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  1. Not sure where you are getting your info from but I'd consider either Panama or Costa Rica well before El Salvador. As someone else mentioned, check the US Dept of State's travel advisories.
  2. Early one morning I got a pair of decently large sierra mackeral (I think that's what they were at least) by ripping something similar to a deadly dick just below the surface and also saw some other large jacks and tunoid looking fish swimming in tight to the rocks but they weren't buying what I was selling. I spoke to a local who had caught a very large jack crevalle the previous morning. Another day I caught a few small snapper type fish on a hi/lo rig baited with shrimp.
  3. A couple February's ago I had good luck in the area of quepos fishing from rocks and on a half day inshore rooster charter.
  4. That's what I started thinking, but that still doesn't get you anywhere near $1 mil. I was never able to figure out what the assumptions were/what math was done.
  5. The wording on this is very confusing and the math doesn't add up. In one spot toward the top it says the assumption is a $60,000 monthly investment. Below that it says 60k invested as a lump sum at the start but underneath it says $333.33 monthly investment. At the bottom it says $60,000 total investment. If I do the math on a $60,000 initial investment at a 7.5% return over 15 years I don't get anywhere near $1 mil. Am I missing something?
  6. Lol my stupid a$$ did. Luckily not a large position. As someone else said, you win some you lose some.
  7. For the record the shooter was not transgender. This was committed by a violent schizophrenic that had multiple personalities, one of which was a male name.
  8. This happens regularly in my whiskey ice cube tray.
  9. The lastest dam removal plan hit a snag with some late public opposition but has been approved per WDEL... This article is the first time I've seen this photo of flooding from IDA...
  10. I have fished it a few times. Dirty water, lots of snags, and catfish. Seems mostly to be a bait and wait type of game which isn't really my thing. During the spawn (April 1- May 31) it's C&R only. It's a much different vibe and fishery than the CCC.
  11. Paying to give your DNA to a for-profit company is only slightly stupider in my book than paying to put a listening device in your home.
  12. The news reports regarding this are a little confusing. Most are reporting this 5.3 mil is to fix the south jetty. At least one is reporting it's to fix a "deep scour hole in the bulkhead along the north shoreline" AND the south jetty. According to the latest DNREC fishing report from Eric Burnley, "No mention in this press release of when they hope to have any news of repairing the north jetty under the Inlet Bridge. That project has been funded with 43 million dollars for more than two years." Maybe I'll need to attend the public hearing to figure out what actually is being done.
  13. there is certainly a lot of smoke....
  14. It went on for only like one season and the refs never wanted to make themselves look bad so they didn't overturn any calls.
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