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  1. I'm in! Thanks! ZAT
  2. I'm in! Thanks! ZAT
  3. I'm in! Thanks! ZAT
  4. Very nice flies! I'm in! Thanks! ZAT
  5. Thank you everybody for good information! I will be offline most of this week due to work assignment. But I will check whenever I can. Thanks again!
  6. We have a family trip scheduled to South Padre Island TX, starting November 6th for a week. Looking for any information about fly fishing. I’m thinking to take one guided trip and rest will be DIY. What to expect this time of year? Where to go and what type of flies to use? I’m not looking for anything in particular. If I catch something, I will be happy. I’m planning to bring my inflatable SUP. I hope it will help. Any advice about guides welcome as well. PM me if you prefer. Thank you in advance!
  7. I'm using cheap net from Walmart hanging on the back of my vest with magnetic holder. You just need to cut the handle short not to interfere with your cast. My friend added leash to the net just in case. This setup is working for me for years.
  8. Beautiful!
  9. Just my two cents on bone fishing. Spent three mornings last week on the SUP board on Long Key flats looking for bones. I did not see a single fish. Maybe I was doing something wrong, not sure. Well, I hope next time.
  10. Got this as a present recently - see pictures below. I never used double handed rods before. So, I'm not sure what line to put on it. What grain, taper, etc. I'm not even sure where to use it. Mostly fishing for trout in local small creeks with regular 4 weight. And steelhead fishing with 8 weight. But there is no room to cast this double handed 10 weight. I guess I can use it on vacation for blue fish and stripers in Atlantic Ocean. But I need to learn new type of casting. Looking forward to new adventure! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  11. It did not work out in Baraboo. We had very limited time. We took boat tour on upper Wisconsin river. Very beautiful place. I did see few bass boats on the river. But it was high and muddy after the rain. I did manage to go to Root river at Racine on my way back. Landed couple of kings. Almost end of the season for salmon. All fish were dark and spawn out. Thanks!
  12. I have upcoming family trip to Baraboo, Wisconsin at the end of October. I’m thinking to take my fly-fishing rod, but I’m not sure where to go and what to use this time of year. It will be a last weekend of October. I wonder if you can give me some advice for nearby places to fish. Please PM me if you prefer. Thanks!
  13. My buddy and I will be in Montauk at the end of September. I understand this is a short notice. But if you can recommend guide with boat for fly fishing outing, it would be greatly appreciated. We never done it before. So, we can use all advice you can give - rods, lines, flies. PM me if you prefer. Thanks a lot!
  14. Thank you, Jr Spey! I will try to contact Black Earth Angling. At least I can try to fish Wisconsin River around the town. Thanks again!
  15. Thank you, Jr Spey! I do have 10wt with RIO Outbound short. I think it should work for musky. I have few big poppers for saltwater. I think they could work as well. I can buy couple more big streamers. I just not sure where to go. Any places where I can wade from the shore? I will have limited time. So, whole day of fishing with guide is out of the picture. Please PM me if you prefer.
  16. Forgot to attach this. Thanks!
  17. Looks like very nice place. I know there is whisky distillery in there. Planning to stop by. Thanks!
  18. Late report for September 28, 2020. We went with Capt. Merritt White. I will highly recommend him. Very knowledgeable guide. It was cloudy, foggy morning. My first ever albie was in the back, right at the inlet. We got few more but mostly in the morning. Icing on the cake to caught fish on the fly I tied myself. Already thinking about next year! Thanks!
  19. Thank you everyone for good info! I booked with Merritt White. I hope weather will cooperate. Most captains were booked these days. Only few openings. Thanks again!
  20. Thank you, everyone! I’m contacting all captains mentioned in this thread. Most of them already booked. But I got couple openings! I’m trying to finalized my booking now. Thank again!
  21. Perfect way to remember BFD! Thank you! ZAT
  22. I'm in. Thanks!
  23. OK Prowler 13 - $950 Torqeedo 403 - $1800 Less weight and you can save some money. Or go with better battery on Torqeedo 403c - $2300 You will need to install Torqeedo, but it's easy DIY project. This is what I have. Torq is the same $3200.
  24. I got ISUP for this season. I did fly fish few times. And I had fly line in the water if there is breeze from the side. I wonder what other people do to keep fly line on the SUP. I’m thinking of rubber mat with soft spikes between my legs. Any other suggestions? Thanks!