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  1. My immediate thought as well
  2. I've gotten the shot for the past 5 years without any bad reactions to date other than a sore arm. Seeing as I work in R&D around human blood and serum it's a good idea for me.
  3. Lift up on one you think may be ripe. If the stem easily breaks away from the plant it's ready to be picked.
  4. Urine screens use different cutoffs to detect a metabolized version of THC in pee. Typically 20 ng/mL, 50 ng/mL, and 100 ng/mL. Most employers use 50 ng/mL as their cutoff to determine a positive from a negative. At a concentration of 1/10th of 1% a person would have to consume AT LEAST a few whole large bottles in one sitting to fail.
  5. Speaking as someone who worked developing EMIT assays (the most common type of pre-employment urine drug screen) the answer should be no. If it strictly contains CBD and no THC it would not cause a failed drug test.
  6. This! Just be smart.
  7. Outside of a few specific uses, many of its proponents' claims about its health benefits are dubious at best. CBD has been shown via peer reviewed research to have anti-seizure properties. The vast majority of its other purported uses have either never been studied or never been proven. That's not to say it doesn't work for anxiety, or pain, or whatever- just that it hasn't been proven by research. The placebo effect is a very real thing so keep that in mind.
  8. I'm in!
  9. When my supply got low last year I bought a large unfished lot for relatively cheap on the buy & sell page here.
  10. I tend to agree, just thought it was an interesting read and while intuitive not something I had ever considered
  11. If the personal injury reason isn't enough it seems there is now solid evidence that going barbless (and using single hooks) could be beneficial to released fish. According to a University of California Riverside study, the hole left in a fish's mouth after hook removal can hamper its ability to feed for species that use negative pressure to suck in prey. I believe striped bass would fall into this style of feeding category and from personal experience have noticed a significant difference in size between a hole left from a barbed hook vs a barbless hook. Mods: are non-commercial links are ok?
  12. My weber kettle grill needs to be cleaned due to mold right now. It usually is used so frequently it never gets a chance to grow but we just moved and in the process the lid was shifted off the grill but the cover remained on allowing moisture inside while keeping a dark environment. I will likely clean it with vinegar and then burn off just to avoid extra airborne mold. Many cooks/manufacturers recommend cleaning once a year by heating the grill to 500-600 F for one hour.
  13. a small amount of baking powder added to the salt & garlic powder on the skin will help it crisp.
  14. I think a lot of this depends on what product we are talking about. Rain gear? Waders? Fly jackets?
  15. As stated above lemon juice works great. I also would recommend either clipping your nails after fishing and before washing hands or keeping them short always as I find the smell tends to get under there and not come out easily.