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  1. 400?????? 2 dozen in oct last year was like $75.... that’s crazy
  2. That’s the one. Thanks man
  3. A 150. There is a billet or machined handle arm I’ve seen pictures of. I don’t think pics of mine are necessary cause I just want to know if anyone knows where to get that handle arm.
  4. Who sells those billet or machined handle arms? I’m going through these things to quickly and my last one is starting to get torqued funny
  5. Nah smaller. Best to fish for blues up there
  6. Wishful thinking. If only it were that easy
  7. Unreal.
  8. During trophy season
  9. In 2015 we had a 36-40” slot that had to be released (Maryland)
  10. I just don’t understand what response you are looking for with 4 question marks responding to what I said
  11. So what do the 4 question marks mean I can’t decipher it
  12. Just locked my 150 and broke the tab on the main gear feel like a complete idiot tried this method after horsing it a bit and remembered that there’s a certain way it has to be done...... off to fish heads it goes
  13. I doubt it. I know of guys catching fish this season within 100 yards of replenishment equip. If we had all replenished beaches through the entire coastline with the striper biomass at its strongest it has been in the past 10-15 years there would be fish on the beaches IMO.
  14. Lol I know