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  1. These seem really interesting to me, I've been looking at new blanks to build a 8 weight to chuck out poopers to bass and the various species we find on the trail (poons, occasional snook) Has anyone used these rods? I'm a sucker for new products, and these glass rods sound pretty awesome. Could use some Intel on them before I purchase, Im having a hard time find reviews on them other than on their website. Particularly the 580
  2. Awesome info!!!! And I got all your PMs thanks again gents
  3. Already said all mine.... Jet skiers that don't understand what a flat is...... Coffee pee Boxfish boxfish boxfish That weird lone mullet on the flat Googan that sees you cast netting bait, sets his drift all wrong, leaves motor on and sends your hard chummed bait ball back down Googans that see you fighting a fish, see sailfish jumping, and run right over the path of the fish your fighting People that set their drift 50 yards in front of you when your drifting behind the shrimping boats Dumb skiff owners who think since their boat drafts -2 inches of water it's okay to run full blast over flats That random giant piece of whatever you didn't see underwater that snags your cast net That awkward moment a gull takes your fly you cast at a school of fish working bait Clients that swear they're flip pallot, won't listen, blow every shot at every fish, and don't give you a tip because it's "your" fault Clients that assure you they don't get sea sick who proceed to vomit all over you in 1-2 ft seas Tarpon (WHY WONT YOU EAT!!!!! YOU ATE YESTERDAY IN THE SAME CONDITIONS!!!!!) Huge massive late cold fronts right when bone fishing starts getting good again When I blow any cast I send out on permit When I realize at the boat ramp I forgot to put the drain plug back in after cleaning the boat Packing the night before half asleep, getting to fishing location, and realizing I forgot all my leaders and leader material Okay I'll stop
  4. SF/EP/ice dubbing and lead wire on the shank. I more or less build the tail out of EP then layer SF for the body and ice dubbing picked out really well for the head
  5. I found lake here in Southern California that sounds like it could have some potential. Only caveat is that the guys catching the striped/largemouth/smallmouth bass are all gear fishermen and the average depth they fish this time of the year is between 15-40 ft. My question is has anyone had any luck dredging with shooting heads for bass in a lake environment? I've done tons of dredging back home in Biscayne Bay in the finger channels but this is new territory for me, wondering if it might be productive. This is a fly I tied up that I'd like to experiment with.
  6. New 5 minute bass pattern I tied up, might think about painting the heads at some point.