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  1. Malkin plays dirty, it is known. Anyone claiming otherwise is either oblivious or a filthy yinzer.
  2. Just watched this... what the fuq
  3. Some people actually travel out of the country to have this type of work done. Turns out a round trip flight to central america, lodging, and the procedure is cheaper than having it done stateside. I knocked out some teeth as a kid and have been told I'll need implants one day.
  4. I used to stop in regularly on my way down, but haven't in the past few years as they never seemed to have the common items I wanted. I did enjoy his audio reports though
  5. Star stellar lite or star seagis are both good rods that I use for those purposes
  6. These incidents are clearly all attributable to philly fans in disguise
  7. Home made cold brew, black.
  8. Unfortunately I recently moved and haven't gotten around to unboxing/organizing the fishing stuff. I know I have quite a few but locating them isn't likely to happen anytime soon. I will let you know if/when I come across my stash.
  9. So the crawl space liner mat is toast and the rooms above it are constantly freezing. My plan is to replace the liner it with a newer, thicker one that extends up the walls and add/replace some insulation. Currently there is no sump pump in the crawl space but there is one in the basement. The crawl space entrance is in the basement next to the sump pit, and its floor is raised ~2-3' above the floor of the basement but slopes away from the basement. When it rains hard a small hole drilled in the wall between the crawl space and basement weeps water into the sump but as far as I can tell there aren't major water issues in the crawl space. My question is how do I decide whether or not I need to add a sump pit & pump to the crawl space?
  10. I change it out when I don't have enough left on the spool. I normally use 12 lb mono backer and then spool ~300 yds of braid. As I lose braid I'll take it off, add more backer, and put the line back on. No real reason to change it unless its too short or obviously damaged. I've had line on a couple of my reels for over 3 years without issue.
  11. Really shouldn't answer, and if you do you shouldn't say anything. One reason being scammers call trying to make sure they have a valid number, and an answer and a "hello" is all it takes to make your way onto a list of "good" numbers that is sold to other scammers. Second reason is that identity thieves often call a potential victim when they are trying to verify their information- an answer and a hello tell them they likely have a good lead on a real identity. On mobile, try apps like Call Protect and Truecaller. Best practice is to not answer any numbers not stored in your contacts; if its important a message will be left.
  12. Why not buy one that is made for liquids and comes with a rubber o-ring? I have a small version that I use to carry gulp! in my plug bag.
  13. well crap
  14. I tried chantix twice, one time I stayed off for a year the other for about 6 months. I tried cold turkey numerous times with varying degree of success but none permanent. One day maybe 5 years ago my friend gave me a vape, one of the real obnoxious huge cloud ones. Well I used that for a year or two and eventually the smell of cigarettes became revolting to me. At that point I went with a combo of the patch and lozenges and have officially been nicotine free for about 18 months. Hopefully this time it's permanent. One thing I'll say about chantix is I did have some side effects. Very vivid wild dreams and trouble pooping were the biggest.