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  1. It feels perfect man. Like so smooth, no noise at all. Kinda crazy but I will need to break it down and try to figure something out to make that smoother next time I service it for cleaning. I truly think these need to be maintained somewhat regularly
  2. Yeah does this have navionics
  3. I just broke my fish finder on a faulty surf launch and bought a used dragonfly 4 and turns out it does not have navionics or any type of mapping even with my chip plugged in. Seeing if anyone has a head unit with this capability. Probably a long shot but worth a try I guess. Thanks
  4. Hi guys. I watched the UK dudes tutorial of how to break down the drive to service/clean it and I did that and it sounds brand new. Looks like the sprocket in the rear had some issues. One of the roller bearings was flat on one side and I removed it. Also a bunch of wear on that area. Here’s some pics. It sounds brand new now with no noises and easy to pedal. Thank goodness. I will need to sand that area next time I break it down however. Now the only issue is my cables that hold the drums in place, the nuts keep backing out. Probably should get new ones. I also think I may have put them on in reverse - the rear cable in front and front in back. The pic of the two roller bearings is one that is looking bad on the left and a good one on the right. I’ll probably have to make new ones of these as some look like the left one. I sanded off that edge that you see on the top.
  5. Is that working?
  6. 4E099D2D-9DD9-421E-92E6-622E84469587.MOV
  7. Did a surf launch and got a wave over my yak with the drive in my lap when I beached it. Used my yak that night and it was silent. Launched off beach next day silent. Today I went to run crab traps out and it’s squealing like a pig. No clue what this could be, used lithium grease on the joints and in the crevasses and spots where the noise could potentially be coming from and it’s still squealing. I’m praying either hobie/Delaware paddle sports can help me out cause I really can’t put $300 dollars into this thing right now.... unbelievable. 278D9D50-267B-4EED-A923-B44FC0C2531A.MOV
  8. Sold
  9. Close it thanks
  10. Sure. Pm me your info
  11. Closing it thanks
  12. Last try at $55 shipped?
  13. Bump for an offer?
  14. Last try at $50 shipped?