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  1. Almost got a flush there!
  2. Can you post some pictures? I'm interested.
  3. Those are beautiful! Great deal.
  4. 100 is a lot, any interest in sets of 25 flies for $16 shipped
  5. Closing
  6. You are safe on the Opal since they still make it. You'd only be out about $65 for a section. Mostly just an issue with older rods, but not awesome.
  7. Honestly I don't know exactly what happened. I bought it used about 2 weeks ago and this was my second time casting it. I was casting in the pond at my office and on my forward cast the top section just broke and traveled up the line a little ways. No loud crack or apparent impact with the fly. Don't know if maybe my leader got tangled in the grass? I called Beulah and he didn't think they had any replacement sections for the older model. I think I understood they would offer a new one at 40% off, but that's still over $400 for the Opal plus the money I had into this one, plus shipping there and back. A bit of a tough pill to swallow, but who knows if someone out there has a section, fingers crossed. I'll probably just take it as a lesson and stick to brands with a longer track record, looser warranty, and more long term support for their rods. $65 for a section I could swallow, but almost 7x that is rough.
  8. I broke the tip on my Beulah Surf 9/10 fly rod. It sounds like Beulah no longer has replacement parts. This means they might give me a discount on a new Opal, but at a significant cost. Does anyone happen to have a spare they would sell, or a whole rod they'd let go for a reasonable price? Thanks. Scott
  9. Appreciate the offer, but I'm just a fly fisher and have more rods than I need.
  10. I'll pass but I hope you can find one and tight lines!
  11. Sounds good, what's your budget? I might be open to negotiation.
  12. I have a 7/8 in great shape. I would be looking for about $415 shipped.
  13. While it's a dream vise that's more than I can swing. Thanks.
  14. What's your price for the vise? Thanks.
  15. I think he meant stainless based on a previous post