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  1. Yea I could see that. Most of my roof is so steep I'd never walk it anyway. But the one I bought isn't particularly heavy.
  2. Sounds like it was spooled too loosely from the beginning allowing the top braid to bite into the line underneath.
  3. I assume you aren't open to gas? I recently picked up a ryobi gas blower that wasn't very expensive and works very well. I think I paid a buck twenty.
  4. I heard of a boat coming back to DE with a 'limit' of dead prime breeders that had been caught ~10 mi offshore. What a shame.
  5. Having spent most of my life on bikes and in bike shops I can't advise you to spend $600 on a Hyper from Walmart. I'd mostly be worried that something will fail and you will not be able to find parts/service.
  6. Wow. Not sure I have the skills to debone like that!
  7. Thanks for sharing
  8. I've weighed mine in the past and marked them with a sharpie but it wears off. I like the color coordinated system mentioned by 914surf
  9. I should note that I copy and pasted the bulleted points above from another site so the endorsements in parentheses are not mine...
  10. You can stop most junk mail by using these tools: DMA Choice (costs $2 now, apparently, but definitely worth it!) National Do Not Mail list Catalogue Choice OptOutPrescreen (stops banks and other financial institutions from being able to pull your credit score/report without your approval. This stops pre-approved credit card offers and, likely, scammy loan offers, and helps prevent identity theft). PaperKarm app (costs $2/month, but easy to use. You take a picture of the label on a piece of spam, and the app automatically unsubscribes you) Catalogue choice, optoutprescreen, and the national do not mail list are free. I just moved and found these resources when moving.
  11. I almost always preferred iced coffee to begin with, so a couple years ago I started making cold brew concentrate at home. One gallon at a time which lasts me about 10 days. I dilute it slightly with water, toss in some ice, and I'm on my way to work. A few years back in an attempt to shed some lbs I started drinking it black and never had a desire to go back.
  12. I'm more worried about all the fecal matter in coffee shop ice. Prob mcdonald's ice too for that matter. At least if its only on the screen I can wash my hands between ordering and eating.
  13. I have a specific memory of a stranger at a local pond not only giving me a senko style soft plastic worm and a offset gap hook, but also showing me how to properly rig the soft plastic. That piece of advice was transformative to my fishing success.
  14. Do it! Get provolone if you're into it, they use the good stuff. Just make sure you call before you show up, especially if you are driving a distance. I once drove an hour there only to have them be closed. I think the owners vacation this time of year.
  15. Perhaps a little heavy of a rating, but only one way to find out. I usually reach for a 9' 3/4-3 or 10' 2-5 at IRI.