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  1. Okay. I don't post WTB posts here to often. I simply forgot. thank you for the reminder.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a small or extra small flatlanders belt along with pliers shealth, 60lb boga grip holder and yeti rambler/water bottle holder. Thanks!!!!
  3. 20 for that purple salty darters???
  4. Payment sent. Thanks a lot!!!
  5. I'll take it for asking
  6. Lot

    20 for that rainbow striper bite? Immediate pp
  7. Specs? Length and weight please? Thank u so much
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm looking for something a little heavier for that size. GLWS
  9. What's the length and weight on these? I'm interested
  10. How much do those wonder bread Benzy weigh????
  11. Immediate paypal
  12. I'll take the eurojett for 33$.
  13. 23$ ????? If so I'll take it