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  1. Never heard of it but sounds like something I'd love to attend. Why is it on a Wednesday though?! Don't any of these people work?
  2. I had a short let go while pulling it up out of the rocks once, led to a hook through the finger. I'll be damned if I was allowing the hospital to keep that bomber though.
  3. 4" white zoom super fluke on a light jighead with a clouser minnow as a teaser.
  4. Nah I just have the metal wheeled stand.
  5. Interesting. Never seen anything like that. I wonder how it attaches? Not sure if it would actually work for mine or not.
  6. Leaving kids in a running car in Strawberry Mansion?! Brilliant.
  7. I think they prefer glutards
  8. As in the outer shell of the cooker? Or the cover you have is a 23" hard cover? I was picturing a fabric rain cover. 23" is prob the approximate diameter of the outside shell of the cooker.
  9. It’s the 18” model
  10. I was recently gifted one and used it for the first time last night. Its currently covered with a tarp & bungee, I could definitely have a use for it if it will fit the round version.
  11. Another vote for grilled in the husk!
  12. Who is your provider? The big ones all offer a spam call/text blocking app. AT&T's is called AT&T Call Protect it works okay. You can also try Truecaller.
  13. You are overthinking the large striped bass aspect. Being able to toss 2 oz jigs and 1/4 oz spinnerbaits on the same rod is pushing the limits of any rod imo, but if I were you I'd look into a 7' 1/2-2 oz range rod such as a star stellar lite. The PG1120ISM might work. Don't be afraid to buy used to keep costs down.
  14. I prefer a 9' for most of my out front open beach fishing.