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  1. seems gimmick-y to me..... never saw a need for the hook spool-out to get a hookset
  2. this is a good time. some great deals from the members on gear and the vendors are top notch! worth the trip(!) and it helps fight the shack-nasties
  3. this is a very nice gesture- there are similar things happening for the local guardsmen in this are as well.
  4. my bud has a 24' cabin boat. he uses it for chunkin in the western LIS. boat is very solid. sits low in the stern and our feet are wet all the time though... (water comes in through the scuppers)
  5. I saw a phrase that leaves fin0al discretion to the Sec of Commerce (Wilbur Ross). he's the guy that started thed $h!tshow in the fluke fishery- and we can count on him to continue to be "pro-business" if ever called on again
  6. sounds like you live in Jersey.... this is the CT forum. don't think any of us will know much about where you wanna be docked
  7. If you haven’t seen the YT video from scoobydoo, it’s worth checking out. “Battle of the budget spinners” or something like that. It’s mostly geared toward lite tackle saltwater use but worthwhile just got a Daiwa Tatula 2000 that’s really sweet in my basement. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet though. Highly regarded by Scooby-Doo and others
  8. Where do you wanna be docked? Maybe we can help u find a spot......?
  9. Me too. Will start to thin out my supply a little to make room for new stuff
  10. who's getting new stuff this year? theres all kindsa new toys to consider playing with. me- I'm considering a kayak and maybe some better-quality LMB gear.... smallies are more what I'm looking forward to actually
  11. no where near 73 degrees here in CT- got out for a little while yesterday. had 1 yellow perch on a Keitech. not much going on in my pond
  12. these are great pliers, just BE SURE not to cut hooks with the side marked "braid" or "mono" it has a razor blade-type cutter that is not heavy enough to withstand cutting metal.... use the opposite side for hooks and you'll be fine
  13. vinnyb- couldn't agree more. the big fish need protection as much as he overall catch needs to be reduced. I would completely support a trophy-tag program. when ideas of reductions are being discussed, this should definitely be a part of that discussion
  14. remember what I said about the fake news guys? I'm gonna pose a guess that you caught fish at the Canal or Block/MTK.... the "most-prime" areas for bass to inhabit. and quite possibly their last stand. you could surmise that the'er the last place left for the fish to inhabit; that theres so few fish left in the system that they don't have to live in the sub-optimal areas..... whatever you choose to believe, please realize theres far fewer fish left along the coast then there was 10 years ago. there's data to support it. the vast majority of guys will tell you all about it. I'm glad you had a good year- but that's not the "big picture"