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  1. Wow.. you are incredible, I'm comming with my crew to find your spot and hang out with you . Don't worry we will bring our own fried chicken and grape soda and I got a nice boom box and some credence songs to play loud .
  2. From the album Random Images IV

  3. Ol'School Selphy...Coney Island
  4. Thankx Brian , I have barely used it so far. It has wi-fi I did try that and it is cool . kinda like using instagram to upload pics from phone to facebook . The size is great , better than I thought for a jacket / hoodie camera . I have been watching Fuji X cameras I do like them but there are a few kinks in the software like compatibility with PSE and other issues . A lot of dough to just lump in but, for a person who does not already have a DSLR system I guess it would be a good move . Samsung has some nice stuff out there also ... I never gave Sony a thought after buying a few duds like a alarm clock and portable sound systems ... but I here they are nice . I do have a Fuji 3D camera it is great but ... it is a whole ball of wax onto itself .
  5. I think I took that shot at the mob museum in las vegas .
  6. 2 smoke ... stable in the tank (full) shut off valve ...drain fuel from Carb .
  7. Looks ok ... should be fun to watch on video from red box .
  8. The pats of course .
  9. Bruins pulled one out ...
  10. From the album Hockey 2014-15

  11. Rack