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  1. Bob Marley - Legend
  2. not sure about his actions.... but they're doing a good job hiding his injury. Only thing they can't hide is the fact that they bought in another back Mid December. Obvious that something is up.
  3. Everyone out here is confident the Rams will be victorious. Boston can't beat Los Angeles back to back.....World Series and then Super Bowl....Can they? Patriots dynasty began with a super bowl victory in 2002 over Rams. Fitting end of dynasty with a Super Bowl loss to Rams in 2019. Folks are asking if Gurley is healthy....Anderson certainly lessens the concern in the backfield. If he's healthy and they have two very capable backs I agree with the So Cal masses that the Rams Win. It was 20-17 in 2002....I'm going Rams 31 Pats 24.
  4. Disagree. Aaron Donald is only 27 Years Old...if you look at his career to date he has 5 pro bowl appearances, defensive rookie of the year and defensive player of the year(last year). Not a bad resume for a player still on the front 9 of his career. (if he stays healthy) Belicheck in an interview a few days ago called him "unblockable" . Is there a better defensive tackle in the game today?
  5. Aaron Donald from the Rams is as good as any of the Defensive Lineman you just mentioned. Add in Suh...and you have two guys after him every play that match up to the folks in the glory days. We'll see how he holds up. I think Tom Brady's a lot tougher than most give him credit.
  6. At this point there are very few hold outs left that do not think he's the best QB of all times. What he did in the last five minutes of that game yesterday was unbelievable.
  7. If you think the NFL is fixed I can't help you. Have a nice day.
  8. Jesus. If you're going to insult me you can at least make it funny.
  9. Not true. Saints vs Chiefs was the game the networks wanted.
  10. Are you serious? Yes, the games are rigged and everyone involved said lets fix the games and let the Patriots win for the last 18 years! Ha! Also the game the networks desperately wanted was Chiefs vs New Orleans. That is the game that would have bought the best ratings.
  11. The best team won. Saints had the lead, gave up points, blew their chance in OT and lost. All of this at home. It was a bad call, but who cares. Go Rams!
  12. The Guy used to be hilarious. Loved him back in the day on the Howard Stern show. Beer league, Old School etc. 30 years of smelling Cocaine...Not sure what it did to his nose...but damn!
  13. This home is probably 7 miles from the beach in a “ok” part of Torrance about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. 550 K 924sq feet. New York has its taxes, In so cal it’s the price of real estate. This is just an example. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1528-W-223rd-St_Torrance_CA_90501_M18258-56275?view=qv