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  1. So started lessons yesterday , being shown 1st hand , conceptually and with practical application, & with the little things to look out for and to practice was huge . Also being shown the characteristics of my set up, and doing what it was built to do was also great. Very professional dude, an entire course laid out for different things to work on and to tangibly see was great. then caught my first few fish last night with what was learned. fun stuff .
  2. Thank you. That must be great to see
  3. Do you need high tide in the marshes for success, or is it time of day and temperature . I live on Long Island, with plenty of back bay marshes, does anyone know if cinder hatches occur here, i've never seen one or know what to look for. What do you look for ?
  4. onthefly...At this point i want to learn correctly...as you said distant and added techniques will be achieved and will come with help from others in time , too much inconsistency now . "Fish spots that you can cast to fish and catch"...yep,agreed .
  5. Mike O & Numbskull , i do agree with both of you , it is a bad idea to learn at this point while alone without an instructor. I won't improve in terms of a repeatable correct technique. Furthermore , i must admit, i'm not even sure what i'm actually doing resembles fishing, which is actually more upsetting to me since i value correct technique and skill very highly . However, once i do take a lesson and practice what's been taught, it's impossible not to get in the game and fish...the fishing obsession/addiction is way to strong.
  6. I agree 100%....and fish as much as possible. especially now.
  7. I've had to duck a few times...its all fun. Going out tomorrow ...fishing the incoming.
  8. thank you so much....very kind. unfortunately don't get to NJ much , on long island.
  9. General question-i'm able to shoot all line i stripped off the reel , 30-35' ft or so. Should i strip off more and let it lay in my basket to achieve a greater distance ?
  10. Great discussion , thanks for all the help & advice. Rio Quickshooter XP- head length is 32' (clear) , running line (light purple) 68'...the head shoots through nice + 5-10 ' of the running line. last night everything i had stripped went through the guides nicely.
  11. Rio Quickshooter XP- head length is 32' (clear) , then the running line (light purple) ...last night the head shot through nicely + 5' of the running line. Tweaked my technique after watching a Lefty Kreh video on the 4 principles of fly casting, helping to understand mechanics , no doubt feeling the load, its a journey.
  12. Agreed on awful releasing techniques, fish are kept out of the water way to long trying to unhook because of the use of treble hooks, photos, etc...and the killer for me is watching fisherman actually kicking the fish back into the surf, its painful to watch. And what would happen if we walked up to the person kicking the fish back into the water....i could only imagine what that would lead to.
  13. I feel the rod load for sure , and am comfortable and and somewhat accurate at 30'. But that doesn't mean my mechanics at this point will get me beyond the 30' . Thats where hands on guidance i think is needed, which i will find.
  14. I think my original question is flawed and pre-mature . I'm equating the achievement of distance with as a measure of success and accomplishment. Your suggestion of learning correctly is the way to go , and great advice too, and the rest will come. Until then i'll do my best , and hopefully something eats my fly.
  15. How far does the average fly fisherman cast ?