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  1. That sounds awesome. Did he start you off on the double and snap-t? I thought those were easier than the single which I am in no way good at, but they are static versus dynamic. I got a group lesson with Dec Hogan and it was fantastic. Lessons are totally worth it.
  2. Some really good advice. I like the another one bites the dust approach and I'm looking forward to trying some recommendations on the bass in the pond at my office. I would love to hear other advice people have. Thanks everyone!
  3. Alutecnos sold to Ivan. Thanks SOL and Ivan!
  4. I appreciate the offer, but am not looking to drop the price.
  5. Just listed a Sage Salt 1386-4
  6. Totally agreed on stripping it to your feet, Slip. I like the current idea Stu. Fishin, the bass in the pond I fish have gotten smart from too much catch and release. I guess I still get to practice my casting. Lineside, what do you mean? I'm not familiar with the saying. Anyone have advice on redfish, snook, tarpon, permit, flounder? I'm liking the feedback thus far, thanks all.
  7. Doing some house cleaning and making some room. Shipping is in CONUS. 1) Edge by Loomis 1290-4. Lawn cast but essentially new. Comes with sock and tube. $300 shipped. 2) Sage Salt 1386-4. Lawn cast but like new. Comes with tube but not the original sock. $430 shipped. 3) Nautilus CCF 8 with spare spool. Spool has a small ding but doesn't rub. Both come with cases. I'm keeping the lines but backing will be included. $325 shipped. 4) Wetfly Kirtimati 11-15 weight. New in box with schematic. $130 shipped. 5) Lamson Center Axis 8 weight. Great condition I used it once or twice, but have too many 8s. Comes with case and backing, but I'm keeping the line. $450 shipped. 6) Alutecnos 10 weight reel. Great condition just don't need it. Comes with case and schematic. $140 shipped.
  8. Last bump on last two lots for $90
  9. I searched and did not see a thread with this theme. I'm sure there will be some outstanding jokes also so win-win. What I'm hoping we can help all users with (and me particularly) is what is a very important part of the sport that is often overlooked. So you're holding the pole, now how do you strip? In other words you've just made that perfect cast that you've practiced for 40 hours. Now what the hell do you do with the fly. I'm hoping for fish species, presentation, conditions if that's important, length of strip, pattern, etc. I'll give some of my limited advice. Largemouth bass with a top water fly, thwack it down and let it sit until you can't stand it anymore, give it a short sharp strip and let it sit again until you can't stand it, then I usually retrieve with short 3-4" strips all the way in. (Caveat: if you are sight fishing then you can watch their behavior and sometimes have better luck by keeping it moving.) Bonefish (the two I have caught at least), softer presentation, very small strips (1") and let it sit, you'll see them move to it if you watch close and they see it then hold on tight.
  10. That no.3 is a great reel at a great price. Really trying to talk myself into it...
  11. One box Tim, Two-sided.
  12. 2&3 for sure. 1&4 are SPF. I would do $90 for the pair (2&3). Thanks Tim.
  13. I'll do that. PM sent.
  14. I can do that. PM coming.