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  1. if this is the Housatonic guy- take ALL his numbers with a grain of salt. he ****s every "bite" as a "fish". often counting 2 or 3 "fish" per cast....... he did a TV show a few years back and explained to the host that he doesn't even want to land the fish(??) hence- he is able to "catch" hundreds of fish per day. and yes- he(supposedly) keeps a clicker in his pocket
  2. hot chick on the cover
  3. theres several good choices in smaller bots for the Sound. hyou can afford will determine how much "good boat" you get. my advice is to a good quality older hull that has been re=powered with a 4 stroke motor....... Hydra Sport 18footer is nice- they had nice hull around 1999. paired with a newer 4strk and you're good
  4. basic goals for this year- lots more smallie fishing- would love to catch a fish over 6lbs. always looking for a PB largemouth too- anything over 7 pounds would be amazing (carp on a fly would be cool )
  5. now THATS funny.....!
  6. seems early/cold water for bunker to be dying off. this is usually a Spring phenomenon, right??
  7. What jig hook is that?
  8. geez- those a re some crazy flies you use....... I'm tying up little black marabou things
  9. I used a variation of this technique on the great lakes tribs 25+ years ago for big browns........ curly tail grub under a bobber. caught a few small-ish fish. for this I tied up a few 1/16th oz marabou jigs..... gonna give it a try someday soon (if it stops snowing ) I think I can use 2 rods at once and just sorta pay attention to the bobber while I'm casting with the other rod
  10. been thinking of trying this in the Spring transition...... seems kinda boring though. is it effective? maybe I could use another rod for casting a suspending jerkbait while the float is out there doing its thing......(?) anybody else use it?
  11. my bud just pulled the trigger on the Rhodan..... he did lots of research and seems like for a 25footer thats the only way to go can't wait to get out and try it with him this summer.
  12. I heard he was inside the parlor for 14 minutes???? he's a cheap date
  13. I think a higher slot limit is the way to go- maybe 32-36" that way fish have a few seasons to (hopefully) breed before getting targeted for harvest, and the bigger/more fecund fish are also protected. optimally this is coupled with efforts/education/regs to educe C&R mortality.
  14. the comparison to fish stocks in Britain is stark- but appropriate. they have huge rivers/estuaries that are devoid of fish due to greed and inability to do the right thing. people get excited to catch eels and other scattered "trash" fish