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  1. Sold. Go ahead and send me a PM with PayPal/Venmo and address. Thanks man
  2. Sold. Shoot me a PM with PayPal/Venmo and address. Thanks man
  3. On the right pocket zipper I think that’s some salt residue or something and can be removed. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, selling my Stormr Typhoon jacket in Large. I bought this 3 years ago and used it one full year and a steelhead outing in January 2018, and have had it hanging up ever since. I gained a little weight and it does not fit me well anymore. A little too tight. Great condition, a couple imperfections from my plug bag belt near lower left pocket zipper, does not leak. Warm jacket and has that Stormr fishyness. $65 shipped. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I bought this in the fall 2019 on a night I forgot my entire plug bag at home. I used this for 2 nights and one day, and haven’t touched it since. I wanted to put this up for sale right after but I’ve been lazy. No scuffs or scratches or threads missing, just dusty and can be easily cleaned up. $35 shipped. Thanks.
  6. I’ll take em for $45
  7. Do these stay secured in felt sole boots?
  8. I ended up finding a rod down by me. Thanks everyone
  9. I’m in Maryland
  10. Hi, just had a stupid moment and snapped the tip of my 1087. I loved that rod and it was a work horse. Can’t even believe this happened but if anyone has one I need one. Thank you.
  11. Asrod you have a lot to learn dude. I will give you some advice since every noob thread on here is your creation. The fish have a smorgous board of food to eat and they truly are opportunistic in spring. The gizzard shad your friends are likely telling you about are huge and unless there are no herring or no other bait for them they will probably single out smaller ones 12” and under since they are so wide. Throw your normal bombers and sps or swim shads, the herring and Gizzard shad and American and hickory shad are all big so throw bigger stuff and if that isn’t getting hit then throw more normal sized stuff around 6”. Another tip - go out and try it. You can only ask and get so much info from guys all over the coast who have their own little niche fisheries with diff stuff going on with more access and countless other differences than we do in the bay. Sometimes you have to go with your gut instead of asking tons of stuff on this forum although I am sure it is helpful. Hopefully that helps you out.
  12. Hahahaha. I’ll kick you off a rock even if I’m not fishing.
  13. Exactly. Before anything is underwater or any of these laughable projections occur we will all be gone.
  14. Ok... so, if it’s fact, but you go off conclusions and predictions etc or whatever you go off of, prove it. Where are temps rising? Cherry picked temp stations adjacent to growing UHIs? Cause UHI stations is what NOAA goes off of when they come out with their hottest month, year, etc headlines. fact is - yes temps are rising in UHI temp stations.... of course. And I don’t doubt that as populations rise and more and more pavement, buildings, etc are built. also - the consequences that have been projected have not come true. So what are the consequences now? What’s gonna happen? Just gonna throw the same dart - in 5 years NYC underwater and 5 years no summer ice? Let’s hear it dude you do talk like you know a thing or two so let’s hear it.