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  1. trolling motor included?
  2. Torrent 9-11? I've got a buncha lines you can choose from too
  3. hmmm- lemme see what I can do (about the Spheros- gotta scrounge up some dough)
  4. Ive seen it commonly available on menu's in Massachussetts (and RI and CT)
  5. yep- the bass are their own worst enemies, in a sense. the more people like them, the more they are worth in the markets.
  6. I support them too, in a sense- Massachussetts has a very clean type of fishery, and is closely monitored throughout the year. (do I wish there was no commercial fishery/market for ass- sure; but I don't think that ever going to be reality, so I try not to waste time worrying about it) there is still poaching (that you could argue wouldn't exist if there wasn't a market.) but there needs to be some common sense in the decision making- if theres no bass left to catch, why allow them to fish even longer and harder to deplete the stocks even ore........?
  7. Its been a slow year for the comm guys in Mass- they have yet to fill about 22% of their annual quota (which is usually done is a few weeks) they are trying to pass this off as "bad weather" problems, but most of the comm guys will tell you the fishing just stinks. but due to the way the laws are set up, they gotta use it or lose it..... so even though there are very few fish to catch, they get even more opportunity to take them out of the system. seems to defy logic-
  8. 30 for the diamond jigs and Krocodiles....?
  9. thanks to everyone who showed up tpday- had a great turnout and everyone seemed to have good time! some awesome prizes and the clams and oysters were devoured by all!
  10. This is DEFINITELY still on address is 111 lovers lane in Guilford. Saturday 12-3. Tickets can bought at the gate
  11. try Rivers End tackle in Old Saybrook CT. they had them the other day
  12. weather is looking better and better!! C'mon down and join us!
  13. contact foulhook for the latest on Onslow Bay. he talks with the owner frequently and has the scoop on where to find one if you're really interested. for me- the Kencraft 206 is the best 20 footer on the market. the older ones especially
  14. check youtube- they are usually pretty easy to fix
  15. wait- what am I doing?