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  1. so not to hijack this thread BUT i had an old model 10'6" and snapped the bottom half in a car accident. I called St. Croix asking to buy old stock bottom half. They didn't have any left and sent me the new model Legend in same specs for a $50 handling fee. They actually made me snap the top half on purpose and send a picture as proof of destruction. Just an option for you because that rod had the lifetime warranty. I wasn't trying to milk the system, they just did it on their own.
  2. Fun bite in the freezing rain this afternoon. Lots of schoolies but in numbers and aggressive. Ate anything you threw at them. Also tuna. White tape on rod is 28”. Decent Tuna.
  3. $35 is kind of where you have to be to buy a decent metal lip swimmer or glider from the shops now. Unfortunately, CCW was my most productive metal lips and those are over $100 now with his passing. You could get a new jetty swimmer for $30 at a shop when he was producing them.
  4. over the years I have downsized most of my gear to 9 footers and 3500-4000 size reels. Most of the fish I catch are right at the lip or in a trough or hole. Over the last couple of years i keep running into a guy who has been bait fishing using a drone to drop bunker and clams some 300 yards out. Usually, I am picking away at nice fish with my 9 while he is bringing in dog fish after dog fish
  5. I was looking for a shore fluke/schoolie rod to pair with my VR50. I did a google search on this rod and a post from you with this rod came up from a year or so ago. Is this the same rod? I noticed the grips have been upgraded since the last post?
  6. Stating quickly is subjective. Also, this was followed by "I will leave this post up for only a few days". Arranging pickup by Saturday, which is only a few days from right now seems reasonable and in line with your request. The rules are set forth by Tim and his moderators after running this site for a long time, to avoid issues like this. If the OP stated, must be picked up by Friday at noon, I think then you would have a case to take the second fellow's offer. Just my opinion.
  7. Another SOL member already got me on their schedule to help me out. Thanks for asking though. Closing this down.
  8. I just had it too. I came down with a fever Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend. I fished the madness on Monday with the fever not thinking it was anything beyond my normal post thanksgiving weekend cold. Tested positive Tuesday but my fever had already broke over night. My friend works as a NP in a local hospital and told me to come in for the monoclonal antibody IV. Within 24-48 hours, symptom free. Taste and smell didn't come back until just a few days ago.
  9. I have a cape cod style house and I’m making some old attic dormer space into a closet. The crazy angles have me losing my mind and wanting to burn the house down. Any of you guys a pro with sheet rock ? Looks like I need to hire out the rest of this project. Ocean county Nj.
  10. There was also one caught a little north oF where I was. Total of 3 I saw today including mine. They are so much stronger than a bass, pound for pound. Yes I was in OC.
  11. Haven’t posted much because I haven’t caught much besides schoolies. Went plugging for bass this am on some rocks and caught a red instead. Pretty cool.
  12. Pretty sure they don’t come in a 70/30 split. At least I’ve never seen one. Let me know if you change your mind. Very interested here.
  13. Just pulled it out and realized it was a 50/50 split. Factory GSB10MS. Here are some pics in case you want to see them later anyway.
  14. yup GSB10MS. Sounds good. Whatever works.
  15. i have a GSB 10" 2-5oz 70/30 split I would be willing to trade. Probably used 10x max. I am in Ocean County if you are interested and we can meet so we can check out the rods.