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  1. That’s so funny I tried that this morning and tested it and your right it worked this one broke to the left and to the right … a couple of wraps of a 3/4 “ Congo hair brush then saddle hackle on each shank and the head. I also trimmed the brush to a small cone after tying it in i attached photo , it’s still wet so it’s messy… zoom in it can be seen
  2. You can see the small chenille thread bump if u zoom in. I think that helped give the feattt gf Ed collar some lift
  3. Thank you ...the science behind it is very cool stuff. I also tied and swam a feather changer today . What a difference it was . I'm sure many on this thread have seen this fly swim before , but heres what i got Swim Notes-Overall more like a swim bait than a Jerk bait -Casted way better than the SF blend GC, very light due to materials -Overall a very wiggly action produced w/o much effort at all ,with a single handed or double handed strip -very nice tail action- (small bump and 3 feather tips) -Big Surprise here-DID NOT get much of a swing left or right at he shoulders .... when i paused the strip .... -Also ,did not nose dive like the SF blend, less weight i suppose -suspended nicely when paused which was very cool to see. Construction -4 1/2 " fly, 5 shanks -For each shank, i wrapped a" small bump " of small chenille to support the collar of palmered saddle hackle. Nothing else. (Did not have the medium chenille so i used the small stuff) -The hook-Single 2/0 SC15 , which had the small bump, the collar, then a small amount of Congo hair , then finished with a saddle hackle collar as a vail. Very little material used overall.
  4. So i tested this SF Blend changer in a dock area yesterday, quite honestly i'm not really sure what the action should be, hoping for a wiggle from the shoulders on back....but heres what i got, using a 9' 9 wt soft fast action tip , intermediate line testing in saltwater , no current. -on a single handed hard strip no big wiggle at the shoulders, or snake like movement, but nice vibration towards the tail -at the pause of the strip, it kicked very nicely to the side at the shoulders, like a jerk bait, gave a nice profile, slight roll, but then came back -on consecutive strips it kicked to both sides, the tail reacted with a nice swing, i would say that action was good, again like a jerk bait, like an injured bait fish -on the pause it rolled slightly then it keeled back , then it began to sink nose down , but jerked up very nicely on the next strip with nice movement -on a 2 handed continuous strip NOT much action, it went straight , other than the tail, but the profile looked good and , on the pause it kicked to the side. the action is on the pause --Id be interested in hearing about thoughts on what rod size & tip action people have used to good action on these flys -Fly notes- SF slinky fiber with flash blend added ,4 1/2 " in length, 1" head tied on the hook, 5 shanks, weight is 3 grams. -my thoughts are that every change rod action , line , materials, density of materials , and so on will yield different results
  5. Thank you...tying the SF material as you do without it being a brush is very appealing to me, as the fly tier can choose various other materials as a collar over the support material . Tying it in Hi-Tie style is also a great way to use all the material that is brushed out of the brushes we make.
  6. Sauve ... I'm curious on what you think of the action of your GC when using SF Blend... i tied one this morning with a SF blend/ Slinky fiber brush i made , haven't been able to swim it yet to test it..
  7. I am tying my own brushes. Not sure of the brush density that works yet. I’ll read through the thread as suggested.
  8. Thank you for posting this ...i'm new to tying Gamechangers and i'm looking for advice on using the Kanekolon & Congo hair brushes , i also have some slinky fiber i can add. ...What ratio do you use of the 2 or 3 materials to achieve a 5'' traditional swimming GC. I'm assuming your making your own brushes, what size brushes would you build for a 5" pattern . i've made 1 GC so far with only the Kanekolon (Wig Hair) and it didn't swim well at all...other than the tail it swam straight
  9. Great thread...i'm new to this thread and going to make my 2nd GC , my 1st attempt with Kanekalon (Wig Hair) swam straight , and rolled on its side , the tail flipped around just ok .... Question is there a post here on using Kanekolon wig hair and possibly congo hair....trying to use these fibers 1st as i'm just earning to ty them .
  10. Yes his patterns are great...have yet to use the Striper Dragons i tied this winter....very excited to use them in the back bays and the surf
  11. the reason i ask...is that the diameter on the head , where the loop is less than the diameter 4 or 5 ' above the loop.
  12. Cary..i'm going to follow your leader design for my Air Flo 9W intermediate... your set up is for a 10W..i don't own a micrometer ..do you know if the 9W line specs match the 10W ?
  13. In terms of line , i recently switched to an intermediate line to use from my Kayak in the marshes and harbors, i have yet to try it out but am looking forward to using it with the crease flies this spring.
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