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  1. I guess you’re welcome to try…. Theres a saying for stuff like this “a fool and his money…..”
  2. My employer has made the shot mandatory as of today (there were rumors for the past week….). 3 people are threatening to quit. No one is going the lawyer route
  3. Really? You think a local judge is going to go against a Supreme Court ruling?
  4. The “long term studies” will be interesting, no doubt. So I guess it comes down to faith…… faith in government, in medicine, in your fellow man…….
  5. The (conservative-leaning) USSC has already upheld an employers’ right to mandate vaccination for their employees…. So you’re not gonna get far by hiring a lawyer
  6. find Josh Raynor he does mostly kayak trips, but also some surf stuff ct_fish_nerd on FB
  7. They look fine. If they are good mechanically I’ll take whichever one you think is better PM your info and I’ll get u paid
  8. Trying to stay around $100, but I may get back to you..... thx
  9. Need a 3000 size, but thanks
  10. Looking for a midrange quality spinner. Budget around $100. 3000 size Daiwa BG or similar would be perfect. Let me know if ya got something..... thx
  11. I have a Phoenix Feather series rod 6'9" medium power with a Shimano Nasci 2500 and 8lb braided line- good fro everything from trout to LMB I'm in CT tho.... not sure if you get down this way or not. $200 for combo