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  1. I read they have been testing ads in file explorer for windows 11 as well as requiring a live internet connection. No thanks.
  2. I have no idea whether 9% is accurate or not, but another aspect to consider would be water temperature. The Chesapeake Bay July through September is so warm that C&R mortality rates are going to be much higher than somewhere like Coastal Maine.
  3. I found a bunch of pairs of reddingtons in the back clearance room at my local cabela's a few years back. 70% off or so and a bunch of sizes. Might be worth a try but I'm not sure whether or not cabela's still has the bargain cave.
  4. Steep and Cheap dot com has at least two different pairs of 580G's on sale for $87 right now. I've ordered multiple pairs through them and have even had costa warranty one. Tailwalkers in all gray and switchfoot in blue/grey; possibly others.
  5. Hope it wasn't actually the kid and just a bad coincidence. I would think drugging someone's pet would constitute a crime but I'm just speculating. As far as timing- they do now make and sell (at least in california...) fast acting THC edibles which take effect in 5-15 mins so it is possible.
  6. The largest catfish I ever caught ate a little smokey sausage from dollar tree which was thrown on the hook as a joke.
  7. I'm not sure. My dog alert me to it while we were walking through a nature preserve. I think it had a broken wing; it seemed unable to move the left one. Luckily it was cold so I had a carhartt on which I was able to turn inside out and fashion in to a blanket to wrap it in. It fought me initially, but must've been pretty tired because it gave up rather quickly.
  8. It used to be that you needed 1 box in the house, but the last time I spoke with them about reducing my bill I was told that is no longer the case.
  9. Took this guy to a bird rescue yesterday
  10. I took my dog for a walk yesterday in a nature preserve near my house and she found this injured red-tail hawk just off the trail. It was clearly injured and could barely move; I think it's wing was broken. I managed to wrangle it in to my jacket and delivered it to tri-state bird rescue in Newark, DE. Hopefully they can fix it up.
  11. I've caught on a popper at night underneath lights (in addition to swimming an SS subsurface).
  12. chipotle sux!
  13. Save on cable box rental fees by trading in your cable boxes and swapping them with amazon fire sticks/rokus (which have a free xfinity app you can stream live tv through). I was once told by a rep to call/visit them right before your plan is 'up' and they will give you the next deal which has worked out well for me.
  14. I recently switched from using briquettes to lump and I don't think I'll go back. The cleanup convenience on a kamado style alone is worth a lot. I used to have to empty lots of ash in to the trash after every cook, and now I only have to scrape it out once every 4-5 cooks and it's compost safe. Less cleanup combined with the fact that home depot stopped the yearly 2-for-1 super deal on briquettes made them less appealing.
  15. Screwball was good
  16. A bit late to the thread, but steep and cheap often has great deals on high end sunglasses such as costas.
  17. I agree, most of them look awful. Also there have been incidents involving cars- last week two diners were killed in DC.
  18. Looks good! I've only ever had hanger steak served medium rare but it looks like you took it to a higher internal temp. How was it?
  19. Yep, the buildup of pressure through formation of gas as well as physical agitation of bubbling is effective enough to loosen mild clogs. Vinegar will dissolve hard water deposits but the combo of vinegar and baking soda isn't dissolving any drain blockages.
  20. Permethrin is perfectly safe when used according to the label. Picaridin is a good one to use also and has the advantage of being safe to apply on skin.
  21. I've had more free time than usual in the past week thanks to a certain virus I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about. I spent a lot of that time cooking and eating. First up was a large batch of Rosol, aka polish chicken noodle soup. The fiance has polish roots and I often make this for her when she's sick. We were out of the typical thin egg noodles so wide had to do. Scratch made broth with chicken parts, roasted beef bones, carrots, onion, celery, celeriac, parsnip, and of course a bit of cabbage. The broth gets strained and shredded chicken meat and carrot rounds are added to the bowl with noodles and broth topped with chopped parsley and dill garnish. Next up was the best of the bunch. Faux dry-aged NY strip. I was gifted this beautiful thick prime strip steak and decided to try out a quick DIY dry-aging method using japanese koji. It was excellent! I would highly recommend trying it out to any of you that like dry aged beef. Koji is dry rice that is inoculated with apergillus oryzae mold spores. I blended the koji in to a fine powder, coated the steak well, and dry aged it uncovered on a wire rack in the fridge for 2 days. The koji is then rinsed off and the steak is treated like any other. This particular steak was covered with crushed garlic and rosemary sprigs and went in the sous vide for 2 hours at 135 F. After that I seared it off in a cast iron pan with beef tallow leftover from roasting the soup bones. It was very similar to a 45 day dry-aged taste and a big hit for both of us. Next time I'll grill it over charcoal but it was snowing and windy. The last thing I thought to take a picture of was jerk chicken and cast iron mac and cheese.
  22. I already had an interest in cooking pre-pandemic but I feel like being stuck at home has really helped me have a better grasp of cooking fundamentals. I've been checking out your smoker posts, seems like you are a natural! Keep it up, please keep posting, and keep looking for the deals.
  23. Thank you both
  24. No idea! I'll have to ask the butcher next time I stop in. I have never seen them for sale and don't see them listed on the website for snake river farms or halteman family meats.
  25. I have not but it's on my list of things to do! I must've seen the same instagram vid.