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  1. Fished the outgoing yesterday for tog. Game on from the first drop! two of us caught over 60, only 12 were keeper size (ALL fish Released) up to 21". Plenty of 15.5" fish (hopefully bodes well for the future). All fish, even the little runts, had big fat stomachs, they've been eatin' good! Fished in 20' feet of water alongside a rock ledge. Went through easily 2 gallons of asian crabs. Was nice - warm temps but the wind forecast was WAY off. Water temps at 60 all day Got an intense unintended core workout all day and a nice late season tan. Had top water set-ups ready to go but never saw any surface activity all day. Amazing how that died down from the mayhem the past several weeks. Can't complain, this TRULY has been a great fall run! Full moon rising over the water and sunset to the opposing sky made for great scenery to end the day.
  2. Great pic!
  3. Cockene Reef
  4. Is that the gun club?
  5. I was one reef over from you to the East doing the same! Sounds identical to what we saw How'd you do toggin'?? We weeded through easily 30 shorts, got two keepers just barely over. Released all fish. My buddy had to haul out yesterday so we ended early
  6. Saw the same mid-Sound yesterday. Small pods, not like the swarms of peanuts that have been around. Moved very slowly then would dive down and pop up 20 yards away. I was thinking tinker mackeral as well but I did not get close enough to really see
  7. The same people who scream they can not return to work enviroments are the SAME EXACT people posting on social media that they here, there and everywhere in between. Concerts, festivals, crowded events, flying, you name it. when applying for a position, seems every social media page is checked yet once hired, never looked at again. Easiest means to catch these folks - employers offer happy hours with free food and booze - you'll see how fast they don't have an issue being outside of their own homes!!!!
  8. had plans to head out post work yesterday. My buddy got tied up and we did not leave the dock unitl 6. As fate would have it, the SW Wind just kept increasing and increasing along with the swells. Never made it past the local harbor Checked this morning, albies BLEW UP about 2 hours earlier (our original departure time), not far at all from where were planning on going which by the way, was not that far off the shore! OH WELL, that's the albie game in a nut shell! Some BIG winds predicted for the next two days. Let's see what kind of affect it has on the bite. I
  9. Great Post! Just seeing this this afternoon for the first time I am just getting over the rona so have not been out. Yesterday was way too much of a blowout for me personally. Western Sound LIT UP the past week with albies. Seems like each day it gains a little bit more as the word spreads. Plenty of footage from fisherman I know (local). Primarily seem to be in DEEP water. Hoping to finally get out tomorrow after work. Go get 'em!
  10. Cool vid, thanks for posting I'd say snappers. They are tiny right now. Saw them last week near a creek mouth in LIS. nearly identical spraying of bait. Probably micro bass in with them too
  11. Looks Awesome!!! Thank you for posting all the details, including the brine! I have one in the freezer, been wanting to smoke it What temp was your smoker at?
  12. Adam, Thanks for the feedback. I was looking for that elusive means of not having to snag them or throw a 10' cast net. Sounds like you have done your due diligence with sabiki's, I was soo hoping it would work Issue with snagging is they just don't last as long as say non-snagged specimens. Especially with these super high temps we've been having, they just don't last in the live well as good. For the past month, in my area, they really only seem to want LIVELY bunker. It is night and day vs. half dead bunker. Appreciate the feedback Tight Lines
  13. Great job!! Great tenacity to stay after it and paid off.
  14. X2.
  15. Huge fan of some ketchup with eggs. Also, I really can't eat fries without Sir Kensington's Classic Ketchup is good stuff. Find it on sale, not that much more than the other stuff