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  1. Kevin, so sorry to hear about your family’s struggles with this horrible disease. Sending prayers and healing thoughts your way.
  2. Hi Bill, Can I get 1 tail flag and 1 4/0 siwash tail hook for each of the 3 plugs below? You choose 3 colors to best match the lures. All with flash. I also need 2 4/0 white siwash tail hooks. Thanks! David
  3. I’ll take $34 for 2: the yellow and the black scale with white treble.
  4. I’d take the yellow for $20 shipped.
  5. Not fished, all colors considered.
  6. Sorry offer retracted just checked I have those colors.
  7. If you’re willing to split I’ll take the 4 SPs for $40 shipped.
  8. Thanks K, decided I’m gonna hold off. appreciate your taking the time to post photos.
  9. Just grabbed one from you, thanks! Gonna hold off on the strider so closing down this thread. Thanks!
  10. I’ll take the blueback thanks!
  11. Not fished, all colors considered.
  12. Never fished. All colors considered.
  13. Found this needlefish in between boulders in Montauk years ago and never fished it, wanting to patch the spots where finish wore off. A few questions: who is the builder? And do I need to repair the finish to keep it from getting water-logged? If yes, what kind of paint should I use? Thanks!
  14. Thanks!! That Lex ... for the life of me don’t ever remember buying it. Maybe my plugs are finally reproducing...
  15. Great info as usual, thanks to all of you for super useful feedback!