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  1. I fish them more at night than anything else. daytime they seem to gaudy to actually work..............
  2. funny- its the one bait I have little-to-no confidence in. everybody tells me I'm crazy, but I have to force myself to fish with them
  3. if you'll do $55 shipped- I'll take it zip is 06437
  4. there was a place in Norwalk or Stratford..... google it and you should find them w/o too much trouble. did mine years ago and it was fine. wasn't cheap tho- about $250 for a simple bend in plexiglas
  5. only saw small snippets from FB about the webinar content..... anybody know what happened?
  6. find me if you still have and are headed this way
  7. you ever come thru CT?
  8. what are you guys using?? mine are a tangled mess inside a plano box
  9. maybe try the Flyfishing section of BST- may get more interest there
  10. Saros is a re-incarnation of an earlier-model Stradic. there was a lot of overlap with other models that they are trying to promote more actively. as far as repair- send them back to the factory I have 2 2500's- great reels and were cheap when I bought them.
  11. before yhou start counting how much ya lost this week- remember it wasn't real money to begin with. market has been flying way too high and was due to come back to reality...… and the reality is none of us is really as rich as Trump keeps telling us we are.
  12. it IS steep around there
  13. This one was maybe 5+. But it was COMMITTED to eating the frog...
  14. not sure if theres some kinda designation as to who is "sanctioned" on here or not- but Kil has been contributing (while advertising his products) by discussing techinques and locations for a few years. plus he listens to input from people on here- not just throwing up a link to a website
  15. Whaddya got got big largemouths??!!? heres my PB... #6. 14oz from a few years ago