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  1. SUP

    In the Surfing World pecking order Stand Up Paddle is below Boogey Boarding. Maybe one notch above the fat guy in cut off jeans floating around on an inflatable raft. Surfers absolutely hate SUP cause they sit outside the line up and catch waves before they can. I see a lot of "No Stand Up Paddle" stickers on cars out here. I'm an old man so I like to paddle around bays etc, but it does get boring after an hour.
  2. https://abc7.com/pets-animals/teen-with-broom-saves-children-from-dog-attack-in-englewood/5205345/?fbclid=IwAR33QTHhUehr0l_0oclPm-5ll7OCpmRLlFVG0yMWVRFylfGvMwC1hq6Kj8w
  3. This interview is great. Very informative. @ 4:00 I believe he wanted to kill the guy asking questions. Gets intense.
  4. The group Mob Life on Fbook has tons of pictures, updates etc for all gangster stuff. Someone added me to the group about six months ago. The old pictures of Capone, lucky Luciano etc & the history are interesting. The story of Michael Franzese is Insane. Guy made 6-8 million a week on gas tax.
  5. I'm looking forward to getting back into Northeast fishing. I'll be logging some windshield time between Jersey and Boston for the new job so I'll throw some gear in the truck and check out new areas to surf fish. I also get a kick out of drifting live eels for bass on boats. Will hit any open party charter boats in RI, CT, NY etc while I'm out and about. I want to catch a pike and a Muskie as well.
  6. Glad to hear! Will be good to catch up with the old gang. I guess I have to pay my dues now. ha!
  7. That's him. I remember brian being a nice guy. Went fluking with him one day in Shark River.
  8. Hi Charlie. Been a decade or so. Hope all is well! I'll get Shawn fired up again and we'll meet you on the sand. I'll be at the trout tournament in Spring Lake...Will fill you in on what I'm up to. I remember that fish well. That was a real nice one. We had a ton of fish that day in the 25-30 lb range, but yours was an obvious stand out. Low 40's for sure. That was around the same time the tennis pro (his name slipped my mind) got his 61 lb. I'll never forget that fish as long as I live. Doubt I'll ever see a bass again in the 60's.
  9. we have Bat Rays out here. Big ol'giant bastards the things are all over. Very often run into them when fishing for WSB etc. If I never see a ray again it will be too soon.
  10. Without looking at mileage I would say if you took California and put it on the East coast it would stretch from Boston to North Carolina. It would take about 12 hours to drive from the Mexican Border to Oregon line. Would think Boston to say Charlotte, NC would be about the same. Much different fisheries in California as well. So Cal is Mexican Border to say Santa Barbara. Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, California Halibut, Tuna, Marlin, Mahi, & bottom stuff in So Cal. Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Halibut, Striped Bass & bottom stuff in Northern Cal..
  11. A small group of us were catching those off the beach 15 years ago. I'm sure they're just where I left them from Late June to Mid August.
  12. Do you guys mess around with your phones at the gym? l leave mine in the car as I do not find it necessary to scroll through facebook, text, look at this site etc. when I'm at the gym. I see many people just sitting there between sets texting away etc. I want to get in, do what I'm there to do and get out. It's starting to slow down the process. Folks are lounging on equipment texting like they're home on the couch.
  13. NIB is a genius. He saw this nonsense coming and took up Golf.
  14. They close areas to fishing which would never fly on the East Coast. What's shocking to me is the decline of the bluefish. I grew up with very few striped bass in the 80's. It's absolutely mind boggling to me that Party Boats no longer night bluefish in the summer. I really hope they come back. Inshore fishing without Bluefish and Striped Bass would be awful.
  15. Fluking has fallen off?