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  1. chub mackerel are mostly silver-sided fish- with some grey/green on the dorsal surfaces...…. nothing like the vibrant green seen on the atlantic mackerel common in the CCC
  2. ^^^^ well said..... but common sense aint all that common anymore
  3. just saw this on FB from the Mass DEM page.... there will not be any commercial fishing days added to this years' season. it was being discussed since the quota was so far behind, but a "recent upturn" in landings and overwhelming public sentiment against he move thank God there was a little common sense in use for this one.....
  4. "optimistic" is the word that comes to mind....... albies don't show in this are for another month (usually) I dont' blame you for trying though- not like theres anything else to do
  5. there are many long-time bass guys that I know of (me included) who have simply given up.......... its just not worth the effort any longer, and we don't want to be part of the demise of this fishery. I WILL continue to fight for the bettement of the fishery, even if I'm catching smallmouth instead
  6. google "orange CT man".......... he stepped in it bigtime
  7. ^^^^^ blast from the past.....
  8. do this parabolic rods have enough lifting power?? reminds me of my flyfishing days when i was undergunned and could feel the cork handle bending in my hand......
  9. sorry to hear this... always a shame to lose a loved one
  10. hopefully theres enough big fish left to keep the stock sustainable..... the pics I see of how many boats are hammering the few remaining fish is disheartening (to say the least).
  11. same in RI and CT- haven't seen a decent bluefish in a few years. (and yeah- I read a local report earlier today about guys 'keeping a few for crabbing".... only place to find them is the nuke plant outlfow
  12. anything more specific? sizes/slots, etc???
  13. I guess we should’ve expected nothing less from them they are shortsighted and selfish/. And not acting in the public interest in any way
  14. another vote for the Trokar..... the weedless version is great
  15. yes- this is where semantics become important. "addendums" can make things change quickly; "amendments" take a long time to get approved and change takes years to happen