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  2. hate when people do that. they think they will catch just because they took your spot. hell..even when your not catching theyll take your spot maybe because they know that spot that youre at is better than theirs. but if you were there first you have the rights to that spot til you leave! all i can say is what the hell is wrong with these people? dont they have any sense of right and wrong?
  3. this is the real picture of keansburg pier, post sandy.
  4. thats because the waters too warm for the adult stripers and blues, hence only small ones there. the other species grow really big though
  5. holy crap! the other piers in the bay are probably destroyed as well...hopefully they are rebuilt before spring time.
  6. its funny how cats want human food on plates and not in their regular food bowls. i guess they dont like mixing smells and tastes just like us humans do sometimes.
  7. only if they knew how good it tastes. they do it because they dont want to catch skates all day. it makes me sick as hell.
  8. damn that was sick.
  9. looks like you were using the whole crab. nice keeper too.
  10. a lot of times clams fall off the hook when anglers cast and bass suck the clam right off your hook sometimes too.
  11. sharpen your hooks whenever they get dull.. most hooks these days are sharp out of the box, so definately no need to sharpen then, just use a diamond hook sharpener. a small 5" one that fits in your tackle box does the job just fine.
  12. good luck. let us know how you do.
  13. bait most of the time. plugs sometimes. clams and bunker.
  14. it looks like tee ra lay ho.