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  1. Is MEGL is the new HKD? Similar story- chinese based by way of a hong kong exchange. IPO'd on friday at $4/share and currently trading at $180. Constant halts and low volume. Can someone wake up the SEC?
  2. Ooof! It's very strange movement on low volume with only a small % of the float available for trading.
  3. Is Syndergard still any good?
  4. Can anyone explain what is going on with NYSE: HKD that IPO'd 3 weeks ago and had skyrocketed in value on no news? Media is blaming reddit/wallstreetbets and calling it a "meme stock" but it most certainly is not...
  5. Yea it depends as far as shipping times go. I twice ordered knockoff hockey jerseys from ali express from the same seller a few weeks apart. The first arrived in about 2 weeks and the next got stuck in customs and took over 2 months. This was years before covid too so shipping backlogs didn't play a role. Can't say I've ever ordered fishing stuff.
  6. I don't have a phone with face unlock so I input my passcode to confirm the transaction.
  7. It's just the smallpox vaccine
  8. It is as secure, or more so, than using any other form of POS payment and will work anywhere tap to pay is accepted. I read a lot about cybersecurity and personal finance and people much smarter than myself have come to the conclusion it's extremely safe and perhaps the most secure payment form. I put my credit card info in there for the exact instance you described and it has since saved my butt on more than one occasion.
  9. maybe he meant 3 yr?
  10. this dude is trying to scam you; zelle sucks
  11. what did I just read
  12. It's not always clear what will and what will not be allowed. I was not allowed to board a flight from Panama back to the US with my reel body (no spools) or my travel rods (30" sections) on my person because they deemed them to be weapons. They forced me get out of line, check them, and wait in line again which almost caused me to miss a flight. Meanwhile they let a person with tennis rackets and a family with kids riding on metal razor scooters past security. When I tried to read and understand the rules I found it is just at the discretion of whoever is checking your bag as to whether or not something could be considered a weapon; there was no rule prohibiting fishing rods or reels.
  13. I would happily take the VPR off your hands if I wasn't so far away. Good luck with the sale and your move.
  14. I have had nymphs in my yard every year for 3 years now but I don't see many adults because I've been loading a spray bottle with dish soap and water and spraying them every couple days. They mostly congregate on my wild grape vine and blackberry bushes. If you spray them when they are just black and white, before they turn red, it kills them very quickly. Once they get to their first red stage it takes more volume and they often hop away.
  15. Texas rigged craws or worms Size 8 or 10 X Rap super spook jr anything that looks like a crawfish really Just this year I started using a Gold/Neon red Kastmaster and it's been great