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  1. Hi Fitzy Thx a lot sounded like all died, but we are all flyfishermen with our upbringing in the danish sea run brown trout tradition, where we handle the fish very carefully. We fish from the coast both in Denmark and cape cod. We release most of them in the water if possible. We all have strong leader and we, i must admit take quick fotos of the big ones, maybe 20 seconds out of the water. If they are tired we use the same method as at home. By the tail we push them forward and back, too give them oxygen. Works with trout, should with stripers too. We hold the tail intill they start being lively again. Going to cape cod start june next year. Cant wait. WE absolutely love it. 1 suggestion from a foreign striper fisher. WE would still come if it was 1 over 35, we would still come if it was all catch and release. We will not come if its only 4 days a week. we will not come if there is no fish or only small fish.We would love to pay a lot more for a fishing permit if the moneys goes to studies and regulation, control and conservation. Same problem everywhere also here in Denmark. Money talks and logic fails. We should make a world wide fishermen conservation organisation. Lars H
  2. Could anybody link some study on catch and release survival rate on striped bass. we are a bunch of fly fishermen from Denmark who go to cape cod to fish stripers and we are almost 100 % catch and release. We take 1 fish per stip 4-6 guys share this fish for a home dinner each trip. Im very sad to hear that the fish we catch die. could somebody help me with some facts on the catch and release death ratio. Cause the fish i release look like they will survive, but if scientific research show that most of the fish i catch die. I will stop coming to cape cod to fish after stripers Lars H
  3. Sorry forgot to warn u guys about Norvegian salmon from Marine fish farms. Dont buy it. Filled with all kind of toxic ****, plus they completely destroy the natural Salmon in Norway.
  4. Could happen. Did in my country with baltic salmon. Too much dioxin in the fish to sell for human consumption, but then no problem. We just use it for mink food. Despite the fact that 1 kilo salmon is worth 150 $ when caught by a sports fisherman. Humans are a really clever animal.
  5. Hi Again Went out fishing today, the searun brown trout are slowly but surely changing into their spawning suit, so now starting to look like brown trout living permanently in the rivers. They are now migrating towards the river, they were born in to spawn. They usually spawn in november. Then they go back to the sea to eat. They get more and more difficult to catch the closer we get to the time were they go up into the river. Today i was very lucky, caught 5 fish lost 3, and had many hits. All between 17 and 20 inches, all caught in knee low water. Great day in the baltic sea, in a little inlet/ fjord kind of sea here in denmark. Have a great day. Everyday i look forward to coming back to cape cod. 8 months to go. too long. Lars
  6. Hi guys Thx so much for yr replies. I really appreciate it. The south west coast it is. For this mysterious fish. The blue fish. I know the comparison seems strange to u. But to me it makes sense. The permit i encountered in Belize and Cuba and it was so mysterious and i even lost one on fly. It was the tails and fins out of the water that got my blood pumping. The same with Blue the fish that got away, only seeing them with the tails fins out of the water. It got me strait back to the feeling of hunting Permit. So a very subjective comparison. Hi HI. But both strong as cargo trains, but for the fight the blue was out of the water shaking its head. The permit just keep going. Both lost. I have caught so many nice beautiful and big fish on the fly. Why is it? its the ones that got away that we "almost" remember the best.
