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  1. bait only by law. including snagging bunker. Snag the bunker with a treble - bring it in and switch to live line on circle hook. plugs can continue to legally have treble hooks but everyone has their own opinion on switching them to singles.
  2. Because we border a virus “hot spot” in Lakewood and they are not following the rules and are having massive gatherings at all times of the day. This is happening in all of the public open spaces that are being shut down one by one. I live in TR. the virus is rapidly spreading into the municipalities that border Lakewood. Brick, Jackson and Toms River. Take a look at the virus heat map and you’ll see the correlation.
  3. IBSP is still open 5am-8pm and the Governor just talked about NJ trout season and said go fishing but keep a rod's length between yourselves.
  4. You can blame this solely on one group of people that have been flocking to the county parks in large groups and having giant picnics. Same events at mantaloking bridge park and cattus island.
  5. Seaside heights just closed all their ocean and bay beaches. This won’t be the last to close either.
  6. PSA - Seaside Heights just posted that they have closed their ocean and bay beaches in order to support Murphy's non-essential travel ban. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of the end for being allowed to fish. Just a PSA.
  7. So I spoke to 3 LEO friends from 3 different branches. Local PD, county sheriff and State trooper. All 3 said go ahead and fish and to just not be stupid. You might get someone having a bad day and tell you to leave but that’s pretty much the extent of it. Obviously this may change by different municipalities but the overall consensus was that they would wave and keep driving by.
  8. Who’s headed out fishing tomorrow !?! picked up a new stick to mess around with. Seems really nice quality for the price. Putting it to the test tomorrow.
  9. Throwing top water plugs at demon monster sized baracuda has become my new addiction when I come to Aruba. Never experienced anything like that strike and fight before.
  10. Redemption day didn’t produce. The winds really picked up today. They had been super light all week until today. Learned a lot about fishing on this island this trip (third time in 3 years). One thing I will say about Aruba is the people are wonderful. Got to share a few hours of fishing w some locals and was invited out on their boat (I declined being I was on a family trip and had no other male friends with me). My first fishing trip here last year was a total crap shoot trying to figure the spots out. I’ll be back in November with hopefully some pictures of the fish next time. Thanks for all the tips on the bonefish. And now a final evening pic.
  11. Update- throwing a pencil popper in some more productive looking water (the sketchiest sliver of dry reef you could stand on) resulted in an absolute monster of an explosion, hook set and fight with a 5 foot pissed off baracuda. 2 tarpons like jumps with massive head shakes, finally was about to land it and it launched onto dry reef and spit the hook. I ran ( gingerly hobbled) along the sketchy loose reef heads to grab this beast and watched it slowly slide backwards into the water before u could grab it. Here’s the damage done to the popper. Silver yozuri surface cruiser. 2 local fishermen with me had an absolute blast watching me fight this thing. Going back to the same spot on Friday for redemption
  12. They were long gone by the time I got back to the beach. This morning went to a different place and had 3 solid strikes on a spoon. Saw some fish busting and threw a smaller pencil. Had something follow and give a half effort strike. Nothing came tight this am. Will be back out for the sunset window and sunrise tomorrow. Catching a solid buzz right now though.
  13. I do have a couple of epoxy jigs. Ghost and pink. I am going to try and get one of these. They are decent size too !
  14. I saw the school come in but had no clue what they were until I threw the snorkel mask on and almost s&$t myself when I saw the amount of them cruising between the bathers. Definitely not as skittish as what I have heard about them.
  15. Thanks guys. This is my third time here and I wasn’t expecting to see this so I wasn’t prepared for bones. I have all my usual schoolie striper stuff with teasers and what not. Going to try and get on a few before sunset and sunrise. Talked to a local who was cast netting bait and he said the bones are here all day every day.