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  1. “Skishing” territory - brushed across some of the originals at Paulies through the years - motivated cats Not my gig - no way’I’m swimming with some eels on my waist in the rips off “ the light” ( boats - sharks, nerves, etc…) but guys love it glad all on the post are ok and equally importantly sharing those experiences to the benefit of all great stuff
  2. I’m in thanks
  3. I’m in - thanks!
  4. The inlet near the coat guard station is popular because it can produce on tide and does well in twilight ( have caught bass, and fluke ( a few - chasing closers) and I’m told can be great for albies in season ( not next week ) you can walk away from any crowds around the inlet and then work the beach on the sound side ….. and if you like boats - you’ll see some pretty ones go by aside from that have only fished from land at Mohegan bluffs ( more remote and opposite side of island ) - very cool spot with some crazy history ( chasing your enemies into the sea) boulder fields just beyond with big ocean blues and bass working the area. Would think it’s hard to go wrong on that island, this time of year ( even if you got skunked - which you will not) I suspect you will get more tips from those more educated on the topic than my limited experience from sporadic boat vacations to that special place over the decades - enjoy
  5. Sending positive thoughts and prayers Hope you’ll be wetting a line in no time ….
  6. Wishing you the best in the results - you may just save a life with that advice- thanks for the reminder
  7. Sure you will make the best of it Enjoy the experience and best of luck with the fishing all the best
  8. Feel better and hope folks are fine
  9. One back on the bend in causeway - chatham
  10. Was fascinated to learn while watching a pbs documentary rececently re the ct river osprey wherein they explained that the same male and female birds return to the same specific nest / location after each of their independent migrations south to as far as Brazil each year……wow When they return - strongest get the elevated nests while the weaker or less experienced nest on the ground where constant harassment my fox/ raccoon/ coyote —- survival of the fittest …
  11. Looks awesome - thanks for sharing inspiring…..
  12. Found some background- enjoy
  13. The state training ships are traditionally named in honor of their host school state ( Golden Bear, Empire State, State of Maine, Bay state / Patriot State) Unaware as to the events or logic that led the school or the overseeing federal agency (MARAD) to move away from those traditions. In any case , I am glad to see a tangible investment in these new multi task ships that can better render shelter , food and power, as their predecessors have, in times of disaster . This in addition to their core mission , to provide a safe, state of the art training ship for our future Merchant Marine , and in some cases, USN , USMC Officers.
  14. Is there any power on your dock or nearby docks? recall a bad dock connection caused big issue with electrolysis at a marina I was in one year I did buy an additional ( to the ones on the boat) sacrificial 5lb piece of zinc that was molded to look like a fish on a cable which at the terminal end had an alligator clip to ground ….designed for those type of situations….it bought time until the root cause was resolved. hope that helps
  15. Great store, retail and internet In addition - you can cast rod/reel options indoors before you buy…… pretty nice option