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  1. I'd bet on Reagor having a turn around before JJAW but I still wouldn't like my odds.
  2. No shot they select 3 players in the first round in my opinion. Most likely one of those picks will get flipped for a 2023 first and a later round pick.
  3. Looks like a full on crypto bear market. Let's hope it's not the start of the next crypto winter.
  4. Please come take my cardinal. It spends hours almost every single day, year-round, banging itself in to my sun room windows. We've tried everything!
  5. My goal is to repeat 1000 trail miles on the mtb and this time make it to 150,000 ft. 2021 I finished with 1,012 mi and just under 140,000 ft.
  6. It seems that way because it is that way. The confirmed case rate in the US is much higher now than it's ever been.
  7. I've done it, and it works, but the ribs will likely be over-done. Its BBQ so there are a ton of variables but I find baby backs are typically done in 4.5-5 hrs instead of 6. I usually only wrap for about an hour instead of 2. Closer to 3-1-1 or 3-1-0.5 something along those lines.
  8. Looks good, but 3-2-1 is for spares not baby backs. Baby backs cook more quickly.
  9. Star Rods are decent for the price and Old Inlet likely stocks some.
  10. removed- will try to give away elsewhere
  11. Jenn-Air duel fuel convection oven with 4 burners and down draft. Converted for use with propane. Held it for a friend but they changed their mind. Will post here for a week or so to see if there are any takers. Free picked up in Northern Delaware, 19807.
  12. This is why it's vital to never use debit cards for any online purchase. Some credit card companies even offer single use disposable cc #s which would prevent this type of thing from affecting you. Another option is privacy[dot]com which produces virtual card numbers. Edit- It's very common for companies to try and hide or under report the damage. Don't rely on the vendor to alert you. Be proactive, check your accounts.
  13. I wear a medium in a standard belt but ordered a large thinking with waders, jacket, etc underneath I'd need more room, but it was too big for me. The adjustment range isn't very dynamic; I think the Large says sizes 38-42. I had to swap it for a medium. They must assume you'll have gear/clothing underneath when they size it.
  14. phone stays zipped in my pocket
  15. Unless they find a new coach that comes with a pair of NHL caliber defensemen I'm not sure it will make much of a difference.
  16. Iced and black. Preferably cold brew but not always. Sometimes opt for the iced red eye.
  17. I feel your pain, Coinbase wallet is the worst! I was tricked in to sending some coins there a while back.
  18. Wiss is on the list but I haven't ridden there yet
  19. Thanks! I was worried it was too much bike when my buddy convinced me to buy it, but I absolutely love riding it and have been very happy. I ride white clay sometimes as I'm good friends with the wooden wheels shop guys. I was living in newark when I bought and rode the hardtail and most of my riding was at white clay, but these days I prefer bwine for the steeper chunky terrain it offers. It helps that bwine is extremely close to where I live now. I haven't been to french creek but I have ridden glen park, Mt penn, and mountain creek.
  20. That's your friend's fault for storing his crypto on an exchange. It's literally the #1 rule- you don't own any crypto unless you hold the private key.
  21. I bought a (former shop demo) 2020 stumpjumper in Jan of 2021 and have been loving it. Approaching 1000 mi and 150,000 ft for the year, >90% of which was put in at brandywine creek state park. It's my first full suspension after spending most of my life riding BMX and a short stint on a XC hardtail. If anyone ever wants a tour guide at brandywine drop me a pm.
  22. I've used weber kettle grills (as a smoker too), a WSM, an offset barrel, and a BGE style kamado. If I had to choose one to own and no other grill, it's the BGE style hands down. Number two would be a larger weber kettle (22" or 26"). They are both super versatile and relatively easy to use once you figure them out. They function similarly in my experience with the kamado being comparable to a higher end version of the kettle. The offset barrel I had wasn't super high end meaning it had thinner gauge metal and it was difficult to maintain temp. It had too large a cooking surface for typical needs. The cooking surface also didn't heat evenly. It chewed through charcoal and logs and took a long time to put out a finished product. The WSM is great for smoking but not for a one size fits all grill.
  23. Carbon steel is the way to go for very high heat
  24. Personally I think this is a bear trap and new ATHs for the big coins will be happening again in a few weeks but with crypto there's always a chance of a 50+% crash.
  25. Aluminum isn't made for high heat; med/low only.