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  1. sounds like pure "wishful thinking" on the part of some of the club members. I can't think of any scenario where a specific body of water could be closed to fishing, when the surrounding areas would remain open.
  2. as an update- the ASMFC has recommended that this proposal be put on hold, pending the upcoming stock assessment next Spring. this is only a recommendation- but it is likely to postpone any further action until next year.......
  3. I think some kinda closure would be good idea, but would be VERY unpopular with some of the "locals". and the out of state guys who come looking for something to catch in the middle of winter. and would possibly reduce the poaching that goes on every winter..... but to the OP- DO NOT get caught up in the blog of the local hotshot who likes to tell the entire internet about 100's of fish "hooked" per trip. his method of counting is suspect (at best) and I'm still baffled by who would keep fishing over lethargic, dinky fish anyway.........?
  4. most fish go into a state of torpor- kind of a suspended animation when water gets below 40 degrees they don't move, feed, or do much of anything when this happens.
  5. I read the news for 3 sites daily- CBS, CNN and Fox. I try to get a cross-section of differing viewpoints because the spin can change the "news" drastically. its kinda hilarious to see what leads on the different sites and the way news gets expressed on the exact same story
  6. this is perilously close to PG material........ but I agree with the OP. the SNL guy is a complete tool. not sure what his talent is, acutally
  7. yeah- me too on that one. I've lost 3 and never even caught a fish on one
  8. any dimensions on these fish?!? they're some big'uns for sure!
  9. don't know hook style #'s but a short-ish shank. heavy wire hook would be my preference
  10. Mag Darter I've got some that are 15 years old- I've rplaced hooks and still throw 'em. just don't catch **** on them
  11. great fish- congrats to the guy!! and thanks for putting her back in the water
  12. I was thinking about a Spheros (6k) that's supposed to be "waterproof" I don't swim with gear but it definitely gets wet...... now what am I supposed to do?
  13. Grundens has some good deals in their closeout area. find their site and have a look