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  1. I made some from the fat rendered out of roasted marrow bones and used it to cook potatoes and steaks until it ran out; I really enjoyed it but I hear some people really do not like the taste so your mileage may vary. I have no brand recommendations as I have never purchased any, but with my kitchen reno nearing completion I am considering buying some. I see fatworks advertised online so I will likely try that if I can't find any locally.
  2. I think this is a good point. While it does depend on the type of smoker it is very possible to overpower food with smoke. In my kamado and weber kettle I use chunks plus charcoal and typically only apply smoke for the first 2 hours.
  3. Christ they pretty much nailed the timing too?!
  4. It's a different virus that is similar to smallpox. The smallpox vaccine is partially effective with the efficacy likely dependent upon the strain. As I understand it these cases are interesting in that there has never been a documented case of human to human transmission prior to this outbreak.
  5. It's a good question. Did the either of the eagles and/or phillies practice there? I ask because if it's related to the playing surface baseball players would have higher exposure levels since they play 10x more games.
  6. Possibly a synergistic thing going on between multiple of these causes. I'm fairly certain it's been shown that rubber tire shreds used in playgrounds cause issues so my main suspect would be the turf.
  7. It's only possible to seize if the person holding the crypto is sloppy; public key cryptography is extremely secure.
  8. I got a really good deal on the Palix Rivers at my local cabela's a number of years back and they've been great for me, but I'm not nearly as hard on waders as some other people are. I exclusively have used them in saltwater and they've held up well, but I'm not exactly climbing rocks in montauk. I've made a few repairs over the 5 years I've owned them and am just starting to think I need to save for a new pair.
  9. The bottom line is that blockchain technology is very promising but still pretty young and it shows. Crypto is still clunky, confusing, and poorly regulated (from a standpoint of both taxes and oversight) but don't forget that crypto is far from the only application of blockchains. A lot of what many seem to view as problems with crypto seem to me to stem from poor choices (el salvador, gambling $ one can't afford to lose) or problems with govt policy (taxes, oversight). I think the long term outlook is something like the internet- early on it was clunky and confusing, at some point caused a massive bubble, and it was hard to figure out how to make it useful to everyday people. Who is to blame for the dot com bubble? The inanimate internet?
  10. Hold it for more than year? Pay with something like USDC or USDT?
  11. I encourage you to play around and learn the different taste profiles of each by doing the same cook multiple times while switching only the wood. Choosing what wood to use is personal preference, but the rules of thumb exist for a reason. Personally I don't like mesquite outside of hot and fast cooking red meat such as a burger; I think it is overpowering and bitter when used low and slow. Hickory alone can be overpowering as well, but I use it to cook beef or lamb and often mix a smaller amount in with fruitwoods for pork. Oak is good for most proteins but I rarely see it available as chunks (the form I need) near me. I use cherry a lot and it provides an excellent color so some gets tossed in on most cooks I do. I recently started using some pecan which I've been enjoying a lot; it's a bit milder than hickory but has a similar taste profile. At some point I went from one cook=one wood type to mixing multiple types in the same cook after becoming familiar enough with their individual taste profiles to get a feel for what will mesh well.
  12. Oh, sure. I think both will likely recover and reach new ATHs at some point in the future. I mostly just meant that I find the reasons people attribute as the driving forces behind price movements to be BS.
  13. Sure, it definitely did. The one thing I've come to learn having been involved with crypto for longer than many is that crypto markets are irrational, volatile, and heavily manipulated. People always try to explain price movements rationally and most of the time I think they are throwing stuff at a wall and hoping it sticks.
  14. I can't find an exact release date, but the coinbase app has been around since at least 2014 and plenty of others have been around for a similar amount of time
  15. ketchup is gross!
  16. PCR tests yes, rapid antigen tests will only be positive when live virus is present which for most is 5-10 days.
  17. Yep. Had to use my t shirt more than once. If you are dealing with a bird of prey giving them a stick to hold with their talons can help too.
  18. Road/gravel or trails? Niterider lights have been decent for night time trail riding. Two lights, one 1000+ and one 500+ lumens, I put the brighter one on the helmet. Probably overkill for road/gravel riding though.
  19. Bitcoin and crypto in general not a useful store of value. It's a high risk-high reward gamble.
  20. If btc approaches 20k or eth 1200 I'll consider buying.
  21. Yea I did this once minus the epic bluefish bite. I was catching bass late one night and didn't notice a blue snuck in the mix until it was attached to my thumb. A few wraps of electrical tape later and I was back in business.
  22. Personally I'd recommend a weber kettle grill. Relatively cheap, works well enough to smoke things and can also function very well as a grill. They are great starters to learn both smoking and cooking over charcoal.
  23. I thought this thread was going to be about Alpha-gal syndrome. Regardless, tick borne illnesses are no joke. Use repellent and check yourself!
  24. Set out Saturday to surpass the 20 mile mark on the trails at Brandywine Creek SP; the longest ride I've done there. 20 miles at White Clay is no problem but I was pooped by the end of this one.
  25. FYI steep and cheap dot com has some really good deals on Costas right now. 580G tailwalkers in gray for $62.25 and other models for as low as $70. This is the cheapest I've seen.