  7. Hi Guys Im from Denmark and going to Cape cod 30 may to 8 june 2020. Its my 3rd time in the best place in the world to fish. I have been 2 times in cape cod. 1 time in september and 1 time in June. Both times we caught a lot of beautiful stripers. In september i even caught a albacore from the coast(strongest fish pound for pound i ever caught). September there was so many stripers but we had to fish a lot in the dark hours, which is not my favorite thing in the world. Next time we were there in june. Absolutely loved it. Big stripers on the flats and in low water. Sight fishing after big fish.Saw the biggest fish ever of the coast plus 30 pounds at least probably bigger. wow fantastic. Caught a lot of stripers including 6 keepers. so nice week. I lost a very big blue fish(Yes had wire leader on)and fell in love with this northern permit like fish. I have a plea to my fellow fisherman across the atlantic. This time i will spend a lot of time hunting blue fish. Can u share a few good spots with me. I will be very grateful if u will be so generous to point me in the right direction. WE fish pretty much all over the cape. yours sincerely Lars the viking(smiley)
  8. yep expensive the bridge is 12 miles long and was the world longest i think for 6 months
  9. Hey guys thx guys. The fishing is great at the moment. This weekend i have been busy with the family, but the reports from the coast right now is amazing. Friday i had a couple of hours before a meeting. I just entered the water on a spot i know real well. There is a lower sandbank going out into the deeper water with dark sea grass. I know the trout like to go on the edge of the sandbank and the dark. I put my line across the sandbank just into the seagrass edge, when i got a little take on my fly, i striped fast for 3 pulls and let the fly stand still slowly sinking, when it took hard and immediately jumped into the water. and made 3 more jumps after each other towards me, almost skating over the water, it was a nice fish and very strong, it maybe jumped 5 times more and took some nice runs, after catching alot of smaller fish this season or sinkers(fish that are slim because they have been spawning and just let the rivers and streams, this was my first nice fish and i really wanted it after loosing the big one earlier in the season. This was a keeper so the heartbeat was high and after maybe 10 min i got it jubiiiiii 53 cm(21 in) of pure silver beauty. I got 2 more just over bag limit so a very nice couple of hours. I keep around 8-10 fish a year for my family to enjoy. The fly is my own imitation of the pattegris, a very famous fly made by my friend, i call it pink spey. Tittleguy just write me when u r coming. My island is over the big bridge 100 miles from copenhagen. the bridge is expensive though. 50 dollars one way. But nice fishing close to copenhagen as well. Just write me at when u plan to come. RJ hope u will get the opportunity to come some days and fish with us. Im so looking forward to cape cod Lars
  10. hi chuck im not very familiar with the area. But where are we talking about the east side is in the baltic sea and more the fishing i know, and the west coast is the north sea which is another ball came, they have more species, but not as good sea run brown trout fishing. If u have a trip there(where) i will find more information and maybe someone local who know the area lars
  11. Hi guys First holiday and then lots of work has kept me busy, but the surf has been pulling me, and the start season has been fantastic on Funen. Lots of fish and big ones too. So after catching up with work i have been fishing the last week and a half every second day and caught a lot of smaller ones. The water temperature is high for the time of year 5 degrees celsius. So the sea run brown trout are leaving the rivers going back to the sea to feed. We call them sinkers or fallers. They are very hungry from not eating for a long time and been spawning. They are not good to eat so we put those back, so they can eat themselves fat. They do that very fast. The dream fish are the big jumpers that have jumped over a spawning year and stayed in the sea. They are beautiful silver torpedoes and fight like crazy. The juveniles that we call greenlanders are also present at the open coast in the winter, cause its been there first year in the sea, so they were to young to spawn. They are all around 35cm to 45 cm, bag limit is 40 cm(16in) and they are really good to eat. And they fight like mad they are more out of the water then in the water, so times they glide above the water towards you. Its great. This one got its freedom since it was just below bag limit. I ussually dont take fotoes of the fish but unhook them in the water. But for educational use or when i have to register them, im in a science program, more about that another time. Status 6 trips so far this year 15 fish most of them around bag limit or just under, and 2 medium sinkers aound 55-58 cm(21-23in) and lost one big jumper around 9 pounds- still hunts me, though i respect it won the fight and happy its out there in the big blue This one caught yesterday from the open coast and in good condition have been in the sea for my guess a couple of weeks and almost have its silver color again, but still not in full codition yet so back to freedom. This one is caught in an inlet close to a river(min 500 meter=550 yards protection zone) and just came out of the river. see the big head compared to the body and the color, in a months time this will be a trouphy fish around 3 kilos= 6 ,5 pounds. Life is beautiful and fragile, and flyfishing is my passion which i love to share with equals. Greetings from Denmark