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  1. Thanks .I’m going to put it in my daughters college fund.
  2. down the drain right into my wallet. If you need some tips for next season feel free to reach out.
  3. What’s shaking Andrew? If I had a buck for every time someone said that since before the playoffs started....
  4. Hope the starting dbacks are healthy. Mahomes will torch those second stringers.
  5. That’s what they say and I listened. Placed this bet @ 14-1 before Bucs made playoffs. Hoping he’s got one more in him!!!!
  6. My daughter and I found this baby bird while walking the dog last night. Anyone know what kind of bird this is? Looked in surrounding trees did not see a nest. Couldn’t just let it die there. He’s a hungry fella we’ve been feeding him wet puppy food from a spoon in small quantities. Looking for a local rehab place that will take him. Thanks in advance.
  7. I can't recall ever eating a freshwater fish that was not fried. I could fry and season a pair of my tube socks and it would taste good. Saltwater fish I've baked, grilled, broiled etc. There are many saltwater species that are excellent stand alone or with very little seasoning. I think that's the biggest difference between fresh vs salt on the table. Are there any freshwater species you don't have to fry to make them edible?
  8. I lived in So Cal for a little over 10 years. We Moved back to NJ last summer. My wife is from the South and that's where her family lives. Corona Virus finished him off in under a week. Last time I saw him was a few months ago.
  9. My wife's uncle died from COVID-19 last night. She was facetiming with her cousins as they stood on the lawn of their moms house and she looked out the front door. They tried to console her, but she has it now as well so they can't get close enough to give her a hug. The hospital also offered to allow the family to see him via facetime before he passed. It was very sad to watch.
  10. Thanks. They live in the South and we haven't seen them in a couple months. They're basically sitting there waiting to see if they all get sick. Very Tough situation. I think you're correct in your assessment. Not sure why people are acting differently. Hopefully if we all keep our distance for a month this will level off. My friend took a video as he was driving through times square yesterday. Unbelievable. Probably one of the busiest three blocks in the country and nobody was around. Maybe six cars total in a two minute video and I saw just a handful of people on the streets.
  11. My wife's uncle tested positive on Friday and he's been on a ventilator since yesterday, That whole side of the family is on two week lockdown. They're a very resilient bunch, so hoping they all come through ok.
  12. My 8 year old daughter came home from school yesterday and ran over to play with the puppy. She literally jumped in the air and did a cannon ball onto the floor and landed on her knees. I got light headed watching it......and yelled out some profanity mid air....I figured she would be seriously injured. Nothing,....absolutely nothing. immediately laughing and rolling around with the dog. If i did that I'd still be on the ground and without question need two knee replacements.
  13. Just got a new pup early December. “Frankie” is an Old English Bulldog
  14. When do you guys take the tree down and clean up the house? It's December 26th and my tree is on the curb and all decorations are boxed up and and in the attic. This is early for us as I have a 10 week old puppy and that little dude could not help himself but run under the tree, eat the branches, bite the lights etc. I would say we're usually done with it all around December 28 or so. I don't like to prolong the inevitable... on the last morning of vacation I'm packed up and on the road by 8 am....Have friends that will linger, hit the beach, go to lunch....and spend the whole last day hanging out with the car packed to go home....not my style....when it's over, it's over. Anyone keep them up into January?
  15. that's awful. was just reading about EEE. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/massachusetts-woman-dies-rare-mosquito-162954174.html