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  1. Good luck, BFD! All the best wishes!
  2. I’m with Striperknight on this one. I’m not tying much, but when I do (sounds like commercial), I prefer to be in the family room and next to tv. I was carrying every piece of equipment one by one. It’s kind of annoying. And BFD seems to have perfect solution (as always). So, plan for this year to have rolltop desk somewhere on the second floor and close all supplies into it. I hope it will fit. And build small portable, easy to move tying desk. BrokeOff, thank you for starting this topic! Very helpful!
  3. Thank you for all good info! I guess I will do couple things: 1. I will push my trip to middle or end of April. 2. I need to research what is “sod bank” and more important where to access it on foot. PSUFly, I will send you PM in the next couple of days. Thanks again!
  4. I’m thinking to spend long weekend (will take Friday, Monday off) in Long Beach Island NJ at the end of March, beginning of April. So, my question is when will be a prime time for spring stripers in that area? Is the end of March too early? I can push it into April if it will be better. I prefer DIY from shore. Also, where to stay and where to go fish? North side toward to Barnegat Light or south toward to Beach Haven? I’m not familiar with the area. So, any information will be helpful. I will pack my waders and fly-fishing rod into the car. But I do not want to drive far from the hotel. Are there any special regulations I need to consider? I know I will have to do NJ saltwater registry. Anything else? Please PM me if you prefer. Thanks a lot, in advance!
  5. Great news, BFD! Good luck!
  6. Glad to see you on the water, BFD! Looking forward for your future reports!
  7. Thanks a lot for the information! I had some kind of Saltwater Registration for NJ last year. Is it the same thing? If yes, I think I can just renew that online. Thanks again!
  8. I will be in Montauk NY this weekend. I’m not sure if I need to buy fishing license to fly fish there. Can I do it online? I have general idea where I want to go. But I’m not sure what flies will work this time of the year. Please PM me if you prefer. Thanks!
  9. I have upcoming family weekend trip to Sister Bay, WI. It will be only for weekend. I’m not sure what to bring and where to go. Any information will be helpful. PM me if you prefer. I can take spinning rod as well. Thank you!
  10. Best wishes to BFD and his family for speedy recovery!
  11. Good luck and wishes of speedy recovery, BFD!
  12. Get well, BFD! Hope to see you fishing soon!
  13. BFD, You beat that thing before and you will do it again! Best wishes and tight lines!
  14. Here is my setup on older OK Prowler 13. White box on top is battery. Whole setup is easy to put on and take off to transport. Works for me in the last 5 years. Thanks!
  15. Thank you everyone for good information! I fished in Sandy Hook last year. Not much luck, just couple of blues from kayak on the fly. It was fun! This trip I want to explore new places east of NYC. And I want to stay away from the city as far as I can. I just need to be in Manhattan on Monday morning around 8:30 am. Yes, I will travel in my car and I do have waders. Based on the timing, I think I can do one or two outings. May be on Sunday morning or evening or both. So, I think I need to stay as closer to the beach as possible. Thank you for the tip on AirBnB, Cman! I will check it out. This time in the year (late July), what kind of flies do I need? I’m not looking for particular species. I will be happy if I catch anything! Thanks again!