8. sounds good, you have my info
  9. Price drop $40 shipped
  10. Qty 20, 3/4 oz black epoxy dipped Qty 19. 3/4 oz lead finish Qty 2, 1 oz black epoxy dipped Qty 1, 1 1/4 oz lead finish
  11. Whole lot $60 shipped PLEASE DO NOT assume that the qtys on the labels are how many pieces are in each bag. Some bags are fuller than others. However i did count the tactical angler 75# clips and there are at least 43. Most items are brand-new however I have discounted the entire lots based on reduced quantities and then discounted at least 50% off what I paid. These area all of the hooks that I would swap out the 1x junk some manufacturers use. Some of the hooks have been sharpened in the trokar style, some haven't. The yellow packs are siwash hooks with open eyes, except the 6/0 CL those are closed eye. These are triple hoop split rings Note the overall photo show the entire lot up for sale shipped. The following images just show detail of the main lot.
  12. $20 shipped Qtys on the bags are not how many pieces are in each bag. See qtys below: Qty 20, 3/4 oz black epoxy dipped Qty 19. 3/4 oz lead finish Qty 2, 1 oz black epoxy dipped Qty 1, 1 1/4 oz lead finish The kalin-style swim lead heads, one bag has been epoxy dipped, one bag hasn't.