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  1. I am heading to Ft. Myers next week and will be taking a trip on the Capt. Tony's. Its a party boat in Ft Myers a short drive from Naples I believe. I will let you know how it goes.
  2. I grew up fishing in the long island sound and loved every minute of it, I have so many great memories trying to catch the biggest fish of the day, trying to out do my big brother. Unfortunately for me I haven't really fished in years as freshwater fishing in my area never really interested me. In a few months I will be moving to south west Florida and I have never been so excited to start fishing as I am now. For me the best part about it will be sharing many more epic fish battles with my family.
  3. Thanks BridgeTender, I think I might take a trip with Capt. Tony's seems like they catch a bunch of fish so should be fun I am moving to the area soon and am getting very excited about all the fishing prospects.
  4. I agree, you definitely can't take a politicians word on anything as they do not have anybody's best interests in mind, how ever you should take a common sense approach to all things that can be done day to day to help the situation. The Earth will do what the Earth will do regardless of our species.
  5. I will be going to Ft. Myers next week, what type of fishing can I expect? And does anyone have any suggestions for an offshore charter? Thanks
  6. If you are still trying, most newer/larger auto repair facility's can handle them. The tire machine in our shop can handle down to a 10" tire and we do quite a few small tires. Most of the time the local/smaller garages don't invest 15k into a tire machines.
  7. The Liberty or really the 3.7 liter is one of the worst engines made by any manufacturer, I replace 3.7 liter heads and valves all the time. A very poor design with many cooling problems and carbon issues. I would definitely stay away from those and look for a Toyota.
  8. Unfortunately, this would not be covered under a lemon law as it has not been repaired before. This however a very serious safety issue and I am surprised major lawsuits have not been filed.
  9. From the album Avatars

  10. From the album Avatars