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  1. Good to know I will look into that.
  2. Is that so? Do you know anywhere that sells just the top, I am interested in doing that.
  3. I would be Interested in that
  4. Let’s say you want to throw a 1oz shad style lure, are you reaching for a built in style such as a storm or a jig head and soft plastic you can put on yourself?
  5. Is there anywhere you can go where the wind will be in your face?
  6. How many of you use diamond jigs plain without the trailer tubes?
  7. What is the theory with the mojo surf spinning guides? When I saw the largest guide near the bottom it is upside down compared to the others and they are fairly small. What is this supposed to accomplish?
  8. When you get to your fishing spot and can only take 1 rod with you, what makes you decide what length you take with you?
  9. With what as a trailer?
  10. I have been using a 10' st croix surf rod for about 20 years now, it is not very heavy at around 12 ounces and still in good shape. Will spending $200+ on a new 10 foot rod really give me a noticeable advantage in anyway?
  11. I was thinking about giving those a try only synthetic I’ve tried so far is otter tails
  12. Check out the St Croix triumph, I have the 9’ but the 10’ has the specs you want
  13. What are you tipping it with?
  14. What length you looking for?