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  1. George is my Brother in Law, a happy go lucky guy. He always reminded me of the kids story of The Pied Piper, He loved all of his neices and nephews very much and they really loved him too. He thought nothing of driving from Dorchester to Carver to take four of my grandkids out to lunch. I have many good memories of George, in his younger years he liked to work on cars and I being a mechanic was his information center. He would often call me for assistance with one of his projects and I would make the trip to Dorchester to work with him and had fun doing it with him. I will miss him and his humor very much. REST IN PEACE GEORGE. I BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HEAVEN FOR YOU TO BE WITH BOBBY AND MATT.
  2. Purplenoon, I use bulk auto radiator hose which can be purchased at local auto parts stores. If you can bring a sample of the size that your tubing is and pick a size that is tight or as has been suggested and use clamps to secure it. Ypu can also cut slots in the top of them for your spinning rods to keep them from turning in the tube. Good luck, Stripped Gear aka Bob
  3. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer SLS. I am looking for a front cooler rack receiver to accomodate my 120 quart cooler which has 3 rod holders on each side. My previous 94 explorer receiver will not fit my present vehicle. This receiver was built by someone more talanted than I am. Any information regarding this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Strippedgear, aka Bob
  4. Hi Karl K, No need to look for his # I think I know where you are talking about. Thank you for your efforts. Stripped Gear
  5. Hi Tim, Thanks a lot, everything worked out fine. Stripped Gear, aka Bob
  6. Karl F, Thanks for the information Could you send me a pm with the location of this welder in Lakeville? Thanks Tim may be changing my user name back to my original user name Stripped Gear. ( just in case there is a problem getting my e-mail address)
  7. Hi Tim, Thanks for the option, I will change the name back to the original user name. Stripped Gear.
  8. Hi Tim, My original name was Stripped Gear on 9/27/2000, It somehow evolved into Strippedgear on 3/35/2002. Thanks for asking
  9. Several years ago on one of the cape beaches I aired down to 15 pounds on my 94 Ford Explorer, put it in 4 wheel high as I normally do and headed down to the beach. While driving to my spot I hit a soft spot and the truck bogged down. The first thing that I tried to do was back out of it in reverse because the gear ratio is lower in reverse but I still could not pull out so fishing pal gets out to see what was going on and he tells me that my front wheels are not moving so I tried re-engaging the 4 wheel drive into high and then low but nothing was moving. I cleared an area under the truck and had my freind active the low and high buttons but the electric motor that engages the tranfer case was not working. What a bummer to say the least. I was very fortunate that my nephew was fishing the same beach and after we had finished fishing and we were ready to go home he was able to tow me off the beach with the equiptment that we are required to have in the truck. The replacement motor for the four wheel drive looks a lot like a windsheild wiper motor. Tight lines, Strippedgear aka BOb
  10. I just got word this morning that Angler (Carl) has been transfered to Cape Heritage Nursing Home/Rehab Facility. I do not know any details at this point but I assume it has to do with the compression fracture that he has in one of the vertibrae. I am told that the facility is located in the vacinty of the Stop and Shop that is near the Canal. If any further information becomes available I will repost it. Strippedgear aka Bob
  11. Hi Bob, I got your pm. Check your pm's for my message. Strippedgear
  12. I too enjoyed having breakfast with some of the guys. It was a pleasure meeting Skitterpop. Backbeachjake, Newcaster, L-dog, Montyfishing. I have met Tagger before, Angler1 I have known and fished with for many years and it is always a learnig experience talking with Stan Kuzia. Loking at all the awesome plugs that were made by some very skilled people that Skitter brought with him was enough to make me want some of them. Tight lines to ya, Strippedgear,aka Bob
  13. Joe G, What did you do to deserve all this attention? I just want to know so that I don't make the same mistake and suffer the same consequences as you. Strippedgear
  14. Hi Skitterpop, I have not been to a get together since a couple of guys were getting together at the local DD's. It's time to see some of the people That I read about on the site. See you there.
  15. Angler #1, Except for an occasional trip to the canal in my teen years I didn't really start to fish there until I got out of the service in 1959. That was a time before the regulation of the herring run. A time when most people built a wood frame herring cage covered with hardware wire, a time when we could get as many herring as we needed right at the entrance to the run and with a rope attached to it we would float it to the area where we wanted to fish. A lot of guys at that time also walked the herring along the canal of course there were less people fishing then. Then my family started to increase in number and I found that I had to work 2 jobs so that my wife could stay home and raise the kids. Needless to say it put a giant kink in my fishing time for quite a few years. However, now that I am retired I have the rest of my life to fish there. Strippedgear aka Bob
  16. Angler #1, I totaled up the numbers and they equal 58. Now I have known you since 1956 and I fished a lot with you for a lot of years in South Boston and the South Shore. I also remember a lot of stories that your sister has told me about you and your exploits in the salt and since I have lived with her for the past 46 years I tend to believe her. So having said that my guess would be your IQ. Naw only kidding! I think that it is probably the number of years that you have fished the Cape Cod Canal. Nowing that you are AN OLD FART that must be what the number 58 Means.
  17. Hey Angler#1, I have been following this story with great interest by the writings of all concerned. One thing really puzzles me, in your 5 posts you give a warning for the faint of heart because the details are to be graphic. But you started at the age of 16 and then went to age 15 and then 14 and then 13. Why did you reduce the age by one year on 4 of the posts and not the final one? Just wondering Strippedgear
  18. Hi all, I built a Rainshadow SWS 540 this winter, it is 7'8" built for spinning. I am looking at a Tica Camry model GP 3500 and am not familiar with the Tica name. I would like to keep the cost under $100. and the weight lite. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks, Bob aka Strippedgear
  19. Hi Guys, Jeffsod, thanks for the info on the Diawa but it sounds too pricy for my budget. Steve K, Its good to hear some input about your year of use and how well you like it and how little rust there was inside. TimS, thanks for making me aware that the Tica Libra is a better deal than the Camry. I am ordering it tonight. Again guys, thank you for the information. Strippedgear,
  20. Hey Tim, Thank you for the help with my logging in problem. Strippedgear, aka Bob
  21. ChrisL, Check your PM's
  22. Stroth, check your pm's for Angler1 info
  23. Big Country, THANK YOU. Tight lines to ya.
  24. Big Country, Please empty your PM's so I can send mine! Thanks
  25. Hi All, I caught a 43" fish last fall that only weighed 26#s. My fishing pal standing next to me caught a 42" fish that weighed 36#s. So go figure, there are no true formulas to judge the weight of fish today especially with the lack of a lot of baitfish that I have noticed this year. Tight lines to You all,