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  1. how big of a hook will this take?
  2. This isn’t one of your paint jobs, is it ? I found this at a flea market and posted it up in the collectors threads for a plug ID with no luck.
  3. I did find old school customs old page. looks like it’s a fatback. Definitely 3oz or more.
  4. All bargain bin finds of miscellaneous plus. No clue what the yellow or pink ones are. Posted close ups in plug collector thread for plug ID
  5. Today’s finds. All in boxes of miscellaneous builders. Spent way less than expected.
  6. Found these in a bargain bin at a flea market today. One has a signature that I have never seen and one is totally unmarked. Pics below......just curious who they are before I start fishing them. Thanks.
  7. Yes sir. I went to high school with his wife and recently hired her at my job. Went fishing with him once this fall. I was asking his wife if he was going to Berkeley show on Sunday and she brought up Tony and the plug building. First google search result was obviously SOL and I found this thread.
  8. Bringing this thread back for a moment. I was talking to one of my staff at work today ( i have fished with her husband once or twice) and she mentioned that Tony was her husbands grand father. She said they still have his old lathes and tools, and plug templates with all his gear and a decent amount of old stock plugs that were never sold.
  9. I am in the market for a new light wading/cold weather jacket. I was dead set on the new strykr but have been second guessing myself. The newer typhoon is $100 less and I can't find any real good comparisons. I have looked at the archived posts on SOL and haven't found anything on the newer released line ups. I will mostly be using this jacket on NJ beaches for real cold days in early spring and late fall. Wading up to my waist is a strong possibility but i will not be using this jacket for taking waves over the head. Is there really that much difference (quality/performance) between the new model of the Typhoon and Strykr that can justify the additional $100 (besides extra pockets)?? Any one with an experience with the 2 jackets? Thanks - get some fish!
  10. Man i just got back from Aruba a couple of weeks ago. Totally bummed about the surf fishing while i was there. I stayed in a house near the high rises and fished a couple of the coral jetties right at sunrise before the boat traffic and swimmers. I fished up in secluded areas where it was all rocky and tons of channels. Nothing. I fished the south end in crazy waves. Nothing. I have cell phone video of birds diving and fish busting for hours every day at all times of the day. Only problem was they were 300 yards out. Talked to some locals and they basically said you're screwed unless you float balloons out a couple hundred yards. I did find some places that looked really good, but didn't have my rod with me at the time. I am sure i would have better luck if i went back and tried again. I was swimming at Arashi beach on day around noon with 300 cruise ship passengers. I saw (i think) a huge cuda that basically went between my legs. Had to have been close to 30-36 inches. I had heard of and seen youtube video of marshy area that held tarpon and snook. Looked for it all over in the area i thought it was. Asked a local vendor (that my wife purchased stuff from) about it because he was also a fisherman. He told me "no man we got nothing like that here" all with a huge smile and laughing under his breath. So i know it exists. Gear - light metal. The reef is super shallow and i was constantly getting snagged.
  11. I use eels at night in a spot that has ALOT of current and rocks. I don’t have a lot of success using them, but something about feeling their nervous wiggle while on the hook makes me keep buying them. I use a 9 foot mojo 3/4-4 oz rod and a VS 150 and I just drift them in the current For short storage I use 2, 5 gallon buckets. Put one bucket in the other. Drill holes in the bottom of the top bucket to drain their slime and ice melt. I throw a bunch of ice in the top bucket with a crappy towel between the ice and eels. They mellow out nicely for hooking them. I use Gami or VMC live bait hooks 6 or 7 size.
  12. Did anybody mention Fast Break on Rt. 37 in Toms River before the bridge. Piggy Joe, nuff said.
  13. Heading out tomorrow, Sunday in OC. Going to throw Lots of gear I bought for a trip to Aruba last week that I got skunked on. Heard of some schoolies out front near me prior to the cold air. Really just want to scratch the itch that seems to never go away.
  14. Thanks. I can’t wait. There’s a huge rock jetty and lots of docks and some mangrove marsh by our house.
  15. Flying from Aruba to the US?