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  1. That area is mostly fished from boat with bloodworms or bunker chunks. Shore access is limited & finding a good spot to toss plugs is tough. Soaking bait from shore does work if you're into that. As Ahab said making the drive down to cape henlopen state park, roosevelt inlet, or indian river inlet is likely to be your best bet.
  2. switch to lures!
  3. I like to call in blatant violations without engaging the perpetrator(s). My aim is the element of surprise; if they don't know they've been made maybe they'll stick around long enough to get nabbed. Also I tend to fish alone and who knows what a person or group of people might do if they don't like what you have to tell them and are all alone. Having said that if I think its an innocent mistake or simple ignorance of regulations I have on occasion told the person the rules.
  4. I have always carried on, including trips to USVI & turks and caicos without issue. My last excursion to Panama was a a different story, however. On my way home they forced me to check the rods & all reel parts at the last minute citing some blunt object sign on the wall. The most annoying part was who they did let through: one guy with a guitar, another with a tennis racket, and a child with a razor scooter.
  5. The fatty point end is the best part! But to answer your question, yes flats are easy to find. BJ's always has them as well as some run of the mill groceries.
  6. grilled on a cedar plank with some lemon dill sauce
  7. Pick a few lures & learn to use them effectively. Once you can effectively fish the first few pick a few more to focus on.
  8. The walruses on the cliff scene was difficult to watch...
  9. dry aging or wet aging!
  10. Summer time in DE is slow, especially during the day out front without using bait, but there should be some fish around the 3rd week of June. Jighead/gulp swimming mullet combo worked slow & low right at the lip might score you some flounder. There is a chance small striped bass could still be foraging in the lip as well, a small feather teaser 8" above the jighead would attract their attention. Bring a couple metal lures ie kastmaster, deadly dick, or hopkins & a topwater popper in case blues are around. Your best bet may be fishbites bloodworm alternative fished on a hi/lo rig with small hooks & a sinker right in the wash. Not as messy as bait but effective for many of the small fish that hang out in DE during the warmer months. Good luck & don't forget to report back.
  11. x2 could be a number of things (acl, mcl, pcl, meniscus) but sounds like you def need to see an ortho...
  12. Afraid it won't matter much unless MD follows suit
  13. Feeling this way a little more every single day
  14. "Florida man arrested for having sex with miniature horse on multiple occasions, deputies say" Its okay though, the story goes on to say he used protection.
  15. Ahhh I follow you now. Very interesting question indeed