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  1. Bump
  2. Fished maybe 10 times, great condition, just a bit of rash on the reel from storage on a metal shelf. Smooth as the day I bought it. Great for snappers, fluke, other light-duty salt water use. $75 shipped. This goes to the ODM Genesis fund, help a brother out! Also pickup if you’re in my neck of the woods: Montclair/West Orange, NJ.
  3. Fished the Cape early in the summer and local tackle guy told me Baggs jig heads with pearl paddle tails were killer in local waters. Went to an inlet mid cape and got fish on first 3 casts. Haven’t touched my Tsunami shads ever since.
  4. SH 5-9:30 am incoming. No wind, flies were brutal. Had to fish standing in water to keep legs from being chewed up. Fished the slough and holes parallel to shore and picked up a bunch of short fluke on Gulp jig/teaser rig first hour after sunrise but then it really slowed. Switched to metal to try and pick up some snappers but nothing. Hot as hades on the beach.
  5. As you’ve probably all seen already, these reels popping up on the usual commercial sites for sale: Shimano Technology Found in Spheros SW Inshore Spinning Reels : Hagane Gear - Boasting amazing strength and durability, Hagane Gear is a process in which the gearing is calculated in minute detail and cold forged instead of being cut. This application of state-of-the-art technologies gives the angler reel smoothness from the first use through years of enjoyment. Hagane Body - A reel body with high rigidity, which virtually eliminates body flexing due to its stiffness and impact resistance. The result? An anglerÂ’s actions are more efficiently transformed into cranking power. ItÂ’s efficiency through strength. X-Ship - By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with bearings, the pinion gear remains in precise alignment with the drive gear and stays in the same position under even the heaviest of loads. This eliminates friction between the spool shaft and gear which translates to better casting performance and increased gear durability. CoreProtect - The concept of CoreProtect is simple – to provide exceptional water resistance without creating any additional rotational resistance on the retrieve. The reel is treated at key areas such as the roller clutch, body, and line roller to resist water intrusion. Cross Carbon Drag - Allows for a wider range of drag settings, enhanced drag washer durability, and the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever. S A-RB Bearings - These bearings undergo the same anti-corrosion process as ShimanoÂ’s A-RB Bearings, with the addition of shields on both sides of the bearings to reduce the possibility of salt, dirt, or other foreign objects inhibiting the bearingÂ’s rotation.
  6. I’ve got this one I am going to fish this weekend for surf fluke. Not sure if I’m gonna decide to keep it or not, but just curious how much you’d offer for it? It’s in excellent shape, only fished a handful of times by my son before he nabbed my Daiwa SS1300 and decided he liked that one better!
  7. I’m no expert because I’ve only used a 6.6, 7 and 9, and all of them all over the place in terms of weight range—I’m just cycling through my own rods to find the best one for fluking and avoid buying something new. My next one to try, for a bit of vintage fishing, is this puppy—a Penn 716z—on an old-stock 7’ medium St. Croix Premier spinning rod. I bought the combo about 20 years ago for my son when he was 6 and he proceeded to catch about a dozen cocktail blues to my one—a pattern that continues to this day! (If you’re gonna be out fished, who better than by your first-born, right?)
  8. Last week used my Avid 9’ AS90MHF2 rated 8-17 lb 3/8-1.25. I think the rod was designed as a salmon stick. On the plus side, very sensitive and though I missed 2 fluke early, then caught 8, no more drops. Also good for throwing small tins and buck tails over the bar when you get bored with fluking or the bite slows. Downside: 9’ is just too long for beach fluking. Most of the hits are almost at your feet, in the trough where baitfish are getting tumbled and the fluke lurk. So I was getting lots of tip tangles when dealing with that type of up-close fishing. Since I have the rod I’ll probably use it again for fluking, especially since nothing else I have has such a high hook-up ratio. But I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying one for this type of fishing.
  9. Saturday SH 5:30-9:00 am, a bit slower than last week, much less bait in the wash. But like most outings, you can always learn a few things: 1. Kept dropping fish at first. I think the problem was the rod? I was using a medium-powered Falcon Original freshie stick with a moderate action and a soft tip designed for crankbaits (rated 1/4-5/8, but I was throwing a 3/4-ounce bucktail on bottom and a Gulp teaser on top). So either I was underpowered, or fluke can shake off the hook with that type of rod action. Or I suck. Either way, I switched to my 9’ fast action plugging rod and didn’t miss a fish (all shorts) for the rest of the tide, although it was like hunting for mosquitoes with a bazooka. 2. Got this one decent-sized fish but the toothy bugger inhaled my Gulp teaser and got gut-hooked so I had to cut the dropper loop, and of course it was the only fluke rig I had with me. Lesson: tie and bring more hi-lo fluke rigs! Or at least bring some leader material and baitholder hooks so I can tie on site when needed. 3. Lastly, as I noted in my last post, I’m new to fluking and I can’t believe it took me this long to discover this type of surf fishing (thanks to John Skinner videos). Yeah, most of the fish are small but in the daylight hours of mid-summer, it sure beats getting the skunk looking for bass and blues that almost never show up out front this time of year, at least when and where I fish. Tight lines!
  10. I stayed mid-Cape for a week in early June and used Google Earth and a bit of common sense to find inlets where there were tons of structure to fish and I had a blast. Three tides, had the place almost to myself each time. Someday I do want to try the Canal but having experienced the Montaulk version of the shyte show I want no part of it when tempers flare.
  11. This reel is from a trove of stuff I bought from an advertising exec who lived in NYC and who fished all over the world on vacations. His closet was packed to the gills (haha) with spinning and fly fishing gear. I sold most of the fly fishing stuff years ago but still have his spinners, and this reel is typical. Any ideas of how valuable it was back in the day, and its worth now? Not really interested in selling, it is a cool looking addition to my workroom shelf.
  12. Good for your protege and good on you for passing on your skills and experience to someone else!
  13. SH 5:30-9 am this morning, 8 fluke, all hit teaser hook with Gulp Penny shrimp. TON of spearing in the water but no bass or blues on them that I could see. Threw everything in my bag that even remotely looked like a spearing (tins, plastics, etc) and not one bump. Switched to fluking and got steady action until mid tide and the sun came out, boom, bite gone. Here’s the one keeper I got (still swimming).
  14. Anyone have the Daiwa Coastal 9’ 1-4 ounce? Was a thread on it a few years back when it launched, folks seemed to like it for throwing SP Minnows (which it was designed for) and other light stuff. Felt one at local tackle shop yesterday and the tip felt a bit whippy, in a good way, compared with the mojos he had. It was the owner’s rod, otherwise I think I might have grabbed felt that good in hand...and at $150, seemed like a great deal. And no EVA handles...kind of a black shrinkwrap handle, very good grip and looked great. I think it would be a good fit to the Daiwa Ballistic LT 4000 or 5000 I’m eyeing.
  15. The correct way? I seem to remember reading somewhere to bend sideways instead of trying to open the gap vertically? And that it’s better to cut closed-eye heavy duty hooks (like VMCs) versus buying precut hooks? (I guess the precut ones aren’t as good as they used to be?)