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  1. This board is crazy sometimes. Having a bad day isn't an excuse for any of what she did! She should be charged with filing a false report and animal abuse. Why not round it out and give her the ticket she deserves for the dog being off leash too; she certainly earned it.
  2. Does anyone have experience updating insulation in a 1.5 story cape cod? Being home all the time with my makeshift home office upstairs has made me realize just how hot it gets up here during the day. When I look in to how to properly insulate a 1.5 story I'm starting to worry I'm going to have to gut the entire upstairs. The main attic has gable & ridge venting but the knee walls have no vents. I actually don't have access to one knee wall area & the home's main entry way is a 12 x 15 vaulted ceiling making the whole process that much more inconvenient. Not sure I like the idea of converting the knee walls & main attic to a hot roof as I've heard bugs & critters love spray foam and we have plenty of critters around. Also wouldn't want a leak to go undetected. Any thoughts or pearls of wisdom? Am I resigned to waiting until we can do a major reno? I'd love to just start air sealing and blowing insulation but from what I read I'm just going to cause ice dams.
  3. If I had a chest freezer I'd totally do it.
  4. I've made a few, they generally turn out pretty well. Google detroit style pizza recipe for a general idea. If you don't grease the pan enough it will stick. I've always started from a cold cast iron in a stark contrast to using a steel/stone. Not sure the dough would cook all the way through otherwise as its deep dish.
  5. Hahaha yep I think you misread. Pole barn not pole bean!
  6. I read that pre-print. Unfortunately it's the no-fun strains (read: high in CBD low in THC) they claim are helpful.
  7. I think what you did sounds reasonably safe and sane. Staying 6+ feet apart outside is sure to greatly reduce chances of transmission. Personally I think cooking on the grill is perfectly acceptable and unlikely to increase risk. I've been making batches of pulled pork and other goodies & delivering them to my parents and sisters all along. If it were me I'd put all the food on a table self serve buffet style and have each group come up separately. Perhaps have guests bring their own plates/utensils but in my opinion that's likely overkill if you have access to hand sanitizer for use before & after. The hurdle I haven't been able to jump while thinking up a similar plan is bathroom/hand-washing. We don't have an outdoor sink and while most guys don't mind using mother nature my biggest hesitation would be letting people inside.
  8. I think you're referring to the Royal Gourmet Foldable Charcoal Chimney Starter and Camping Grill
  9. I haven't found a cheap soft sided cooler that won't leak to some degree with ice. The best one I have is an igloo bag that my girlfriend's company had branded for a giveaway. If you search "Igloo BGCO-9085GE" on the big G the top result shows it (promo igloo maxcold insulated cooler tote) & you can order a single blank 'sample' for around $40. I haven't seen that exact model for sale elsewhere so I can't comment on the similar models on igloo's website.
  10. Wait, there are 5 black head coaches in the NFL?
  11. Wow, very jealous. Awesome find!
  12. Just make sure to keep it as close to the family jewels as possible!
  13. Using mercury to load lures has long since gone out of style. I use mineral oil or bbs.
  14. Yep that's the same as what I did plus chopping off the nub. If you look around some will have the nub cut off some won't. Don't think it makes any difference.
  15. Tips are good for stock and typically don't get eaten so its mostly a "why not?" Drumstick nubs are more for aesthetics and I think I read it helps the drumsticks cook more evenly. Its currently en vogue to cook drumsticks like that, known as lollipops. I tried it once on a whole bird and thought it came out well so I kept doing it.