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  1. Hi Tim, I agree 14 hours is long enough to wait, but I stated "I'm interested if the first falls through." It happens. Thanks for running a great site though. Honestly the rules here are the best of any site I've bought off of. Scott
  2. I'd offer $30 shipped for the trout spey and running line. I could use it on a light spey rod I have.
  3. I had said I would take it after the first offer
  4. I've got second dibs after Anton above
  5. Those crabs are legit! Where are they from? I'm interested if the first falls through.
  6. Back to the top. Hasn't seen any more use. I'm sure someone needs this. $105 shipped.
  7. Bump to $105
  8. Price drop to $14 on the first lot without the box. Price drop on the second lot to $42 without the box.
  9. Sold
  10. Bump to $110 shipped.
  11. Fish on, pm sent.
  12. Sling is definitely a better choice with a basket. That's what I usually use.
  13. I think you could comfortably carry an extra spool, water bottle, a couple medium sized fly boxes, and some tippet spools. I'll post dimensions when I get home this evening.
  14. Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack great shape. Completely waterproof TiZip with shoulder strap. $115 shipped.
  15. 1) Fly box with large flies. Hand tied, not by me. 4 are articulated, one not. $18 shipped. 2) Waterproof fly box with a variety of saltwater flies (25). Most are in great shape, some with some wear but fully functional. Largest is about 8" long and a big bluewater fly, probably 8/0. Also a couple tubes. $50 shipped.