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  1. The past several years. What specifically are you referring to that is evidence of cc? It’s windy in the spring - you have cold winter air competing with warm summer air, and the result is wind and more extreme weather than usual. I also truthfully don’t think any of us want to ponder extreme weather and cc, because there is not one thing we can do about it, and we just want to be out there fishing trying to not think about that stuff. I think something to ponder is how the planet has had weather for a very long time and just because we have northeast wind for 5 days doesn’t mean cc is going to get us.
  2. And of course the guy has his no live bait swim shad on his reel. I’m surprised all these guys don’t need live bait
  3. That’s too bad. That reel looks freakin awful. Looks like a cross between a vs, zb, and a spinfisher v.
  4. That looks awful. Did Craig cantelmo have any word in that pos
  5. I used marine goop on 4 holes on the bottom of my simms stocking foot waders, on the sole of the stocking foot, and no more leaks
  6. Is that a joke? It’s not like they are painted on, the stripes are in the scales of the fish……
  7. HAHHAHAHAHAHA. Not controversy to raging liberals like you. I hope you are masking up every day
  8. Why don’t you tell me why the Arctic still has ice every summer also tell me what the reason is that NYC is still above water also tell me why eastern ski resorts still have ski season Libs……
  9. You’re a sap
  10. So what scientific American says is fact?
  11. Good let’s hope they don’t do it again anytime soon
  12. Are you serious?
  13. The newest fad in social media now is - you catch a big fish, post it the day of, then ask said social media app followers if you should be a guide or not. it’s getting ridiculous
  14. I think there is going to be a lot of pressure to close it. Not just from the public but from board members too, but I could be completely wrong. Jersey might have some more leeway because there’s no comm fishing for bass, so they have “savings” (which is complete bs) to technically allow that harvest. But who knows tbh. I hope whatever they do it helps.
  15. I think every conservation minded fisherman would respond to this with a resounding “absolutely” Too much pressure on prespawn fish.