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  1. Thank you both!
  2. Any advice for that pier? I'm headed down this weekend for a two week vacation and staying around Hatteras. I don't have a beach buggy but plan to fish out front of the house and other beaches and may look for a spot to wade the sound. I'd love to check out the new pier but I've never done any real pier fishing and I'm not sure what I'd need.
  3. I think this site generates revenue from ads so maybe it's a touchy subject. Personally I use firefox plus the add-ons ublock origin (ad-blocking), ghostery (blocks trackers), and https everywhere (forces encrypted connections). You can just use ublock origin and be fine. I keep chrome on the computer for sites that don't function properly in the locked down firefox environment. I used to use ad-block plus but they started allowing ad companies to pay them to be whitelisted. I don't have any advice for OS level ad blocking software as I've never tried any but for network-wide blocking the best option is running a pi-hole but I've never gotten around to setting one up.
  4. Hurts looked better than I imagined. Let's hope they can keep it up and stay healthy.
  5. I've never tried the bags but I have done the quick dry-aging process with koji rice which only takes about 2 days. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to do and how good the product was; its worth trying out.
  6. Chemex, french press, or aeropress.
  7. Whole brisket or just the flat? Most likely undercooked or you purchased a flat only. Brisket is definitely less forgiving than other bbq cuts.
  8. I mean I hate starbucks as much as the next guy but this is easily verifiable (and also false)
  9. I've noticed it in the brandywine creek as well.
  10. glasses sold, thanks SOL.
  11. Brand new, never worn costa del mar spearo sunglasses in matte usa black with gray 580G lenses. Italian made and imported! See photos below. MSRP says $284, asking $175 shipped to the con US. Will take $150 for local pickup near 19807 or 19702.
  12. Sure. PM coming.
  13. I attach two travel rods in a nylon sleeve to my backpack and have never had anyone bat an eye (well, once in a foreign country).
  14. Have you contacted CDM? I believe their warranty is 2 years and in my experience they'll replace them even though they were dropped. If not, they should offer a significant discount on a replacement pair which would likely be equivalent to buying 3rd party replacement lenses.
  15. I was on an empty beach in Panama once and had a group of wild dogs approaching. I had no idea what to do so I just watched them waiting to see what was going to happen. Luckily the girl I was with had a clue and told me to stop looking at them and as soon as I did they ignored us. Apparently looking at them is taken as a sign of aggression.
  16. Source? I can't believe that two lone individuals were responsible for wiping out 3/4 of a billion in market cap. edit- found the article about 3 arrows capital I presume that's the source
  17. For the record, Apple doesn't get to see what you purchased and the merchant doesn't get your cc # so using apply pay significantly reduces the amount of tracking vs using the card directly.
  18. Its the dog days of summer so fishing in DE surf will likely be slow. Toss a hi/lo rig with fish bites and/or sand fleas right in the wash and you might get some kingfish aka whiting or spot. If you throw out a chunk or head on a circle hook you may luck in to a cobia but it's rare. Thin profile metal lures worked at dusk or dawn might entice a passing bluefish. Weight depends on wind and surf conditions- start at 3 oz and work your way up one ounce at a time if it's not holding.
  19. Plate ribs are awesome, chuck is very good, never done cheeks but it's on my list. Blanking on any other beef bbq cuts.
  20. Surprise me? Any of the teasers you tie is a-okay.
  21. I'll take 1 blue over white w/red gills teaser, 1 all white teaser, and two olive sandeels all in 3/0.
  22. Is MEGL is the new HKD? Similar story- chinese based by way of a hong kong exchange. IPO'd on friday at $4/share and currently trading at $180. Constant halts and low volume. Can someone wake up the SEC?
  23. Ooof! It's very strange movement on low volume with only a small % of the float available for trading.
  24. Is Syndergard still any good?
  25. Can anyone explain what is going on with NYSE: HKD that IPO'd 3 weeks ago and had skyrocketed in value on no news? Media is blaming reddit/wallstreetbets and calling it a "meme stock" but it most certainly is not...