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  1. NIB or near-mint used, please.
  2. Good info all around, particularly the heads up on the semi-micro guides. Hate full micro guides! Not friendly to the main-line-to-leader knot I tie (uni to uni). Not sure if you are familiar with that knot but would it travel through the tip guide of this Zodias well? And yes, the frogging would definitely be in sparse cover. Probably will be getting a separate frogging rod for the slop/pads.
  3. Yeah, the new Zodias rods look sweet. Have my eye on the 6’ 10” MH. I see it got one mention in this thread and I posted a separate question about it in another thread but no replies yet. Just got my TW gift card for Xmas so it’s decision time! So hard to decide without having these rods in hand.
  4. Ark Invoker has micro guides, I think? I’ve got one micro guide spinning rod and it’s not kind to braid-to-leader knots (at least the ones I tie).
  5. Anyone have any experience with this power/length Zodias? What baits does it handle well; and can you throw a small hollow-bodied frog and buzz toad on it? Thanks!
  6. Hey Eric, it’s been 25 years since I lived in Brooklyn. I do remember some spots but this board has a strict policy of not “spot-burning,” which basically means giving any specific names of beaches, inlets, etc. I will send you a PM and hopefully you can figure out how to access it. I’d also suggest going to a local baitshop, spend some coin there and you should be able to get a few good recommendations. And yes, Zeno’s books are all great, as is his digital magazine, which I definitely recommend you check out. He’s got lots of free videos online as well, particularly his Surfasting 101 vids. As for lures to start out with, you’re on the right track. Bucktails in particular are one of the most deadly Striper lures, and when you develop some skill with them, your catch rate will really take off. John Skinner’s book on bucktailing will give you all the basics. Good luck, hope we can wet a line if you ever make it out to Jersey.
  7. Yes, I was very impressed with that email from Gary. I agree that 7’ 3” may be a bit long for a yak, so I am thinking of getting the 704C. Are you familiar with that rod? Does the shorter length change the action of the rod significantly? Thanks!!
  8. Curious how different? Why better than Dobyns? Thanks!
  9. Well, just got an email reply from Gary Dobyns himself, the same day I sent a request for rod advice. Here’s what he wrote: Hi David, I never recommend a 4 power for frog fishing. But in your case when you're wanting a super versatile rod, this is an easy choice. Just know that it's not an ideal frog rod even though some guys use it for frogs. But it's a super versatile rod that'll fit many techniques. Look for a FR 734C and it'll be a great rod for you. Thanks, Gary D. ————————————————— He’s got my business after that!
  10. Yeah, the 705 C is definitely on my short list, especially since Dobyns’ ratings as you point out tend be a bit lighter than other rods with the same rating. So it could do double duty for heavier jigs, I’m thinking. What else do you throw with it? Last thing: Wondering if you (or anyone) thinks I could get away with 704C for toads and small frogs? I know the 704C gets lots of kudos as an all-arounder. But would it be too wimpy if I hit a bit of slop/mats?
  11. Looking for a baistcasting rod recommendations. Something leaning towards all-purpose but with enough backbone to fish horny toads and small hollow-bodied frogs on open water, along weed lines and in some Lilly pads—nothing crazy thick. Also willl be throwing jigs/trailers up to 3/4 ounce. I fish out of a kayak, always seated. All of my spinning rods are 6’ 6” to 7’ 1.” I think I could handle a 7’ 3” but not 100% sure. Up to $150. Looking at Dobyns, ALX, iRod, but would consider others. Thanks!
  12. Any more details on brand/ model of this outfit? Looking for this exact setup but so many to choose from, a bit overwhelming. Thanks!
  13. Gotcha. I wasn’t looking at the surf rods, was instead looking at the Star Stellar Lite line. Thanks!
  14. Do you know what the butt length is? Not listed on the ODM website, which is weird. (I have the ODM Next1 9’ custom build, sweet rod.)
  15. I think that’s the TD SKU and not the Star Stellar model number? And it says action is light, which I don’t think is right? Definitely Medium Heavy on Star’s page, at least for the SG 1220 model, which has same lure range and is same rod as the one you posted above, I think.