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  1. I’m planning a trip to Marathon Key West in the last week of May. I wonder if somebody can recommend fly fishing guide there. Interesting in tarpon. But will be happy to catch anything. Thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry for delay, Nine! I'm not sure the name of these fish. Palm size of some kind of tropical fish. Two or three different shapes, colors. Took shrimp looking small flies. Hope this will help! Thanks!
  3. Same here. Fished with Laurenz 5 years ago. Very nice and honest person. However, very limited places to fly fish in Aruba. I think we did two stops only that day. I fished beaches on my own and got few small fish. You can go to Baby beach, but it could be crowded. We snorkeled there and I saw a lot of fish. You will need a car to get to Baby beach.
  4. 59, almost 60. I have OK Prowler 13. Also, installed Torqeedo on it. Thanks!
  5. I'm few years into fly fishing and not considering myself as a good caster. But my first impression after watching these clips, you have to slow down. Looks to me too much power in the beginning of stroke. But it should accelerate smoothly thru the stroke and stop sharply at the end. Once again, I’m not an expert, it’s just my impression.
  6. I have an Orvis one. But I was not allowed to take it with me on “Spirit”. They said it’s too big. So, I’m using it as a storage at home or when I’m driving. Anyone take it on airplane? I guess you can check it in. But I do not want to take a risk to lose my expensive equipment. I wonder if somebody else has similar experience flying with it. Or it’s just me?
  7. Very nice flies! I'm in! Thanks! ZAT
  8. Thank you everybody for good information! I will be offline most of this week due to work assignment. But I will check whenever I can. Thanks again!
  9. We have a family trip scheduled to South Padre Island TX, starting November 6th for a week. Looking for any information about fly fishing. I’m thinking to take one guided trip and rest will be DIY. What to expect this time of year? Where to go and what type of flies to use? I’m not looking for anything in particular. If I catch something, I will be happy. I’m planning to bring my inflatable SUP. I hope it will help. Any advice about guides welcome as well. PM me if you prefer. Thank you in advance!
  10. I'm using cheap net from Walmart hanging on the back of my vest with magnetic holder. You just need to cut the handle short not to interfere with your cast. My friend added leash to the net just in case. This setup is working for me for years.
  11. Just my two cents on bone fishing. Spent three mornings last week on the SUP board on Long Key flats looking for bones. I did not see a single fish. Maybe I was doing something wrong, not sure. Well, I hope next time.
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