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  1. Inspiration to us all! Good luck in your treatments and look forward to your reports in 2019 and beyond All the best
  2. RIP young man -- So sad for him, his future and his family and those who witnessed or assisted -- tragedy for all
  3. I walk/fish the beach on Morris island ( where he lived) regularly see a nice aluminum/empty rod and gear beach cart hauler left on the beach in front of mooring that keeps a 24 Carolina skiff on it --- the owner of that boat was out early and often - fishing I am thinking that was his cart and boat---very sad Never met him - but a kindred spirit who loved to fish in a beautiful ,but wild, part of the world He and his family are in my prayers - may he rest in peace
  4. thinking of you today -- put in a word with the man upstairs--- best wishes for success and a speedy recovery
  5. only positive thoughts and look forward to seeing you on the beach in the spring - will be thinking of you on the 1st and praying for a speedy recovery
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery and you will be in my prayers Focus on getting better and maybe be ready for some albies off the beach in a couple of months Stay positive!
  7. thats an incredible shot-- spend a lot of time there ---thanks for sharing
  8. Congrats, glad the photographer was able to capture a special time for you and inspiring shots for the rest of us---
  9. thanks for the video -- I too love da blues on a fly April seems a long way away from the frozen tundra we are in up here -- but videos like that help get us through
  10. ridiculous! awesome fish, pictures and setting congrats!
  11. opened on my MAC - no problem crazy shark blitz!
  12. ended up with Robert Pasfield -- per Sarah recommendation ( her schedule was in flux)...and some of the above recs very psyched
  13. personal best on a fly in my western Long Island harbor... welcome idea how to rotate - sorry
  14. enjoyed the read - thanks
  15. great videos!