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  1. If you had them last year you have them again, look closer. They are in a smaller instar phase right now and I'm finding them on thorns, wild grape vines, roses, and my blackberry bush.
  2. This is your first time? It'll come back. It may take a while but it'll come back. At least the big coins will.
  3. Open sand beaches I use 30 lb powerpro, j-braid, or suffix 832 the vast majority of the time. Sometimes if I need extra distance or am targeting flounder I'll drop it down to 20 lb. If it's rocky I'll up it to 40.
  4. delete
  5. IRI would be your best bet but fishing for those species is slow during warm months. Bass this time of year will mostly be short of the 28" limit and caught late at night or early morning. Try a small white bucktail with a thin white trailer. Add weight in the form of a trolling sinker 18" in front if needed. Drifting sand fleas in an eddy will work too. Don't think there have been a ton of blues caught recently but that can change at any moment. Any metal lure presented in front of their face usually works. IRI is a challenging place to fish. Good luck.
  6. Seems a bit on the small side but should be okay if you are only targeting spot. mullet, and flounder. I use a similar set up down there for the same species. I'd skip the penn fierce and go with a diawa BG. A few more dollars but a better reel. Just beware diawa's BG sizing is a bit screwy compared to other manufacturers/models.
  7. DE only cares about front window tints and from what I understand it's not a primary offense, meaning you can't be pulled over for it. While it can be tacked on as a citation if you are pulled over for something else it is rarely enforced outside the DMV. I had mine done in NCC, not Sussex, but the shop runs a deal where if you have the fronts done they will remove it for free prior to your inspection. I've had the fronts tinted for years and never had an issue.
  8. May favorite recipe is Cafe Delites- authentic chimichurri (Uruguay & Argentina). The tips section is helpful, as is the advice to skip the blender/food processor and chop by hand. I sometimes substitute cilantro in place of parsley, especially with seafood.
  9. Sounds good to me! I like to switch it up so I often use something different. Last time it was simply black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder (I need to get on the granulated garlic train). I made a chimichurri to go with which was excellent.
  10. I like to salt the tri tip the day before the cook and leave it uncovered in fridge. I then pat it dry shortly before the cook and apply the rub (I make my own and exclude salt).
  11. Beef- yes, absolutely. Pork shoulders and bellies too. Ribs I go back and forth. It's easy to over-salt ribs so that is a risk.
  12. Pre-salting protein makes a huge positive difference in my opinion. Especially beef. It really helps to get a good crust on a steak if you salt it 24 hrs in advance and pat nice and dry before cooking.
  13. Looks great! While the rotisserie turns out great chickens, its totally not necessary. I did make some picanha on it once that was very good.
  14. Ah yea don't bother buying one until you have a permanent place to stick it.
  15. WHOA WHOA WHOA One of my pandemic purchases was the rotisserie and I have to say- I love it! I have an egg in addition to the kettle. As much as I love the kettle, can't beat an egg.