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  1. A 27 Ocean Master
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10. Its AMAZING for a phone.
  3. No gators. Biggest was maybe 7ish. Lots of 4-5#s. In 5' of water smashing poppers it was a blast. Would LOVE to see the 15+ show up!
  4. The last few days have been spent catching hundreds of stripers and blues from the rips and flats. Dozens of double and triple hook ups kept everyone busy and happy. All of our fish have been taken on fly and light tackle. Many on topwater. Hogy Lures amber original has been deadly with all the squid around. This morning I spent some time in a large open Ocean ripline with standing waves at T top height. I can't begin to express how well the new boat handled the conditions. I can honestly say, it was better in the massive rip waves than the old Contender was. There isn't a trip that goes by that this new ride doesn't find a way to impress me more and more. Overall just a great couple days with a great bunch of anglers.
  5. Not sure. Wouldnt surprise me. I'll go out on a limb and say they wont break 50% of the quota this season. You heard it here first.
  6. I said it when they went to 2@28 we were screwed. People said I was Chicken little and the sky was falling. My reply was "give it 10 years"...........UNFORTUNATLY I TOLD YOU SO!
  7. I've been busy when the weather has allowed us to get out. I've ping ponged all over the place. From big fish on live bait, to 100+ school fish days on the flyrod, we can ans have done it all. It's a shame the striper fishery is in a state of decline, but we continue to put our anglers on the best possible bite for their specific requests. I'll have striper reports for the next 11 days (weather permitting) and then we will change gears. I throw in the towel on stripers once the chaos of Commercial season descends on the Cape like a plague. Fluke, Tuna and Mahi will be the next round of targets once we wrap up stripers.
  8. There is one lone large Male that is seen with some regularity out that way from what I've read.
  9. The vast majority are dead and gone.
  10. Today was Father & Son day with Brian and his son Dillon. We ran a similar program to yesterday's Daddy / Daughter day. We had a 0630 start, hit the closest rips for a couple quick fish on Hogy Lures originals. Then we zipped off to a deeper ripline. The weather was nicer today with sun and no fog. However the stronger breeze made our drifts alot faster and made fishing more difficult. We were able to pick away at a mix of bass and blues but the catch rate was not what I would have liked to see with the amount of birds,.bait and fish we had. Despite the slower pick my crew kept working hard and as the tide slowed a bit we were able to hook up at a much faster rate including some doubles. On top of the bass and blues we managed a fluke and a sea robin from this area. Dillon wanted to up the species count even higher than yesterday's 5 species day. A short hop to another rip gave us an easy pick of seabass and scup rounding out a SIX species day for my guys. On the way back to the ramp we were once again diverted by birds and we grabbed another half dozen bass blasting squid. Overall a fantastic effort by my crew. The wind and currents conspired against us, but the guys worked hard and never gave up. Their effort was impressive and the solid number of fish landed still didn't truly represent how hard they worked today. They were a fantastic crew and they earned every fish they landed today!!!
  11. Today I had Mike and his 9 year old daughter Samantha on the boat. Sam is an avid fisherwoman but has mostly been relegated to fresh water. We ran out in pea soup fog and hit the first ripline. Within a cast or two we checked stripers off the list for Sam. We did a few more on that rip and moved to better action. After a short boat ride I found pile of big gulls over bass feeding on squid and butterfish. Here my crew went to work jigging Spro bucktails and throwing Hogy Lures Protails. The fishing was solid for several hours and we put up some excellent numbers. By the time the tide began to slow Sam had over 50 bass and a few blues under her belt. Then I figured we should add to the species count. Short run and a change to Epoxy jigs added scup, seabass and searobin to the list. Finally we headed back towards the ramp, but not before being diverted by a few gulls on yet another rip. Unweighted amber Hogys racked up another dozen in about as many casts. Overall just a great morning with a fun crew. Sam's skills were impressive for her age and both she and Mike were a pleasure to have on the boat.
  12. Today I had my friend and long time angler Michael and his buddy's on the boat. We worked the rips and seams for most of the day throwing flies and Hogy Lures at bass and blues that were keyed in on squid and butterfish. The pea soup fog made things more difficult, but the guys did a great job landing dozens of fish for the day. As always a quick trip into Larson's Fish Market for Lobster Rolls and Stuffies was a big hit. Overall a solid effort with lots of fish with a great group of guys.
  13. Today we mixed business with pleasure. I had Adam from Raymarine and his brother Bob on the boat. The guys warned me they haven't landed a fish in like 3 years of fishing. I assured them that would change today. I began to rethink my promise when the morning started off SLOW. Yesterday's action all over the place had gone silent. So I pointed the RIPTIDE south and ran. We found piles of birds on radar and managed to take the striper course off the boat along with dropping a jig deep and getting a surprise 21" fluke. We kept grinding and found a few fish here and there before landing one what can only be described as a "World Class" Hickory Shad bite. We checked that box repeatedly along with the bluefish column as well. A monster skate took a Spro jig so I guess that's another species. Then the one thing that makes EVERY trip a winner.......Lunch at Larson's Fish Market !!! Reenergized with Stuffies and Hot buttered lobster rolls we continued our quest. More small topwater bass were landed before wrapping the day up with a bunch of BIG seabass. Overall it was not the slob-fest I had hoped for, but the guys landed a ton of fish a bunch of different ways, we had a great lunch AND it was flat calm all day. So I suppose that's a win! A bonus was Adam is the Radar/Sonar guy at Raymarine. So I got to show off my radar skills to the guy that makes the stuff and he showed me some killer tricks with my SideVison sonar that blew my mind. I think we all won today.
  14. Different areas. The popper was in 12' of water. The other fish were in deeper water and Spro jigs did most of the damage.
  15. Today the weather forced our gameplan but we worked it to perfection. Scott is a regular and he always starts the trip by telling me he has faith I'll pull something out of nothing. Today we started with a hunt for larger bass on top. The area had a fair amount of boats but we set up a nice quiet drift and by using the Navionics bathymetric charts we had an advantage. Using Sonar Charts Live and Raymarine Sidevison we were able to grab a few fish including a 40" class fish in a Patrick Sebile's A Band Of Anglers Flying Pencil. When the bite slowed we moved away and played with Seabass and school stripers. With the electronics helping dial us in on what appeared to be just a normal schoolie bite, we worked through the small fish clutter and got several solid keepers from among the rats. When the CHIRP sonar lights up like we saw it today, it's hard not to make things happen. Overall a fantastic day despite cold dreary windy conditions. My guys landed dozens and dozens of fish each and will be feasting on seabass for the next few weeks.