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  1. I've had a rent-a-cop stop me as I was driving down the road..... apparently employed by the property owners. I tried the "I got little kids" line but was told to go screw- ever since I park on the road during the offseason. I don't bother during the summer- place is packed with beach goers
  2. go find your own fish.... leave the crowds to the idiots. either that or find a way to get along with the dudes next to you at the Canal
  3. the foam job under the deck is kinda "unique".... looks like thy ripped off the foam block pit at the local gymnastics place
  4. this is standard behavior for these guys.... (push things off to when the attention may be a little less intense) plus theres always lip service to special interests who have their hands up a reps back and make requests/suggestions that are catered to a small group. It serves to muddy up the process and divert any meaningful discussions to another time or place.
  5. watched along on FB via Ross Squire's updates. seems like some good may have come out of the meeting, but I don't want to misquote anything.... stay tuned.
  6. I fished in NJ since I was a kid. I've NEVER met anyone who has submitted the bonus tag.
  7. was wondering the same thing...... at work and can't tune in.
  8. that was pretty f48king stoopid
  9. already has begun in New England. Joe Diorio has pledged to not take large breeding bass this year. He fishes Block Island where the massacre has been centered for the past 5 (or so) years...
  10. the argument for closing the Ches is that water temps are too high in August..... in Mass, the water temps at that time are usually 60's= kinda perfect striped bass water. I don't think the "increased mortality" idea can be applied there
  11. closing for the month of August would have a much bigger impact in the northern areas than in the Chesapeake.... plus conditions up north are nowhere near as adverse as they are in the (southern) midAtlantic...... I agree that season closures should be part of the solution, but need to be area-specific. including the closure of winter holdover areas where fish are trapped and hammered by guys all winter
  12. ASMFC meets in Virginia this week. SB committee is Tuesday (I think). this could (hopefully) be the start of meaningful change to help get the fishery back on the road to recovery after a decade of inaction and political maneuvering. so STAY TUNED...... this may be the week that everything changes. I'm cautiously optimistic following some of the recent actions by individual states.... lets hope the ASMFC can avoid the "pro-harvest" influences of states like NJ and MD and keep the momentum going.
  13. need some advice on whats the best hull cleaner...... I bought an ol' Grumman 14footer that spent some time in a lake and has a brown water/scum line around the bottom. would like to keep the paint intact, and some seem products I looked at seem to be too harsh; others are "biodegradeable" and seem like they won't really work at all any suggestions?
  14. hopefully this will be the start of something bigger...... hopefully. regardless its still a yearlong process to get anything to change, so don't hold your breath too hard while waiting for something to happen