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  1. Surprised nobody ID’d it as Coney Island Whitefish. (Yes, us Joisey guys are a crude bunch.)
  2. I’ve seen a few gizmos that attach to the back window of an SUV that you can load a kayak on and then slide it on to the factory roof rack. Supposed to save your back by reducing how much of the yak you actually have to lift off the ground. I ask because I want to get a new yak that’s gonna weight 85 lbs and no way my back can handle lifting that sucker up over my head to load it from the side of the SUV. Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I know…interloper. But my wife has friends who have a house in Falmouth, and we visited them for the first time last weekend. I could not resist the pull of the Ditch…Tried not to be too much of a Googan but it was easy, given how uncrowded it was. Water by the way was loaded with mackerel and some brown baitfish thingy that I foul hooked on a lure. What the heck is this?
  4. Jesus. last weekend I fished the canal for the first time. After reading these kinds of posts I was a bit nervous as to what I’d encounter. But I stayed away from what seems like the obvious crowded spots, found a section I had to myself and had an interesting tide. Lost a nice one because of my own stupidity (swivel/top guide failure) but at least raised a few big fish. I now am obsessed with going back and trying it again. We shall see what my NJ plates will attract….
  5. Yeah don’t kill myself when I lose a fish who just plain beats my ass. But when it’s my equipment mistake it’s harder to shake off. It’s all a learning experience, I guess!
  6. I know this is an old thread but figured this may help someone avoid my eff-up. Fishing the Ditch for the first time last night, kinda dark, reeled up swivel through top guide a few times, never checked first guide, hooked a beast and she broke off after first big run. Get back to car, check the guide and sure enough no insert—swivel must have knocked it out. Alberto Knot for me from now on. Yes I’ll keep pre-tied leaders with swivels in my bag but as backups only.
  7. Cool. I’m on the Housatonic these days but get to the Delaware a few times a summer so this should be very helpful thanks!
  8. That Spro Rat 40 has been a holy grail bait for me. Sold out everywhere from what I can see. Fleabay $$ are nuts.
  9. What’s your favorite bait(s) to drift?
  10. Yes! That’s been my go-to for years. Wondering when someone would include a tube. These other suggestions are all great, will help me expand my arsenal without getting too complicated.
  11. Yes. 3/0 Ewg. Tried nose-hooking on 1/0 drop shot hook but that rig doesn’t play well with river rocks, wood, etc. Good for deep pockets though.
  12. So, having just rediscovered the joys of fishing for river smallies, was wondering what your top 5 baits are? Right now, I am limited to bank fishing for em down the road where my Dad lives. I grab a few hours in between taking care of him and it’s always a blast. So far, all of em caught on T-rigged caffeine shad. But I do have a kayak and hopefully will be able to put in at some point, when I have more care support for Dad and time for myself. (Hey, he taught me to fish, among a million other things I am thankful for, so no complaints here.) So, help me put together a river smallie box! (I have a #1 lure that I just didn’t have in my box this day; we shall see if it makes the cut in your lists!) Thanks guys!
  13. 2 lb smallie on a river in Berkshires. Nothing beats a summer day on the river.
  14. In Catskills private lake. 5.92 lbs on a Megabass Popmax. She jumped 3 times, dropped that rod down each time and kept her hooked.
  15. Finally playing around with the drop shot and got this 4.5 lber. Hit a Maxscent something or other.