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  1. I'm more interested in the limits of 40-60#er at the auction. Geeee. I wonder where they came from.
  2. They are running small. A few 7#ers. But most are little fellers. Solid numbers make up for it tho. Only heard of 1 king a month or so back from Succonesett nothing since. I've hit a few likely spots and prospected with no joy and no sightings
  3. 34% in mid August. Gonna need a hell of a fall run to make my prediction falter. Only a 3% change after the last Comm day. It sucks whats happened to such an amazing fishery.
  4. Two days of inshore Bonito fishing, two VERY different results. Sunday was a windy weekend day with TONS of boat traffic. It made doing anything next to impossible. We worked hard to get 1 bonito and scratch out a handful of blues. We opted to cut it short at a half day. Monday my crew of regulars were sniper level casters and we all work well together. Winds were light and off shore so conditions were ideal. Being a Monday most everyone was off the water leaving maybe a dozen or so boats to deal with. Several of which were friends (Including the RIPTIDE BAY) and other guides I like to fish near. My guys today broke the boat record for casting to bonito landing over FOUR DOZEN !!!! The feeds were insane, my guys didn't miss one opportunity to get tight. Doubles and triples were the rule. On nearly every feed I got them near at least one of them got tight. @Hogy 7/8oz Silverside colored epoxy jigs did all the damage. Tied to 15# Sufix flouro and 20# Sufix 832 Ghost braid. It was almost too easy today with the conditions and the dream team on board. Now the wind is gonna blow for a few days and I'll be doing yet another oil change all while wishing we could repeat today's action.
  5. Well written Jason. I agree 100%. I said the same thing when they dropped to 2@28 and it's been down hill since
  6. Currently, average daily landings are about 18,000 pounds. This daily landing rate is lower than at this time last year. If this trend continues, it is likely that landings will only approach 50% of the quota by Labor Day I'm no prophet. But I think I called this one pretty closely and well in advance. They are A$$holes for trying to up the number of fishable days, but even if they do it wont get them much higher anyway. (It wouldnt be this high if you took out the Block Island fish coming in) Shame Mass DMF destroyed such an amazing fishery after having done it once already and gotten a do over.
  7. My 50% prediction is looking better every day
  8. Most came/ come from Boock Island
  9. I cant post a link but there is historical data on the Massachusetts Commercial Fishing site.
  10. 14.8% and a month in. It should only get harder.
  11. Everything's gone to $hit since that Trooper quit stalking the acess road with his cruiser checking on guys
  12. Big deal. 15 cents a pound wont cover gas to the no wake zone
  13. It allows fish to spawn more before they are killed. It also helps with the biodiversity of the species ensuring a healthier overall biomass.
  14. FWIW, back when fishing was excellent, this is what the Commercial season looked like. 1.3m pounds so 1.5 times the current quota. This (and the lower Rec limit) was the beginning of the end.
  15. 3 days down and only 5%. That 50% prediction I made is looking better and better.