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  1. Just back from Cuba I bought a 8-3 Goture good to 1oz and 4 piece. I've never heard of this stick but $62 Canadian nice quality. I was throwing a 3/4 Cleo with plenty left.It would be in the $45 US range so no tragedy if lost. I had a 5500 Shimano Uterga on it but a 4500 would be better. I also bought a 11 ft collapsible 700gm it was junk guide placement just awful.
  2. My story is working in a GM Battery Plant manufacturing lead oxide (turning lead into dust) you learn early and fast to lean 10 ton blocks against pots to dry moisture. I had 6 pots with 100 tons of melted lead in each. Standard procedure peak down at oxide for right color and drop lead block into pot some more. This one day block against pot all cool take hoist and dropped block into pot. I was 2 pots away maybe 20 ft and a large amount of lead maybe 15-20 ton blew on to floor. I ran and the remaining 80 tons went everywhere. The investigation the block of lead had a crack and filled with water when it melted maybe 2 cups of water blew 80-100 tons of lead 25-30 ft. This was a 24/7 operation and us 3 operators with torch a week to get it cleaned up. Took weeks for me to get normal .
  3. Mostly I avoid smart fish put it happens. A big old bear goes lumbering to water and splash in. A great angler finds a stealth approach ,lean on a wall. get a bush behind you ,stay way back. When fish are aware of you lay get Leary.
  4. I bought a tsunami 3 piece that won't fit in suitcase so it's staying home. Bought a 4 piece Goture (never heard of) 8 ft anf 1/4 to 1-1 1/4 sweet rod feels like 1 oz will max it. Bought a collapsible 11 ft Goture up to 2oz don't think much of this stick. They where both cheap can see the 11 staying in Cuba, leaving tomorrow.
  5. Shimano thing is to move reels down 1 model as new comes out same with rods.
  6. My first experience catching schoolys in the ditch I didn't notice any problems on the release. The first 2 strippers I caught 39 and 40 inches on the eastern gap just freaked me out how they faught like demons until they rolled on side and just came in. I was sure they where going to die. Nobody around to talk so I kept both. So I learned to revive them. I am 100% against total C&R . Because it opens door A-n-t-ys. I am 100% user of the resource with heavy release ratio.
  7. I stop the line with my finger before offering hits water. Same as tightening line.
  8. Snap casters have the most problems with wind knots.
  9. I have a Spinfisher and it does feel tight on handle. Back way back in the day Lew's made freshwater baitcasters with brass cut gear that had a very similar feel. The fix was tooth paste and milling oil on the gears take electric drill and spin reel for 30-40 seconds. Clean it out and see how smooth it was. It was immediate that smooth feeling. The other way is just fish it hard and it will smooth out.
  10. I've checked with Bio people on how long it takes to relive pressure. I was assured it was pretty much instant.
  11. I use the lead strap off marker buoys. Bend acute angle on lead and attach other end to baitcast. Hold fish in water head down with lead strap hooked to jaw. Free spool fish to depth . Most often the fish will shack its head when pressure is relieved .
  12. Stomach contents is just a crazy concept. I know what the fish ate. It ate a bucktail or pencil plug maybe Tin. Or what ever else I caught the fish on. So Am I going to change my bait based on stomach contents . "NO"
  13. Garbage and the pigs that leave it!!!!
  14. It's your personal growth. You will make same mistakes over and over. You read last years report the mistakes will be glaring.
  15. You could call up Mudhole get all the pieces and build the handle anyway you want. If you get really crazy you can weave mammas name it the stick.