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  1. interested in the like new 150 x series
  2. I've had my VSX200 for 2 years, had it serviced both off-seasons and have now decided it is time for me to go lighter as I throw a lot more soft plastics and finesse lures than I did at the time I purchased the reel. My reel has some minor love scratches but reels smoothly and the drag is immaculate. Reel will come in original box. I am looking for a VSX150 in a straight-up trade or I will consider a VS150 plus a couple $$/interesting plugs for the downgrade I will try to post some pictures later tonight of the reel and scratches and if not i can more easily email/text them to anyone who is interested.
  3. used once last week just to test swim some new plugs, didnt even get close to being wet, stayed in a neoprene reel cover throughout the time I've had it
  4. Selling my new VR150. Reel is currently converted to bail-less and conversion was done by Capt Craig Cantelmo of Van Staal so you know it was done right. All components to switch back to bailed are new and in box, everything is accounted for. Line on the reel is 40# Daiwa J braid, about 250 yards of it with mono backing. Asking $500 paypal shipped ....retail price is $530-550 and thats before line. Save yourself $50 off retail and PM me an offer!
  5. i use doubled over 80lb dacron so thats 160lb?, personal opinion is that the thicker dacron will last longer and is more durable than the thinner braid however I have no data to support this. i take 40" of 80# dacron double it over and snell the rear hook with half hitches...dab of super glue and im ready for surgery.
  6. if youre in the north shore of MA call intershell, they may be able to hook you up
  7. Colors and paint jobs attract fishermen...profile, action and presentation attract fish. Heres a post a made on the topic over the winter, there was some great discussion.
  8. ive seen some real old school musky plugs that look similar...not a clue as to the worth though