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  1. had an outback and have a predator pdl now. Personally the rotation of the oldtown is easier on my knees than the hobie. the hobie to me was like walking up steps. it actually hurt my hips sometimes too. I agree with above try both if you can
  2. I almost bought the slayer max. It was between that and the old town predator. I lurked on both oldtown owners group and native owners group on facebook for a few weeks. there was a trend I noticed. every day there was someone or more than one of people having issues and sending stuff in for warranty or even out of the box the drives being bad. I think in the month i lurked i only recall seeing one issue with oldtown and it was the pinion bolt came loose. they contacted old town and offered the guy a new drive. i believe he just opened it up and tightened it down. That made my decision right there for me.
  3. I try to tell everyone this. i got laughed at by the hobie guys but I know since I had to do 2 warranty claims with hobie with in a year
  4. All I target is snakeheads for freshwater species anymore. They fight better than bass and eat better than striper. They have one of the best top water bites I have ever seen. on that note I keep 2 or 3 and release the rest. A law cant force anybody to kill a living being. it must be returned to the same body of water right away. I live in PA and fish in maryland. If you are ever looking for areas in MD or DE shoot me a private ill give ya spots. I think everyone shoot catch these fish and see what they are truly about. these fish have brought so much money into maryland and other states with people making baits for them and tornys going on i hope it becomes a game fish with a limit. They are no different than a bass when it comes to being a predatory fish. The flat head and blue cats in the potomac are making a much much bigger impact on the eco system than snake heads.
  5. thanks striper. I have a pedal kayak but dont think I can get far enough out for the artificial reefs. im just going to study maps and try to put my time in on the water. Sucks living 3.5 hours away and loving the salt fishery. makes me not even want to fish the local fresh waters around my house
  6. I love snakeheads. I usually keep 1 or 2 and release the rest. I actually stopped chasing largemouth for snakeheads. I have always loved small mouth but here on the susky the small mouth depleted. once i found the snakes my love for them grew as they are like a small mouth in the way they crush topwater. actually getting ready to start chasing them here very soon. just waiting for the water to warm up a little on the west side
  7. I believe the predator is around 90 pounds without the drive. you could also look at the topwater as the hull there is much lighter. i think the salty is the lightest yet. If i had to have a hobie I would take a revo.
  8. revo is fast but I would be hard pressed that the predator would be able to stay right next to it. iv gotten my predator up to 7mph going as hard as I can. A nice steady pedal im around 4-4.2 mph with ease. I will agree with you that speed is undersold.
  9. I Honestly hate the whopper plopper. Everybody and there brothers, mothers, aunts and uncles throw them around here. I have found 3 hung up in bushes. I will say I have caught a few fish on them but if I have had better luck and have even gone behind someone fishing a plopper and have caught fish on a super spook. Give me the super spook or the trusted good ole Rebel POP-R over an over priced plopper. For stripes or Largies
  10. Your going to get a whole bunch of different answers bud. Best I can tell ya is to go look and even if you can sit or pedal all the ones you are interested around. Most will say hobie, me on the other hand hate hobies and im all for oldtown. Do as much research as you can and figure out what exactly is your top priority is for a kayak or brand. For instance mine was warranty/customer service. If you have any questions regarding anything or why I like or dislike brands shoot me a PM.
  11. one of my favorite baits for LM bass and Striper.
  12. Honestly its best if you can wait until spring and try them out. Best thing is its a sellers market at least here in pa. If you do end up getting one and you dont care for it. you might only loose a few bucks. Then take that money and go try another one
  13. hated my hobie outback, love my predator pdl. I do car top my predator as well on a subaru forester
  14. Perfect thanks tyger. Will start looking at topo maps
  15. I just seen the garmin echomap sv73 is on sale at cabelas. might give that a try usually 800 bucks