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  1. Thanks. I can’t wait. There’s a huge rock jetty and lots of docks and some mangrove marsh by our house.
  2. Flying from Aruba to the US?
  3. Gents- Headed down to Aruba next weekend and bringing along my travel rod and an expensive reel. I have searched these forums high and low and none of the Aruba threads mentioned traveling with braided line. I will be putting my travel rod in my checked suitcase but I refuse to put my reel in my suitcase in case of theft. I know I’ll be fine with the braid flying out of the US but the return flight could cause a problem. I know Costa Rica considers line a deadly weapon and needs to be checked. Throw the spool in the checked bag on the way home ? I guess a spool is easier to replace rather than a reel. Can any of you Aruba sharpies comment on their airport security and braided spools? Cheers !
  4. I retract my offer as well. Picked up another pair of korkers on here.
  5. I’ll take them. I’ll be in farmingdale Sunday.
  6. Hi. Are the korkers still available? I made an offer above with no reply. I would like to take them off your hands.
  7. Knock knock. Anyone home ? Want the korkers badly.
  8. Would you do just the korkers for $35 shipped?
  9. One and only bump before i head to a shop this weekend.....i have cash in hand.
  10. Looking to pick up a plug bag for the fall. Really looking for Gear Up 2 Tube with pouch, ODM 2.5 or something of similar size and quality. Show me what ya got. Would prefer to be local to Ocean County/Monmouth County NJ so i can pick up and see the bag. Thanks.
  11. Funny - we ran into a TON of bass feeding on peanuts on Friday. Sheets of peanuts were spraying. Too much bait to really get them for us. We wound up hooking up with and losing a couple of nicer fish.
  12. Went out front in OC Sunday AM. Northeast winds 20-25, big ol waves and rain. Threw a 3 oz BT most of the time expecting some little bass with all of the nice white water. Wound up snagging this keeper fluke with a kill shot to the head. Thankfully, it measured in at exactly 18 inches.
  13. I have been fishing one spot since the spring. This particular spot had a couple of sandbars, 2 nice troughs, one giant hole and a sweet rip at the end of one of the bars. I had been fishing there 3-4 times a week since June and have honestly not been skunked one day since fishing there. The replenishment took that all away a couple of weeks ago and made it one big barren desert. Was really disappointing to see considering how much bait fish was starting to stage there and the prospect of a half way decent fall if the bait stayed. Anyway, i really hope we get slammed with some Nor'Easters this fall so we can get some structure back.
  14. First time posting here in the report section of the boards. 8/4 OC out front 630-8 pm. Found a nice rip and some steep drop offs around a sand bar. 5 fluke and 2 smaller bass. Everything landed was puking up sand eels by the handful 8-5 OC out front. 530-9 am. Same rip, bass blitzing for 25 minutes. Threw a small popper and landed 3 bass up to 24 inches. Switched to a metal and a teaser and landed 3 more. Saw a couple jumping that would be close to keepers. Switched to gulp after the bite died and landed 4 fluke up to 17.5. Landed one more bass on the last cast and called it. Everything puking handfuls and of sand eels again.
  15. Interesting. Not gonna lie I don't mind a legend surf for $200 bucks. If the top breaks I just order a new top for $70. The one I have is basically perfect, minus no branding.