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  1. made it out the past two nights with no success on stripers. First spot yielded about ten small channels cats and second spot where I did not stay for long 5 white perch (I think?) surprised the little suckers could inhale a 7/0 circle with a big ol jumbo bloodworm. Have two more days here, off to try some new spots tomorrow.
  2. We'll I am officially in wilmington and went out after stripers for my first time last night. Ended up with a bunch of channel cats instead hahah. Guess it is better than getting skunked but they ate about a dozen bloodworms! Was in the new castle area. Thinking about heading a bit further south tonight. If any one is headed out and would like to meet up let me know. By the way what time during the tides do you like to fish? I need to check out the schedule. Have not looked at it yet.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by xdss I have a 3500 for fluke and specks. I throw quite a bit of small buck tails and mirrolures on it. IMO it's a nice reel for the money. Haven't had any problems so far. Drag is smooth, I hooked into god know what a few times and got spooled fast! it still runs smooth and it has taken quite a few splash's. IMO I'd go with the 5500 just to be safe if you plan on getting into bigger fish. As far as the 4500 goes, If your just plugging I'd go without the LL version to save a little weight. This reel will be strictly for bait. Appreciate the input
  4. Title says it all. I am looking for a bit bigger baitfeeder reel but not looking to go huge. A local shop has the 4500ll in and it looked pretty sweet. Looking to target flatheads and stipers/good size ocean fish with it. Anyone have any opinions on the reel or suggest anything else? What is the biggest fish you think the reel could comfortably handle? The 25lbs of drag sounded pretty sweet for the size of the reel. Decent line capacity too.
  5. I just got the approval to drive out to training. This opens up a whole new can of worms... Can anyone recommend some baits shops in the area to go to? Probably gonna bring a baitfeeder on my heavy travel rod and cross my finger.
  6. +plus one on the storm. I have beat the crap out of one for the past few year and I am pretty hard on my equipment. Great for the price and decently bright. I have a couple buddies who use zebra light headlamps and like them. The zebra lights are really bright like the one in the thread... might have to check this one out looks pretty solid.
  7. the gulp shrimp that is
  8. I use the 3" new penny for reds and flounder down in florida. Will catch tons of other fish too. I put it on a normal jig head or weedless worm hook like i am pitching for largemouth.
  9. I'm in. Some really sweet offerings. Thanks.
  10. I'm in! Thanks.
  11. Catch and release. Good stuff
  12. I'm not sure it was fond of me moving it from the road where it was sunning haha. They are generally pretty chill. This big momma was just stubborn.
  13. Yewwwwwww count me in!! Would be perfect for my trip to Costa Rica.