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  1. I have a 9' 3/4-4 and fished it the entire spring chucking up to 3oz metal. It landed a 16# bluefish in current and i have no issues with it.
  2. From the surf AOK Pnut with a teaser and 4 inch gulp on a dropper loop up top. Had good success with this last summer and catch ratio was 50/50 Pnut and teaser/gulp. Bigger fish hit the Pnut. The Pnut has a nice flutter action on retrieve so no need for the machine gun skinner method.
  3. well.....this happened.
  4. He was actually not foul hooked. At a hair over 15# and in an area with ALOT of man made obstacles and structure, we both took a beating getting him on the beach. Most of the bigger fish that day were looking like they just had a bar fight.
  5. one of my better fish from the last week......this one was fun.....
  6. I have ODM's 2.5 plug bag and belt. I had a little issue with the bag and reached out to them on social media. Their main guy was on the phone calling me to check in and talk about it the next day to give me his word that if i had any issues he would take care of it. I don't think you will have any problems with ODM customer service. Some people are against the made over seas details though.
  7. Do you have anything against buying used? You can get the same model Legend in the previous version for $200-300. I have one and absolutely love thing. I really don't think there is that much difference between the new and old version except for the guides, but i could be wrong. I also have the Mojo but in the 9' 3/4-4 and that is great as well. The best thing about St. Croix is the warranty so even if you buy the previous generation used, you can still get the top half from St. Croix for $70 or so if it breaks. If you are going to buy brand new, the ODM DNA looks nice for the price range you are looking.
  8. Here’s the real answer from Craig. Got me a collectors item
  9. I bought a VS150 off a member on SOL about a year ago. It came with box and paperwork that matched the serial number on the reel. I do not have the original purchase receipt. The serial number on this reel ends with the letter A. I was able to register the reel with VS and also had it serviced by Lou at certified vs service station in southern NJ. Lou had never seen a letter in a VS serial number so he called Craig at VS to confirm it was real. He was told it was real but Craig was fishing and would get back to him so I never got the story behind it. I posted this question on another group and everyone said it’s a Taiwan knockoff but I doubt a knockoff internals would fool Lou who has seen thousands of reels. Any idea what the letter is about ?
  10. how big of a hook will this take?
  11. This isn’t one of your paint jobs, is it ? I found this at a flea market and posted it up in the collectors threads for a plug ID with no luck.
  12. I did find old school customs old page. looks like it’s a fatback. Definitely 3oz or more.
  13. All bargain bin finds of miscellaneous plus. No clue what the yellow or pink ones are. Posted close ups in plug collector thread for plug ID
  14. Today’s finds. All in boxes of miscellaneous builders. Spent way less than expected.
  15. Found these in a bargain bin at a flea market today. One has a signature that I have never seen and one is totally unmarked. Pics below......just curious who they are before I start fishing them. Thanks.