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  1. winter fishing since february has been pretty terrible from a boat too....
  2. they've been going for a week now in town..... warm nights are better
  3. it HAS been a while since I saw anything for you..... and yeah, this place has changed. most of the old crowd has moved on, and new guys moved in- and lots of gear talk for sure. plus the fishing has gone down hill a lot in the last 10 years or so...... last Fall was the best we've seen in a decade or more
  4. looking to see if anyone wants to trade me their BG3000 for a 3500 mines in VG/Ex condition. can exchange pics if youre interested- let me know Bob
  5. thats alittle more used than what I'm looking for.... but thanks
  6. just checking to see whats out there...looking for the older versions of either reel. no beaters please let me know what you have thx
  7. just bought a Terrapin today myself.....
  8. Today was the last day for Rivers End Tackle in old saybrook CT. At one time, it was one of the best shops for surfcasters on the east coast. They held seminars and spring celebrations to start the season. Perhaps as the fishery got worse, so did the fortune of the shop…. And covid was the last straw I guess sad to see it go- had a lot of good times and some great trips that started out of there
  9. Is there a “better” fishing glove on the market yet? I’ve tried all the neoprene types and the fingerless wool gloves- they all don’t work for me. They either don’t keep your hands warm or lose ALL sensitivity/dexterity any suggestions?
  10. I guess you’re welcome to try…. Theres a saying for stuff like this “a fool and his money…..”
  11. My employer has made the shot mandatory as of today (there were rumors for the past week….). 3 people are threatening to quit. No one is going the lawyer route
  12. Really? You think a local judge is going to go against a Supreme Court ruling?
  13. The “long term studies” will be interesting, no doubt. So I guess it comes down to faith…… faith in government, in medicine, in your fellow man…….
  14. The (conservative-leaning) USSC has already upheld an employers’ right to mandate vaccination for their employees…. So you’re not gonna get far by hiring a lawyer
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